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My wife is 35 years old 5’5 115lbs. and in good shape. She has always struggled with a confidence problem, for no apparent reason if you ask any men that have ever seen her. Her recent success in golf at our golf club has done wonders for her confidence, especially sexually.

It has always been a fantasy of mine to see her with another, younger man (19-22). She has consented to the idea during sex after a few drinks but always wakes up the next morning to say that I am the only one she wants. Confused and frustrated I don’t know how she really feels about the idea.

She has admitted that her wildest fantasy is to be in control of another, younger man. She likes the idea of having the confidence to be in control and call the shots. Her biggest fear is being turned down, which would never happen, and I think that is what stops her from living out this fantasy.

This leads me to this true story that I still can’t believe happened. Two weeks before the ladies club championship I was playing golf and my caddy was a college kid who was getting ready to go back to school in a few weeks. I noticed that he was well built and a good looking kid and very polite and unassuming. I asked him if he ever caddied for my wife and he said that he had. The look on his face and quick response told me that he was attracted to her.

That night I asked her if she knew the caddy named Ryan. To my surprise she giggled like a schoolgirl and said that all the wives knew him. This got me thinking and plotting.

I arranged for Ryan to caddy for my wife in the Club Championship. She shot 75 on Saturday and was on top of the world that evening. I asked how Ryan did and she blushed and said that he was just fine. I asked her point blank if she was attracted to him and she said that he was a nice looking young man. Jokingly I said that if she wins the tournament tomorrow that she should give him a “great” tip.

My wife asked me to come watch her on Sunday afternoon for moral support. Knowing she had a 7 shot lead, there was no way she could lose so I told her I was going to play somewhere else that afternoon. I gave her an unsupportive kiss on the cheek and said, “Rely on Ryan today, he will be there for you.”

6 hours later I showed up at the club to see how the afternoon went. The scoreboard indicated that my wife had won the club championship by 14 shots. I went in the bar to congratulate my wife but she wasn’t there. The bartender said that she had a few too many glasses of wine and was going to call me for a ride. I checked my cell phone and missed 4 of her calls

Not knowing what to do I went home and found a 1995 grand am in the parking lot. Unsure of what was happening I walked in the door and found my wife’s bra draped over the ladies club championship trophy.

I assumed she was relaxing in the bath so I went upstairs. As I approached the door I heard the following:

“Have you ever fucked the ladies club champion before Ryan? Are you turned on knowing you are going to slide your college cock inside this sexy housewife? All I could think about today was how I could get you alone and devour your 20 year old body. My husband said that if I win I should give you a great tip. Do you think putting your cock in this wife’s mouth is a great tip?

He responded sheepishly, only because his cock was already in my wife’s mouth. I watched through the open door as she knelt before him, golf and caddy clothes on the floor as she slid his 20 year old cock deep inside her wine soaked mouth.

He saw me watching but I signaled that it was ok before he could react. In spite of my signal he whispered in my wife’s ear that I was watching. Without turning around she responded, “Good, that’s what he gets for putting me in your hands. I hope he has a good view when you cum all over the club champ’s tits.”

Her ass looked so good with her back arched as she bobbed faster and faster on this lucky kid’s cock. I was instantly aroused listening to her slurp and swallow on this 20 year old cock that she became so close to the past 2 days. Up and down massaging his balls as she deep throated him.

“Your young cock is so much bigger than my husbands I’m actually building up an appetite for a change. Do you want to cum on my tits or in my mouth Ryan?” Before he could answer I saw that familiar look on his face and he was unloading deep in her mouth and throat. She soaked up every drop until he finally collapsed on the bed. She licked her lips, handed him his clothes and wiped off her mouth. Ryan got dressed and walked out without looking at me.

My wife turned to me, laid on the bed and asked me if I thought she would be any good at tennis. When I asked her why she said, “That she and all the other slut country club wives have their eye on the new pro.”

Tomorrow we are off to buy her some tennis shoes.

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