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Hi! My wife Mary and I Love your site, pictures are great but reading a hot true story is even better.

Mary found out about a year ago that I am a real masturbation freak. I told her rather than rub off in the bathroom or in the car by myself. She thought people out grew that in late teens. We have always had great sex we rub each other, oral sex and regular sex, but I still had to rub myself at least once a day. When I told Mary that I loved to masturbate myself she asked me to show her. The first time I did it and came in front of her on the couch she enjoyed it and it was a real turn on for me. I have pulled down my shorts and rubbed off in the car and out be the hot tub and have taken off my pants in a woods to jerk off, but I don’t think anyone saw me. Having someone even her see me do it was great.

I did it around the house and just about everywhere in front of her after that, she thought I was nuts. She has three really close girlfriends that tell each other everything, I know she told them, because lately when they come over they look at me different.

I came home from work early one day last summer because of the heat and when I looked out the window toward the pool I saw the girls in the pool having a cool drink and thought I might use the hot tub after my shower to relax my joints. After my shower I wrapped a towel around myself and went to see were the girls where. They had moved to the hot tub. I stood at the patio doors watching them and listening to them talk, they talk about everything but today it was sex. I noticed Kim had her hand underwater and seemed to be adjusting or touching her suit crotch. Jan and Mary either didn’t notice or didn’t care. After a few minutes of this I reached under the towel and started to play with my penis. They were talking about sex when they were young.

Just then Kim looked over towards the door and saw me, she surprised me by not telling the others, but instead said she was horny and was taking off her suit, she stood up and took it off just like that nobody else said anything, they see each other at the heath club I guess. When she took off her suit I noticed she also shaves her pussy like Mary. Kim is also a red head like Mary but with long hair and her boobs are about 36B’s were Mary has short red hair and slightly droopy 38D’s. Kim smiled at me before she sat down. When she sat down she started to rub herself no doubt about it. Mary has never shown her self naked in front of anyone that I know of, but today she said she was horny to and said Kim had the right idea. Then she stood up and took off her suit and told Jan to join them J an is the youngest at about 22 and looks like a young blonde goddess. She said fine and slipped her suit off underwater, Damn! I got to see her boobs though. After they were all bare naked and seemed to be rubbing themselves, Kim acted shocked and pointed me out. I thought they would scream but they invited me out with their hand that wasn’t busy underwater.

I went outside and stepped into the tub as I did my hard penis was clearly visible under my towel. They said no towels and Jan pulled it off and threw it on the deck. When I got in the tub Mary turned off the bubbles and I could clearly see them rubbing themselves, they said to do the same. I found out why they were so open, they had each had 4 or 5 strong drinks. Mary reached over and was playing with my penis and said to float up to the top of the water so they could watch me cum, she loves the sound of the water slapping as she rubs me Kim and Jan liked it too. I wasn’t allowed to touch them this time but watching them watch me made me cum real quick. Mary made me spray cum allover the place.

After we just talked, then went in the house to change, being naked in front of Kim and Jan made me hard again, but that’s another story. Sorry if it was to long but it turns us on all over again just writing it.

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