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After her performance I tried to get Ann to do it again only this time I wanted to invite my friends to see the show. She said she’d be to embarrassed to have people she knows she her like that.

Every time I brought it up she flatly refused. On the other hand, lots of times when we were making love she would talk about how hot it had been to see the bulges in those guys’ pants when she stripped for them.

“Did you like the way I spread my legs and let them look at my pussy?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I was wet and wanted to fuck. Could you tell?”

“Yeah. I was ready to fuck you, too.”

“When I leaned over them and brushed my nipples across their faces I felt so naughty and hot. That doesn’t happen in the bars you go to does it?”


“But your sweet little wife did it. I let all those guys feel my hard nipples.”

You get the idea. She would tease me that way until my cock burst inside her. She loved the control she had over me with that talk. But over time it happened less and less.

And I finally gave up trying to get her to put on a show for my friends.

It seemed like all of a sudden a year had gone by and it was my birthday again. Ann made reservations at a nice restaurant and arranged for a babysitter for the kids.

I got home from work and Ann greeted me with a drink. I was surprised she wasn’t dressed to go out. And I could smell steaks broiling in the kitchen. Ann said she decided not to waste time having dinner out but to eat in and have more time to ourselves. She told me to hurry and get changed so we could have dinner.

I took a quick shower and put on a pair of casual slacks and shirt. I didn’t bother with underwear. I figured the hostess pajamas Ann was wearing would be easy to pull off and I didn’t want to be slowed down any more than necessary.

We visited about our day while we ate dinner. Ann kept rubbing the inside of my legs with her foot. She gave me a wicked smile and said she just wanted to make sure I was “UP” for the night. I grabbed her foot and put it on my hard cock to show her I was ready. She giggled and said I had to wait till after dinner.

With dinner finally out of the way we headed for the living room to have a drink. That’s when the doorbell rang. Ann told me to get our drinks and she would get the door. I was happily mixing our drinks when I heard her cough.

I turned around and looked at her and saw my three best friends standing behind her. I was wondering why they were there when Ann said “Happy birthday, dear.” She smiled nervously at me and waited for me to say something.

It took a few seconds for things to penetrate my brain, and then I smiled. “Why don’t we all go down to the basement?”

Ann’s voice was tense as she said, “OK.”

My buddies weren’t sure exactly what was going to happen but they were willing to find out.

When we got to the basement Ann had them sit on the couches and she said, “The birthday boy can sit in the chair of honor.” And she indicated the straight-backed chair facing the couches.

This time the chair didn’t have any arms so I wouldn’t be tied down.

Once we had all sat down, Ann turned on the sound system and stepped to the middle of the room. “My husband has been asking me to give him a show like you guys go to the bars to see. And he wants you to see the show too.”

I could see her skin flushing as she blushed at making her announcement. Then without waiting for anyone to say or do anything she started dancing. The guys looked at each other and at me. They were all wondering what was going on. But none of them said anything.

She picked up the beat and danced around the middle of the room while we watched. As she moved around the flimsy material of her outfit moved over her body accenting her ass and tits.

I was already hard and I could see the other guys were getting there. These guys always yell and whistle and holler at the strip shows, but tonight they were completely silent. They were just watching every move Ann made.

As the first number ended Ann came over and straddled my legs. She sat down on my lap and whispered, “Do you want me to take my top off?”

When I said yes she gave me a kiss and then got up and started dancing again. As she moved around the floor she slowly unbuttoned her top.

I could see the beginnings of smiles on my friends’ faces.

Ann faced me and pulled her top off. She was wearing a lacy black half-bra. The color of the top of her areolas was just visible above the bra. She smiled at me just before she turned around.

My friends were enjoying watching my wife dance around that way. I think they were expecting that to be the end of the show. Ann didn’t wait for the end of song before she pulled the hostess pajama bottoms off and threw them to one of the guys.

She kept dancing around in that little black bra and panty set until the song ended. She stood still until the next song started and then began dancing again. From where I was sitting I could see that the guys were hard. A couple of them were even rubbing the bulge in the front of their pants.

Ann danced over to me and sat on my lap again. She leaned forward and asked, “Should I show them my tits?”

