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The next day at work all I could think about was taking my wife’s ass for the first time. I called Joe and asked him over for dinner on Friday. He was happy and said that he would bring the wine.

On Friday my wife sent me an email at four in the afternoon. Pam had taken a picture of her pussy and emailed it to me. She was sitting at her desk at work, no panties, and took a picture of her pussy. My wife was at work and was thinking about us doing her. This was a new confident side for my wife.

In the body of her email it said, “Taylor, you see this pussy? Tonight my pussy is going to be well used by my two studs. I can’t wait for you to watch Joe make love to me and then you do me when he’s finished, love Pam.”

It must have taken me twenty minutes before I was able to walk. Not only did she take a nude picture but she told me she wanted him. Oh, she went to the spa today wonder how her massage went. I always fantasies about her enjoying a massage and showing her body to the guy. The email confirmed to me that my wife was thinking more about sex and now she was actively setting things up.

I stopped at the grocery store to get everything Pam requested. Once home I kissed Pam said hello, and went to our bedroom to change. Pam was wearing shorts and a tee shirt she told me to hurry up. She wanted to freshen up and wanted me out of the bedroom. Once I had changed I walked out to the gas grill and fired it up. Joe would be over in twenty minutes and I’m sure that we all wanted to get the party started.

Why was I excited? Was it the fact that Pam was aroused? Maybe it was the kinky side, knowing I was going to watch Joe do my wife? Or maybe it was the fact that I was getting laid!

I knew that my wife wanted my friend and loved having sex with him but I knew that she would never leave me, so the idea of watching my wife become excited knowing that our friend was coming over was very arousing to me. In a few hours my wife would be in bed, and my friend will be in her. Pam loved his cock and I loved watching him do my wife.

Right on time, Joe rang the door bell. I went to open the door and greet our guest. Pam came out of the bedroom wearing a black lace teddy with what looked like a thong panty. The top wasn’t sheer but I could see that her nipples were hard.

“I hope that you boys like my new dress. I had to be sure that you boys focused on me tonight. Some nights a girl just wants the night to be about her!”

I knew that Pam wanted Joe to do her again and I was totally comfortable with her decision. It’s strange watching your wife with another man but I love it. There is no humiliation or strange games, just fun sex. Yeah, my wife is attracted to him but she only enjoys him in bed. Well, that and the foreplay part. After being married for so many years watching her with another was fun and exciting.

It takes a strong marriage to open things up and an even stronger relationship when your wife has the hots for a friend. Joe enjoyed sharing Pam but he didn’t want a relationship with her. Pam and Joe both enjoyed the sex and wanted nothing else.

A lot of men think its humiliating to find out your wife has slept with another man. Well, I never found out as I was a part of this from the beginning. I knew that she wanted Joe and I also knew that she would never act on her feelings. I loved having Joe over and loved how aroused my wife became. The only thing shocking was the fact that I never became jealous. So what is so wrong with sharing? Our sex life has never been better and Pam wants to find another couple to swap with. Oh yeah, life couldn’t get any better!

Watching my wife with Joe, well I have to say it was better than any of my fantasies. To see your wife enjoying herself was a very powerful experience. For me I love slipping my hard cock into Pam after she’s enjoyed an orgasm. I never know how erotic and kinky it would be slipping my very hard cock into Pam after Joe came in her! Pam never came from intercourse before unless she had a vibrator on her clit. However, that one magical night when Joe rolled off her, after filling her pussy with his cum and I mounted my wife, slipped my hard cock into her, well it didn’t take long for both of us to cum. Oh how I remember how hot her pussy was, how wet she felt, yet she was still able to rock my world with her tight sugar walls.

I snapped out of my fantasy when Pam kissed me. “Shall we have dinner?” She asked.

I walked into the kitchen and made everyone drinks. Pam would want wine while Joe would want a seven and seven. I made myself a vodka tonic. It’s still hard to imagine that in a few hours we all would be in bed and my sexy wife enjoying two men and sharing her tone body with us.

Joe came into the kitchen and enjoyed a sip from his drink. “Can I help with the grill?”

“Sure, that would be very nice.”

Pam came in and I handed her the wine. She winked, “You boys be careful!”

Joe followed me outside and we got the grill ready. Joe turned the gas on while I removed the cover. Once things were set I hit the button to light the fire. “Love these newer grills so much easier than trying to stick a lighter in the grill.”

Joe chuckled, “Yep.”

I had to ask, “So what do you think of Pam’s new dress?”

“She looks hot!”

Yeah, I totally agree. I think she’s been looking forward to this all week.”

Joe smiled, “Well to be honest I have too. Pam is one beautiful woman.”

I appreciated his compliment for my wife, “Thanks, and one hot woman in bed! Since we started this little venture she has never craved sex like she does now.”


