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My wife Heather is a masseuse in a chiropractor’s studio. Tall, tanned, toned & lovely, she’s sex on a stick. For a long time I’d had a nagging suspicion that, if she met a client she fancied, she wouldn’t be past making the most of the situation and the idea of her oiling more than backs, arms & legs made me strangely breathless. I decided to do a little investigation. I knew that the staff often went out for lunch as a group, leaving the studio under the not-so-direct guard of the receptionist at a doctor’s office across the hall.

I picked my time and managed to slip into the waiting room and from there to the private massage room. Unlike the sterile medical ambience I’d expected, Heather had decorated the room in muted shades. Wall hangings softened the hard edges of the room, and incense smouldered in a brass Nepalese holder. The leather massage table in the centre of the room looked strangely business like, though I knew from experience that when you’re massaging for an extended time, having the client at the right height is very important. I toyed with the vials of oils on a nearby stand, enjoying the various scents.

Suddenly the outer door opened and I heard voices & footsteps. Shit! A heavy floor to ceiling tapestry offered the only hiding place and, spying a slit in the fabric, I swept it aside and flattened myself against the wall. A small gap meant that I wouldn’t make much of a bulge…as long as I didn’t get hard!

The door of the massage room opened and I heard Heather walk in followed by her first client for the afternoon. From her questions I gathered that he’d pulled a back muscle at the gym and needed the knots worked out of it. She told him where he could undress and I heard him enter a small cubicle off to one side of the room. Slowly I inched my way to the slit in the fabric and made a tiny gap. Soon he returned covered only in a towel and Heather asked him to climb up on the table and lay face down. He had his feet toward me and I watched nervously as Heather hiked the towel down to uncover his buttocks. Then there was a clink as she opened an oil vial, followed by the gentle slap of skin on skin.

The client murmured in appreciation, but then groaned as Heather applied pressure. She was all business in her white cotton shift as she oiled & kneaded, running her thumbs in long strokes down either side of his spine, before opening her hands and sweeping them out across his buttocks. His hips came off the table a little with each sweep. “Spread your legs a little,” said Heather and he complied, giving me a glimpse of his large balls, the scrotum pulled tightly around them. Heather went to work on his legs, using both hands in a spiraling motion on his inner thighs and calves, rolling each toe between thumb & forefinger and working her thumbs into the soles of his feet. His buttocks clenched repeatedly. “Shhhh…just relax into it,” Heather soothed.

“OK, time to tan the other side,” she said, and her client rolled over. As he did, his towel slipped to the floor and I suppressed a gasp as I saw his cock swing slowly in a big arc before landing with a wet slap on the opposite thigh. Heather seemed not to notice and, walking briskly round to the head of the table she proceeded to anoint his pecs. Now the circular sweeps were mixed with tweaks on his nipples, and long forays down to his hard stomach.

The latter move meant that she had to incline her body just enough so that the fabric of her shift, and the soft breast within it brushed across his face. All this time his cock thickened and flexed. It looked as though an unseen thread from the ceiling was trying to lift it upright, but although it curved in an inverted U shape, the head still lay stubbornly on his leg. Grudgingly it pulsed upward like a cobra raising itself, the foreskin rolling slowly back to reveal a blunt, mushroom-shaped dome, the rim deep and defined. Only when his cock was at full attention did Heather walk down one side of the table toward me, her oily hand tracing his chest and belly.

She reached for the open vial and let oil drizzle over his purple knob, then, wrapping two hands around the ropy shaft, she began to slowly masturbate him. He in turn slid his hand up the back of her thigh and under her dress where he cupped and squeezed her arse. Slowly Heather lowered her mouth to his cock and used the tip of her tongue to spread a drop of precum over his flared knob. Then she engulfed the head, continuing to pump his shaft, one hand above the other, pulling the foreskin on the upstroke until it collected in soft folds around her tightly stretched lips. His hips raised allowing Heather to slip one hand under his weighty scrotum and probe his arsehole with an oily finger.

Without removing her mouth she edged her body around to the foot of the table and continued to suck and finger him. Now her arse was toward me and exposed where the client had hiked up her dress. When she stuck out her backside it actually brushed the tapestry. Slowly I edged down the wall into a crouch so my face was barely six inches from her quim. My nostrils quivered at the scent of it and I could feel heat radiating onto my face. My tongue came out like a lizard’s, tasting the air. I had an almost uncontrollable urge to grab her by the hips and thrust my face into her hot steaming vent.

