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My wife is not a slut. She is a normal 30 year-old wife and mother. She enjoys sex as much as I do but, like most women, takes more warming up than I do before she is ready.

In the ten years we have been married she has gained about five pounds. They haven’t hurt her 36 C, 24, 35 figure. She keeps her natural blond hair short, top and bottom, and doesn’t wear revealing outfits.

Before we got married she did wear some bikinis and she trimmed her fur for them. I told her how much I liked it that way and she has kept it up since. She has a little patch of blond fur just above pussy. Just enough to show she’s a real blond.

On the day we got married I got a weird kick out of hearing my friends whistles and catcalls when I lifted her dress to remove her garter. When that happened I raised her dress a little higher and kept it up longer than necessary. That brought even more whistles.

In the excitement of the day no one said anything about it or even remembered it, except me. Over the years since then I have tried to recapture that feeling of naughty excitement by trying to get Ann into more revealing clothes.

Any time I bought clothes for her as a gift I tried to pick out something that would let other men enjoy her charms. I have had some small successes from time to time but also some failures. If I bought anything that she felt was too outrageous she would put it on and model it for me then return it to the store.

On our vacation last year things started to change. We left the kids with the grandparents and took off by ourselves. We didn’t have a destination in mind. We just wanted to go wherever and have some fun by ourselves.

Ann didn’t tell me ahead of time but she had bought a sexy bikini and a couple of other outfits that showed off a lot more than her normal clothes. After checking in to the motel our first night Ann told me to head for the hot tub and she would join me in a few minutes.

I was sitting in the tub relaxing when I saw this babe in a bikini coming toward me. I was getting a little hard looking at her until I realized it was Ann. Then my cock sprang to attention. She looked so hot in those two little pieces of material.

When she sat next to me in the tub it was plain that she was embarrassed. She quickly sank down until she was covered up to her chin. Ann said she didn’t think she was going to be able to walk back to the room unless I went and got her a robe. I laughed and told her she looked great.

Since no one else was there she started to relax and enjoy the hot water. After about ten minutes another couple, Mac and Jane, came to use the hot tub. Ann relaxed even more when she saw that

Jane was in her forties and she was wearing a bikini. We visited with them for a while and accepted their invitation to join them for dinner and a show later.

When we got out of the hot tub to leave Jane said, “Ann, where did you get that suit?”

Ann and I looked at her bikini and saw that the water had made it practically transparent. She blushed and tried to pull me away while I held her in place and carried on a normal conversation, knowing that Mac was getting a great look. Then I waved and said, “See you later.”

When we got back to the room Ann was boiling mad that I had kept her there when I knew Mac and Jane could see right through her bikini. The argument ended when she asked, “How would you like it if they had seen you in this damned thing?” I was barely able to keep from laughing long enough to say they would have been sorrier than I. Then I did laugh and so did Ann.

Ann didn’t want to go to dinner with them after that little incident. Then Jane called and spoke to her and Ann started feeling better.

We got dressed and went to their room at 7:00 and had a drink with them. Then we all went to their car.

They knew their way around town and we went to a very nice restaurant. After a very leisurely dinner I was thinking we were going to miss the show. I was about to say so when Mac spoke up and said it was time to go.

By then Ann was completely relaxed and over her show at the hot tub. We were all talking and Ann and I weren’t paying much attention. We pulled into a lounge parking lot and got out and went in.

We got seated at a table fairly close to the stage and were just getting comfortable when I realized that we were in a strip joint.

When the waitress came to our table for our order Ann grabbed my leg and her mouth almost dropped open. The waitress was wearing a bikini bottom and nothing else.

I whispered to Ann to just relax and she could see what type of show I go to with some of my friends from time to time.

Looking around I saw that nine out of ten people in the room were men. Still, I was surprised to see so many women at the tables until I found out it was amateur night.

Then we got the biggest shock of all. Jane left the table to enter the contest.

When Jane did her dance she got a good round of applause. I thought she was the best one of the bunch, but she didn’t win. I think that was just because the guys liked younger girls.

Ann tried not to watch the show, but she couldn’t help but watch some of it. I know she watched Jane. She never let go of my leg throughout the whole time we were there. When we finally left she was almost exhausted from being on edge for a couple of hours and squeezing the hell out of my leg.

Ann and I were silent on the way back to the motel but Mac and Jane kept up a steady stream of chatter. They talked about how great her shaved pussy looked and how her big tits should have won the show. It was clear to me that nudity and showing off her body was no big thing to either of them.

