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My wife was 42 years old when she was made redundant from her job at a telcom. Young sales people on one contracts became the norm in the industry and Susan was a casualty. Despite good qualifications her age saw her apply for many positions with not many interviews and no job opportunity.

We would survive without her income but she wanted to be useful and productive and I understood her position. After a little soul searching and internet research Susan decided that remedial massage sounded like a great career move and she enrolled in a course at a local school. Two years study and practice saw her graduate with a diploma and ambition to start her business.

I bought her a new table and she fixed up the spare room with low light, candles and oil burners along with soft new age music. Advertising and enthusiasm were next, but few clients came through the door. After around 6 weeks Susan came to me and suggested we talk about her future. I was sympathetic as my wife of 20 years cried as her disappointment got the better of her.

We talked about new advertising and promotion strategies and Susan really surprised me when she said that she would be better off if she gave hand jobs to her male clients. I took it as a joke and she explained that around 90% of her callers asked if she gave hand relief or happy endings.

She said that she wouldn’t do such a thing but bet the business would get much better. We laughed about it and I realized I had a hard on at the thought of the mother of our children tossing off a client. Susan looked at me funny, deep in thought and said we will talk later I need to get dinner.

We had never talked about experimenting and were very happy with each other in all ways. As far as I knew she had never had seen another man naked except on tv. She was a virgin when I met her. Susan hadn’t ever watched a porn movie but she was very sexual and sensual with me.

That night in bed she asked what I thought. I hesitated with an answer and she said she saw my hard-on as we talked in the afternoon. She asked me if the thought turned me on. I told her the truth and said it did but that didn’t mean I wanted her to do this. I said if this is just an extension of the massage as in total relaxation and she could deal with it on a non sexual level she should consider giving it a trial and see if business improved.

That was all we said that night but Susan sucked my cock and rode me with enthusiasm before we went to sleep. She was turned on as well.

Two days later she asked if I would permit her to have a trial with one client to see if she could actually do it and do it well enough. I kissed her and said I want you to be happy’ this business is your career but you not a prostitute so please don’t charge extra for the tug and I will be cool with it. Susan asked if I could be home at the time of the appointed lucky first customer and I said of course.

She rang me at work the next day and said I think I have a prospect can you be home at 4pm. I asked her how she knew did he ask her if she gave a happy ending or what and she said no he asked if it was sensual. She said if I chicken out on the actual deal I can still make it sensual for him just refuse the relief. She laughed nervously.

My wife doesn’t like to fail and so far her business was doing just that.

Susan is no stunning beauty. She is a normal 44 year old at the time of the first customer. Attractive, blue eyes, glasses with blonde hair to her shoulders. She stands around 5’3″ tall. Large tits large hips and a little bit of fat around the middle. She has nice legs and always looks good dressed whether casual or when going out.

When I arrived home she was dressed in a pair of jeans with a t shirt top that showed some cleavage. She had a pair of sandals with about a 2 inch cork heel. Her hair and makeup was perfect and she looked very professional and not in anyway slutty. About ten minutes after I arrived the client rang the door bell and I went in my office out of sight as Susan greeted him at the door.

I could see in a mirror the front door and observed a guy around 50 with bald head and a bit of a gut walk in. I was relieved he was older as Susan would find it easier to do this as a job. They went into the back room and Susan came out handed me $60 and said see you in an hour.

I busied myself on the computer and heard mumbled talking that I could not hear clearly enough to understand. After around 55 mins the guy let out a loud moan and I knew that my wife had managed to complete the trial as she called it. Ten minutes later and she escorted him to the front door and I heard him say how good the massage was and that he would be back.

After he left she kissed me and excitedly told me that it was easier than she thought. I didn’t ask her for details but I was very horny. Later she said she thought she could do this and asked if I was ok with it. I said I was and we again had some very enthusiastic sex.

The next morning Susan said she was a little worried about security as all these guys might not be as nice as Dave her first client. She asked me what I thought and I said we could put in some cameras and if there were any problems she could activate them and we would have evidence of any assault. I could also put in a panic alarm which would send a sms to my phone and I could activate the cameras and get help. I also only worked 5 mins from home so that would be good as well.

Susan said that it sounded like a plan and I organized the installation. I own a security firm so my tech was on the job that afternoon. Susan started taking bookings and the money began to flow in. She decided on taking just 4 clients a day so as not to burn out but increased her charge to $100 for one and a half hours. As it was to be a proper massage she didn’t want clients come for just half hour hand jobs.

She was horny all the time and because she didn’t tell me any details I became very inquisitive and wanted to see her do a massage. It got the better of me so I set up her security to tape a session.

It just so happened that the session I taped was with Dave the original client. My wife had massaged him a number of times now. When I sat in my office later that day while Susan was shopping I was scared as to how I would react when confronted with watching my darling wife with another mans cock in her hand.

The video cracked into life with Dave naked face down on the table. Susan was dressed in a white blouse that buttoned at the front and a knee length skirt. She had on small heels to complete her outfit. She was working on Dave’s back and bum. She then climbed on the table legs either side of Dave’s and really worked his back .The back massage was complete and she worked his feet and up his legs. As she worked his thighs he parted his legs more and her hands worked very high as he lifted his bum up to give her access. I was hard as a rock as I watched my wife obviously brushing Dave’s balls and cock.

All this took around 40 mins then Susan did butterfly strokes over his back and down his legs. She then came up the inside of his legs and with her nails began to tickle his nuts and arse. Dave was going crazy and he lifted his hips from the table and Susan reached under and began stroking his cock while holding his balls with her other hand.

I really couldn’t see as the cameras were not in the right position to see the action. Susan said something (no sound on Cams) and Dave rolled over. He sported a very hard 7’cock that was very fat. This guy was twice the thickness of mine. For an older guy he was like a rock and Susan slowly stroked him her hand not reaching all the way round. She then massaged his legs teasing all the time.

Then to my surprise she climbed on top of him to massage his chest.. She sat on his dick and as she massaged she rubbed up and down his length with her panty covered pussy. Here was my wife dry humping this guy and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as he. She sped up her movements and Dave reached up and started to undo her blouse. When all the buttons were undone he pulled the cups off her 38 d breasts and began to rub them and tweak her nipples.

They both came at the same time. Dave’s cum spurted out from my wife’s crotch onto his chest and Susan closed her eyes and shook as her orgasm shot through her body. I came in my pants watching this display what a shock.

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