Of course I wanted her to remove her bra. I smiled at her and said “Yeah” but it came out in a hoarse whisper.

“How about if I let one of them take my bra off?” I was surprised at the suggestion and tried to think what to say. I was afraid if I said no that the show would be over. But I was nervous about having one of the guys touching her. And I was so goddamn hard it hurt. I didn’t trust myself to speak so I just nodded. She looked deep into my eyes and asked “Sure?”

I groaned and nodded again.

Ann smiled and gave me a little kiss, and then she danced out to the middle of the floor again. She pointed at Ron and motioned for him to get up. He looked kind of uncertain but he got up and moved next to Ann.

Ann turned around and backed up against Ron. I couldn’t believe how brazen she was being. She leaned her head back on his shoulder and asked, “Ron, would you take my bra off please?” Ron gave me a startled look and saw that I was still smiling. Then he reached for the clasp on her bra.

“No Ron. It’s a front clasp bra.” I hadn’t known that when I said it was OK to have one of them take it off. That meant he was going to be feeling her tits. I know I should have been mad that he wasn’t just going to look, but he was actually going to feel her tits. But I was too hard to get mad. And deep down, maybe I wanted him to feel her.

When he started to reach around her Ann reached back and took hold of his hips and turned him with her so they were facing the other guys and not me. God, how I wanted to see what Ron was doing with my wife’s tits.

She leaned back against him and said, “This is a tease so you can’t let them see my tits when you take my bra off. You have to keep them covered.”

There’s only one way he could cover her tits and that was with his hands. And to make it more provocative Ann raised her hands high over her head and started swaying back and forth.

It was taking forever for Ron to take her bra off. I knew he was fondling my wife’s tits and there was nothing I could do about it. I wanted to move to the couch so I could see too, but I was afraid if I did that the show would stop.

Then I glanced at the mirror behind the bar. I couldn’t hold back a groan. I could see Ron’s hands firmly squeezing Ann’s tits, but his hands were surrounding her nipples and not covering them. Her hard nipples were in plain view of the other guys and they were enjoying watching Ron caress her. When he started to move one hand down toward her panties she stopped him.

Ann pulled away from Ron and then turned around and gave him a kiss. “Thank you for helping me with my bra.” Then she pushed him back to the couch. She danced around a little then moved back to me.

She leaned down toward me and, loud enough for my friends to hear, said, “Like the show? I think your friends do.” I didn’t trust myself to speak so I just nodded at her.

“Who should take my panties off?” She asked quietly so I was the only one who could hear.

I groaned again. This wasn’t part of the plan. The guys were just supposed to see her strip and she would show them her luscious body, not feel her up while they took her clothes off her. Yet, in a way I was proud that she loved me so much she knew better than I did what I really wanted.

“Jack.” I whispered to her. I knew Jack was her least favorite of my friends and I thought that would stop her and she would take her panties off herself. But I wasn’t sure I wanted her to take them off herself or let Jack strip her bare.

She danced away from me and started going wild in the middle of the room. She was making fucking motions while sliding her hands up and down her front. Squeezing her tits like Ron had done, then sliding her hands down to her pussy and rubbing it.

Now that I realized I could use the mirror to see some of what she was showing my friends my cock was getting painfully hard. Ann kept it up till the song ended. Then she stepped over to the couch and held her hand out to Jack. He quickly joined her in the middle of the room.

There wasn’t any music playing now. Ann was making her own music in her head. She backed against Jack and rubbed her ass back and forth over his hard-on. Jack didn’t wait to be told what to do. He just put his arms around her and started playing with her tits.

My wife was moaning and swaying back and forth as Jack squeezed her tits and then pinched her nipples. After letting him enjoy her tits for a while she took hold of his hands and moved them down her front.

I looked up and saw her watching me in the mirror. When I looked at her she smiled and then guided Jack’s hand under the waist band of her panties and encouraged him to slide his hand all the way down to her cunt.

Jack’s hand started pumping away furiously at my wife’s pussy. Ann laid her head back on his shoulder and her hips bucked in tine with his hand. I could tell from her breathing that she was about to cum.

