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My wife Pam loves to make men cum by jacking on their cock. She is an expert when it comes to jacking a cock off. The first time I saw her she had her hand wrapped around my best friends cock.

She jacked both of us off that afternoon. Every time we would cum she would get a wine glass out and slip it over the head of the cock and capture our cum. It made me horny looking in the glass at how different cocks shoot different looking sperm.

After she had drained both of our cocks of all the love juice she could pump out. She raised the wine glass up to her lips and poured our cum right down her throat. After she had licked her lips she gave both of us a kiss. I could smell cum on her breath. That was the first time I had ever tasted cum.

She kept snaking her tongue down my throat, pushing out every bit of the cum she still had in her mouth. After that I put my pants on and thanked Dave for having me over and for letting his girlfriend Pam jerk my cock off.

Little did Dave know that two days later Pam would be living with me. That was twelve years ago and many, many hand jobs away. See my wife Pam is addicted to jacking cocks off. I have watched her jerk many men off. She will jack them off and eat their cum right off her hand.

She isn’t interested in any thing else. It’s pitiful how some of the men will beg her to fuck them or suck their cocks, but it’s always the same answer. And that answer is always NO! I have watched Pam jack a man’s cock off one time in a restaurant with the man’s wife sitting at the table.

I don’t know how he explained the cum stains on the front of his pants. Because when he stood up to leave with his wife you could see cum drops all over his pants and his zipper was half way down. I looked over at my wife and she had this wicked look on her face as she was sucking two of her fingers.

I reached over and gave her a kiss and I could taste his cum in her mouth. It made my cock hard and when we got in the car Pam had my cock out and was sucking hard on it. I shot a big thick load of white lumpy cum all in her mouth.

She didn’t swallow one drop of it. She held it in her mouth until she had her mouth over mine and when I opened my mouth and she fed me my whole load. I like the taste of cum so it didn’t bother me at all. I remember the first time she had me help her jack a man’s cock off.

She came home early from work one day and I was beating my meat to some nasty movie on TV. I didn’t hear her come in the house and she stood back and watched me jerk my cock off. My cock had just started to cum when I seen Pam at the door. I am not suppose to play with my cock without Pam’s consent. So when I seen her, my cock went limp right away and the cum just oozed out of the tiny cock slit.

She walked over and reached down and took my soft little cock in her hand, cum was still oozing out all over the place. She slapped my balls real hard and I went down on my knee’s begging her to forgive me for masturbating.

After she had me lick her wet horny pussy. She made me lick and suck on her asshole. Then she told me that the rest of my punishment would come later that night. Pam then went over to the phone and called a friend of ours.

Come to find out it was Dave she had called. She then explained to me that since I liked to jack off so much she wanted to watch me jack Dave off. She told me that it was time in our relationship to start exploring different sexual behaviors. And that she was going to enjoy watching me jack my friend Dave off.

I agreed with her because if I didn’t it would be hell to pay. She reminded me that the first time I had met her she had her hand around Dave’s cock. And now she wanted me to experience that same cock.

When Dave arrived everything started to speed up and the next thing I knew we where all naked and Pam placed my hand on Dave’s cock and I was starting to jerk him off. Pam laid back and started playing with her pussy.

Dave’s cock was warm in my hand and his cock was as hard as a brick. I jacked his cock up and down as I played with his balls. Pam must have sensed that Dave was going to cum because she made me stop jerking his cock. Plus she had already cum three times watching me jack on Dave’s prick.

She got up and came over to where Dave was and motioned for me to move over. She wrapped her fingers around his cock and started masturbating him. She looked over at me and said that she wanted to jack Dave’s cock off in my mouth. She wanted Dave to shoot his load down my throat. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

My mouth fell open and Pam stuck Dave’s Prick right in my mouth. She continued to jerk his cock off in my mouth till I tasted his cum. As the cum was sliding down my throat Pam was having a massive orgasm. After Dave left, Pam told me that she enjoyed watching me suck a cock more than anything she has ever seen. And that from now on she would keep jacking cocks off and that I was going to be sucking on them as she performed her duties.

We fucked the rest of the day away just her and me. She wanted me to tell everybody that reads this story if it made you shoot a load….. she wants you to taste it!

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