But then the centre of my attention receded as Heather stood up and peeled her dress over her head. She raised one knee, then the other up onto the table and shinnied forward until she straddled his hips. His cock was twitching and bumping against her cunny lips. They opened around his knob like flower petals and she lowered herself an inch, clasping it. All the while she was oiling her breasts and pulling on her nipples until they jutted out.

She lowered her breasts to his mouth giving me a mouthwatering view of her full round arse cheeks and his massive prick eagerly seeking refuge. Slowly she pushed back and groaned as his thick shaft slid in a little, then out, then back, becoming deeper with each push. Soon he was balls deep with every thrust and her buttocks quivered and rippled as his thighs slapped against her. The table rocked and creaked with their efforts until Heather sank down, holding him steady while she shook with an orgasm.

Without getting off his cock, she swivelled around on it until she faced his feet…and my hiding place!! Her eyes remained closed however as she began to seek a new rythm, leaning back on her hands and planting her feet on the table so that she could raise and lower her hips. Her cunt stretched in a tight “O” around his thick shaft as she rode his cock. Her eyes opened lazily revealing mostly the whites and she held her hips high, forcing him to thrust upward to try and bury himself. Suddenly her eyes snapped into focus and held my gaze.

A cold flush of adrenalin washed down my body as I realised instantly that I had been busted! But instead of blowing my cover, a small smile creeped onto Heather’s lips. Suddenly she dropped her weight down, swallowing the guy’s big dick in a single swoop. Then she slowly raised herself up again before repeating the move, all the time staring into my eyes. Her expression becoming more lascivious, she knelt and leaned forward over his knees, swinging and pinching her breasts for my enjoyment. Behind her I knew her lover was getting a prime view of his cock being eaten by her cunt, and when her eyes began to flicker I knew he was fingering her arsehole.

Leaning back again, Heather slowly lifted herself off the guy’s cock, but reached around and positioned it at the entrance to her arse. Crouching over it in a deep kneebend and leaning back on one hand, she bore down until I saw her arse snap shut around the flared mushroom head. Heather looked into my eyes and held her cunt open with her free hand while she bore down on him.

Suddenly she gave a barely perceptible flick of her head accompanied by raised eyebrows, an expression which plainly said “Come on out.” Was she out of her fuckin’ mind??!! Her lover’s head was hanging back over the top edge of the table and his legs hung down on either side. He was plainly lost in the tactile sensation of his member sliding in & out of my wife’s hot arsehole.

Quietly I crept forward, being careful to keep Heather’s body shielding my presence. My bursting prick was in my hand and Heather gazed at it, then lowered her eyes to her vacant cunt. She leant back, alternately strumming her clit and then slipping the finger into her moist hole. Her feet were planted between the client’s knees so that he could not close his legs and so I was able to stand at the foot of the table, but no matter how I strained forward, her slick cleft remained just inches out of reach.

While I stroked my shaft I gazed at her pelvis rising and falling on his thick cock, and her shiny fingers spreading her labia apart. My head swam with the images before me until, with an awful inevitability I released stream after stream of cum straight into her pink folds. Heather cried out as the hot liquid lashed across her inner thighs and ran down over her lovers swollen balls.

His fat cock slithered out of her as she raised her hips, shimmied her dripping cunt backwards and mashed it down onto his face as he began to raise his head. He groaned & slurped on the proffered feast while Heather leaned forward on her elbows and sucked him hungrily while pumping his shaft with her fist. Again her eyes held mine. While continuing to jerk him she took his cock out of her mouth and held it toward me.

I was hypnotised, drawn toward it until I could lick the underside with my tongue. Heather did the same and soon our two hot mouths were slipping around and over his knob, alternately taking him deeply, licking his shaft and entwining our tongues and lips together. Muffled sounds of ecstasy rose from his mouth trapped under her pubis and his hips began to jerk. I slipped a finger into his anus.

Suddenly Heather wound her fingers in my hair and held my head at bay, even as I strained with eager mouth to administer to his veined slab. She tilted the purple head toward my face and a hot rope of jism shot out, catching me across the chin & cheek. She claimed the next spurt herself, keeping her mouth open so that I could watch his cum pool on her tongue. We alternated the next four emissions, finally letting his softening cock slither between our slippery faces.

As if in a dream I backed away to my refuge behind the curtain. Checking that I was hidden, Heather slowly climbed off her lover and helped him to sit up. He looked like he’d been hit by a truck!

“You are so fucking good,” he croaked. “I’d heard that there were women who ejaculated when they came, but I’ve never EVER met one.”

“You mean,’ Come across one’,” smiled Heather, handing him a clean towel.

“Yeah,” he grinned. “And that is positively the BEST blow-job I’ve ever had. Fucking unbelievable.”

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