I had a big hard on. I had never sat in the same car with a nude dancer before and seeing her in her clothes after so recently seeing her nude was a big turn-on.

Ann just seemed nervous and in a hurry to get away from them. She was almost rude when we got back to the motel.

That’s when I found out that she was turned on too. We didn’t get all the way undressed before we were fucking like a couple of kids.

Later, Ann asked me what had turned me on so much and I told her it was the thought of her entering that contest. I told her I was sure she would have won, and I would like to have seen her up there even if she hadn’t.

Ann ended our conversation by saying there was no way she could ever do anything like that.

The remainder of our vacation was uneventful. It was just your regular married couple getting away from the kids for a few days.

Ann did wear her bikini some more, but she never got it wet in public.

Not long after our vacation Ron, Jack, and Dave asked me to join them for a night out at one of the strip joints here in town.

We usually spend a few hours in one of those lounges several times a year.

Our wives know we enjoy the nude shows and they make disgusted comments like, “Boys will be boys.” But they don’t really mind our going.

After all, they are the ones that we come home to all hot and bothered.

We had a good time and saw some great looking young pussy. I hope all those girls were over 18. Some of them looked awful young.

When I crawled into bed at home Ann was waiting for me. She grabbed my hard cock and asked, “Were you thinking about me dancing nude while you were there?”

I groaned out a yes and she pushed me down and climbed on top of me. She guided my cock into her love canal and started riding me.

“Do you think the other guys would like looking at my tits?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Would they like my pussy?”

“Yeah babe, they’d love it.”

She whispered, “Should I show it to them?”

I almost yelled, “Yes!”

“Even your friends would see me. Not just the strangers.” I moaned again.

“All your friends could see your wife showing off her tits and pussy. I would spread my legs wide for them. I could get real close and they could smell my hot pussy. Would you like that?”

I answered by filling her with a load of cum.

When she felt me explode inside her Ann had her own orgasm. We lay there holding each other till we went to sleep.

Some time after that night we were lying in bed and I was just about ready to drop off after a tough day at work.

“I think I’ll invite your friends over and show them my tits and pussy.”

I was instantly alert.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll tell them to come over and I’ll give them a better dance than they ever get in a bar. I can get up real close to them and spread my legs wide and let them look at my pussy. They’ll know I’m a real blond.”

I rolled over and grabbed her. “You’d better go to sleep now. Remember how tired you are. I’m just going to lay here and think about those hungry looks and those nice hard cocks.”

Not a chance. It was over an hour before she stopped about other men’s hard cocks and them looking at her nude body. And I couldn’t get it up again.

A month later she asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

“I want you to quit talking about it and put on a strip show. Let the guys see your lovely tits and pussy. Spread your legs wide for them.”

I was afraid she would get mad, but she just said I was crazy and to forget it.

When my birthday rolled around I was expecting a surprise party. I had thrown one for Ann on her 30th and she had never forgiven me. I knew she was looking forward to getting even.

When I got home that night I was surprised I didn’t see lots of extra cars parked on our street. Then I figured people had parked on another street and walked over.

I entered the house ready to look surprised.

When Ann handed me a drink I was surprised. No one jumped out and yelled “Surprise!”

Ann suggested we take our drinks to the basement and I realized that everyone was hiding there.

Our basement is a pretty good party room.

Surprise again, no one was there. Well, maybe the surprise is there is no surprise. And that was possible.

Ann was actually dressed for going out and not staying home and entertaining. She was wearing a plain white high-necked blouse and a black floor length skirt that she likes to wear when we go out to dinner.

There was a straight-backed chair sitting in the middle of the basement, facing the couches. When Ann told me to sit in it I knew it was going to be a surprise party after all.

Once I was seated she had me place my arms on top of the chair’s arms and wrapped a scarf around each arm. She didn’t tie them so I knew I could easily get out.

Then someone else grabbed me from both sides and tied the scarves so I couldn’t get out of them.

The guys that had grabbed me stepped in front of me and I saw men in their early 20’s standing in front of me.

I didn’t know any of them so I was puzzled how they could be part of my surprise.

Ann told them to sit on the couches and asked what they wanted to drink. Once that was all taken care of she turned on the sound system and had some rock music playing.

The music had a driving beat and I recognized it from the night we had spent with Mac and Jane.

That’s when I got it. Ann was going to pretend to strip until I told her to stop and then she could say, “I told you so. You didn’t really want me to do it.”

Ann stood between the guys on the couches, and me in the straight backed chair. She started moving to the music. She was getting into the beat.

I could see she was also nervous. The other guys were nervous too. They weren’t too sure how I was going to handle this.