As her orgasm was building, Ann grabbed Jack’s hand and stopped him. She pulled his hand out of her panties and hoarsely told him to take her panties off.

I knew she had gotten carried away more than she planned, but the momentary pause was enough for her to regain control.

Jack pushed her panties down and then knelt behind her to pull them off her feet. He took the opportunity to slide his hand up between her legs and jam two fingers into her hot cunt.

I thought he had her then, but she was able to pull away from him.

Ann pointed him to the couch and Jack sat down again. She continued dancing for my friends, first up close to them and then back away from them. They were getting a great look at her wet pussy lips.

Then she did her trick of twirling around and ending up on the floor. Just like before she arched her body off the floor with just her head, shoulders, and feet on the floor. With her legs spread wide she started fucking motions, letting the guys feast their eyes on her pussy.

When she finally stopped she just lay on the floor for a minute. All of us were having trouble with our breathing. I saw the other guys do just like me and reach in their pants to rearrange their hard cocks.

Nobody was moving. They all wanted to see what would happen next. I was the only one that knew the show was over.

Then Ann surprised me by getting up and coming to me. She held out her hand to me and I got up and held her for a minute. Then she took me over to the couch and had me sit.

Ann pointed at Dave and motioned for him to get up. Now I was getting a little worried. Dave is her favorite. She let the other two feel her up, what was she going to do with Dave.

A sick hungry feeling hit my stomach when I thought where she might be going. I realized then that I wanted to see Dave fuck her.

Even though it hurt, I hoped she loved me enough to let me watch Dave drive his cock into her pussy.

She took him over to my chair and had him sit down. Then she started dancing again. After a bit she asked, “Do you guys ever get lap dances when you’re out?”

We’re all happily married and no one wanted to admit it but she could tell by the guilty smiles what the answer was. “I thought so.”

She moved over to Dave and started dancing right in front of him. Then she slowly moved down till she was in his lap. She rode up and down and from side to side over his lap.

“Oh, Dave. Is that big thing for me?”

Dave let out a groan, “You know it.” Ann giggled as she kept up her workout. Dave couldn’t take it any longer and he tried to grab her. She jumped up and told him he wasn’t allowed to use his hands during a lap dance.

Then she smiled at him and moved up to him again. She was swaying from side to side as she lowered herself onto his lap again, this time facing him.

I let out a gasp as she lowered her wet cunt to the bulge in Dave’s pants. She didn’t stop till her pussy lips were firmly pressed against his bulging cock.

Then my wife began fucking Dave’s cock. Even though he still had his pants on I knew her wet cunt was rubbing his hardon.

Ann leaned back from him and rode him like a bucking bronco. Dave leaned down and bit her tits.

Ann didn’t stop him and he sucked on her nipples, one after the other. Ann was moaning and pounding harder and harder on Dave’s cock. I knew she was about to cum and waited for her to get up.

When Dave reached around her and grabbed her ass she didn’t stop him. He pulled her ass tighter to him as he licked and bit on her tits.

My wife screamed as her orgasm exploded inside her. I couldn’t help but wonder if Dave had cum too.

Then everything was quite. No one was moving. After a few minutes I saw Ann’s skin flushing and knew she was just realizing that the show she gave my friends included her bringing herself off on Dave’s cock. I knew she was embarrassed and hoped the guys didn’t say something to make it worse.

When she got up the front of Dave’s pants was soaking wet. I held my breath as Jack walked over to her.

He put his arm around her lightly and said, “Ann, you’re the greatest. You’re husband is one lucky bastard to have such a great wife. If you ever want to give another performance, count me in.” Then he kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs.

I was relieved when Ron and Dave follower suit. It was just the right tone to take and made her feel good rather than like a slut. Even at that I could tell she was worried about what I was thinking and maybe she had gone too far.

I put my arms around her and said, “I’m horny babe. How about a birthday fuck?” After a moment the tenseness left her body and she giggled and unfastened my pants. Then she pushed me down in the chair and began to sit in my lap just like she had done with Dave.

I was looking at the love bite marks Dave had left on her tits as she guided her pussy toward my shaft. I smiled to myself because Dave may have made her cum first tonight but I didn’t have any pants separating my cock from her pussy.

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