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My wife Cindy works in the porn industry. She has been doing fuck flicks since she was nineteen years old. I met her when she was twenty-eight and we got married a year later.

She is a very attractive blonde with a 36-23-35 figure she is 5’ 6’’ in height and loves to suck and fuck. Her pussy is always wet and she stays horny all the time. If she isn’t at work fucking some of the biggest cocks in the business, she is fucking me or masturbating.

Her pussy is quit big for a little girl her size. But I understand all the fucking she has done over the years. She usually makes three or four flicks a week, and after the shoot she always brings me home a copy of the fuck flick.

I love to watch them and jack-off. It’s a real turn on watching your wife fuck and suck all these different men. She really gets into it, she loves the taste of cum, but her favorite thing to do is to have her cunt and asshole completely full of cum.

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About that time Cindy paused the VCR and told me to get down and suck up the cum that the black man had deposited on her boot. I know I have probability-tasted sperm from a black man before but I didn’t know it. I slowly kneeled down in front of her, she kept telling me to hurry up and lick it up.

I stuck my tongue out and started licking slowly up and down her thigh high boot. She could tell that I didn’t really want to be tasting a black man’s spent cum. But being the nice husband I am I licked it up. She rewarded me with a mind-blowing blowjob. She sucked on my balls and licked my asshole while she pumped my cock back and forth.

It was the wettest, nastiest blowjob I ever had. She swallowed all my cum. Then she looked up and told me that she had got extra horny watching me suck up the black man’s cum. I wish she wouldn’t have mentioned that because I didn’t like thinking about it.

She then told me that she would be starring in a bi-sexual movie tomorrow and she wanted me to be in it to. I have never been to the studio were she works at before and now I am going to be starring in a movie. Cindy knows I have never sucked a cock before, but she has fucked me in the ass before.

I can take her John Holmes replicate strap-on cock all the way up to the balls. I love to get down on my hands and knees in front of a mirror and watch her fuck me in the ass. When my cock starts dripping pre-cum she will reach around and jack my cock off while she fucks me

So I am looking forward to the ass fucking part. I have never been fucked by a real cock, so that will be a treat. But I didn’t like thinking about having to suck some guys cock, having their balls slapping around on my chin. But if I have to do it I will as long as he feeds me a big gulp of thick, milky cum.

That night Cindy took me into the bathroom and shaved my hair off my cock, balls and ass. She wouldn’t suck me off. But she let me eat her pussy till she came.

She told me that I would get to cum plenty of times tomorrow. We went to bed and I couldn’t stop thinking about being fucked and sucked by a stranger. It was going to be the start of something good.

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