When Ann got comfortable with the beat she started dancing. She was dancing back and forth in front of us and occasionally throwing in a bump or grind.

She knew what she was supposed to do but didn’t have any experience and it showed.

With the start of the second song she moved right into the music and appeared to be more relaxed.

Then her hands moved up in front of her. I couldn’t see what she was doing so all I could do was watch the other guys and try to figure out from their faces what she was up to.

Then she shookher upper body and the blouse came down off her shoulders. I knew she had to undo a lot of buttons to get it down that low.

Now I was surprised. I was also getting very turned on.

Ann danced around for a bit holding her blouse up then whipped it off and threw it to the guys on the couch.

She spun around once so I could get a look at what she was showing them. She had on a white lacy bra. Her tits were completely covered but the darkness of her areolas and nipples showed through.

She turned back to the other guys and moved up close to them, bending over and shaking her chest in front of each one’s face.

Then she moved back and slowly pulled her skirt up above her knees.

She let her skirt drop back to the floor length and then started pulling it up again. This time she pulled it up so that we could see that she was wearing white panties.

At the end of the second song she once more let her skirt fall back into place.

When the third song started Ann began working at unfastening her skirt. I was too turned on to last much longer. I also had a voice in the back of my head during all this that said “This could get out of hand. These guys could rape your wife and you coundn’t do anything about it.

I decided that when she got her skirt off and they had a good look at her panties I would tell her to send them away so we could fuck.

She slipped the skirt off and threw it to the side. Then she stood in one spot and spread her legs slightly and started humping the air.

I don’t know what it looked from the front but it looked sexy as hell from the rear the way her ass cheeks clinched and released with each thrust. I wanted to tell her to stop but my mouth had gone completely dry. My throat closed and I couldn’t say a word.

That’s when she danced right up to me.

Her panties were inches away from my face and I could smell the heady aroma of her wet pussy.

She humped the air in front of me just like she’d done the others.

I was so engrossed watching her pussy being thrust at me and trying to see through the thin material of her panties that I didn’t even notice her undoing her bra.

All of a sudden her bra landed on the bulge in my pants. I looked up and saw her cover her tits with her hands just before she turned around.

She moved back to the middle of the room and started dancing with her hands covering her tits. Then she raised her hands over her head. I let out a soft groan, wishing I could see the sight from the other side.

I glanced at the guys and saw each of them had a bulge in his pants.

Ann moved up close to one guy and straddled his legs. Then she leaned down and shook her tits right in his face.

After a few moments she did the same with the next guy. She did all four of them that way.

I was going to beg her to let me see too, when she turned around and danced over to me.

She straddled my legs and leaned over me. She brushed her tits back and forth across my face.

Her hard nipples just making contact with my skin. I didn’t know if she had gotten that close to the others and I hoped not. But a part of me hoped she had let them feel those hard nipples on their faces.

That song ended and she moved away from me. I knew now that I couldn’t say anything to stop her. She needed to show her pussy to these guys and I wanted her to.

She started dancing again and began rolling her panties down her hips. While I watched her ass crack being exposed I knew those guys were finding out my wife is a natural blond.

Then she had those panties rolled down on her thighs and she was completely exposed to five pair of hungry eyes.

She swayed back and forth for a little then turned around and faced me.

I thought I was going to get the pleasure of seeing her step out of those panties. In stead she bent over at the waist and rolled her panties down. I couldn’t see anything but those four lucky bastards were getting a real treat.

My wife’s pussy and little rosebud were exposed to them.

She straightened up and turned around. She danced over in front of the guys and then did a spin that ended with her sitting in front of them. She was rocking side to side in time with the music and slowly lay back until she was lying on the floor.

Her legs spread slightly and she moved them until her feet were planted on the floor. Then she rose up so just her head, shoulders and feet were in contact with the floor.

I was really jealous of the view I knew those guys had. Ann then started humping the air again and more than one of us groaned.

When the song ended Ann lowered herself back to the floor and spread her legs wide. She just laid there for a minute or two.

Then she stood up, signaling the end of the show.

The guys got up to leave and Ann walked up to them and gave each of them a kiss. She let them put their arms around her and hold her while she sucked on their tongues.

She was driving me crazy and knew it.

After she kissed the last guy they left and she untied me.

We fucked like bunnies right there on the basement floor.

The next day I asked Ann who the guys were and she said she had gone to a lounge and met them a couple of days ago and invited them over. I told her that it was dangerous to invite strangers over like that and then tie me up.

“Next time just invite friends.”

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