“Yeah, she even wants sex during the week now. Before she would initiate sex one a week if that and only on the weekends. Now, whenever you’re around I’m getting some. Can’t tell you how many times in the past month I’ve awoken to Pam riding me.”

Joe smiled, “That is hot!”

“You don’t have to tell me.”

Pam brought out the steaks, Joe opened the grill and I carefully placed the steaks on the grill. We really didn’t talk much at but enjoyed being outside. Maybe we all were grateful that we still had jobs and that hopefully the economic meltdown would end soon.

Looking at the yard, I realized that soon winter would be upon us and cooking outside would become a major pain in the ass. We just enjoyed the moment watching the steaks cook and thinking about or should I say enjoying little fantasies about what was about to happen.

The steaks didn’t take long and Pam had everything else ready. After testing the steaks for temperature I put the steaks on a clean plate and brought them into the house. We enjoyed a fresh drink while the steaks rested. Pam had the table set and the salad ready for us.

Once the steaks rested we took our places at the table. We all enjoyed the meal and caught up on life. The small talk was pleasant but deep down I think we all wanted to get the night started. I know that I sure did.

Like always dinner was great and everyone was ready to start the night. We all helped with the dishes and had the kitchen cleaned in ten minutes. This also helped set the mood and put everyone at ease. I think women appreciate men helping clean things and not waiting around while the “wife” cleans things like a mad woman.

Once the kitchen was clean Pam took a deep breath, “Well thank you boys for your help!”

Joe went up and hugged Pam, “Dinner was great.”

I walked up behind them and hugged them both, “Yes dinner was delicious. Now, Pam I think we want you for dessert.”

Pam broke the hug first and started walking to our bedroom, “Why don’t you boys give me ten minutes and then come and join me.”

Joe and I looked at each other and said in sync, “Sure.”

Not sure who wanted to enjoy her charms more, Joe or me. We both were a little nervous and didn’t talk. Each minute lasted an hour as we waited for Pam to get ready. I’m sure that Pam went to the bathroom and freshened up. I could only imagine what she was thinking and feeling. After all she was about to be the center of attention for two very hungry men.

Finally after a very long wait the ten minutes were up. We made our way to the bedroom. I opened the door and found Pam waiting on the bed for us, nude. She lit some candles and our bedroom had a fresh scent with a nice romantic glimmer from the candles.

Pam smiled as we entered, “Why don’t you boys make yourselves comfortable.”

The contest was on, who could undress quicker! I was the first to remove all my clothes as there was no way I wanted to miss this. Joe was right behind me. We both moved up onto the bed to join Pam and we both were hard.

Pam reached out and pulled me on top of her naked body. We started to kiss while I could feel the bed move telling me that Joe was making himself comfortable. I knew that he was watching us kiss and waiting his turn with Pam. I’m sure that Pam was very excited knowing that after I was finished Joe would slip right in and do her hard.

My hard cock pressed into her thigh while I enjoyed kissing my wife. Her soft tongue entered my mouth and knew that she was aroused. Pam prefers to have my tongue in her mouth unless she’s very aroused. I worked my hand over to her breasts and felt her hard nipples against my finger tips.

Slowly Pam and I drifted into our own world. I’ve always enjoyed kissing Pam and touching her body. For me there is nothing more exciting than to discover how wet Pam is and wow, when I touched her pussy she was wet! Even though Joe was in bed with us that did not matter. We were sharing this experience together and I wanted to use Pam’s body and then watch Joe do my wife.

Guess most men do not understand how erotic it is watching your wife with another man. Since we have been together for so many years and experienced so many things together I’m very comfortable and confident in our marriage. Also, I knew that Pam loved me and I wanted to give my wife the world. I’m just happy that Pam has an open mind and wants to explore things together.

Why do some men find having a beautiful sexual wife a bad thing? Why can’t other men see the beauty of a woman enjoying herself?

I moved myself between Pam’s legs and slowly positioned myself to enter her. I felt the tip of my cock touch her wet lips. Oh when she’s this aroused her pussy feels like velvet. Oh how I love sliding my hard shaft into Pam to feel her pussy open and expand to take my stiff cock. Slowly I worked my cock into my loving wife, feeding our passion. I knew that Joe was watching and that excited me even more. I’m sure that Pam loved the fact that Joe was watching and eagerly awaiting his turn for her.

I pulled back and looked at my sexy wife, “Oh Pam I love you so much.”

“And I love you, thank you for allowing this.”

We started to kiss again and worked up a sexy rhythm of me thrusting my hard cock deep into my wife’s wet pussy. Slowly our passion built from me plunge my cock in and out of my wife. After a few minutes Pam started to become vocal. She was more than ready as the slut in her was finally released.

“That’s it give it to me fucking hard! Fuck me baby!”

Pam finally let go of her sexual side and I love it when this side of her comes out. No longer does she want romance. All she wants is hot hard sex and I knew that both Joe and I were ready to feed the beasts.

“Harder, fuck me harder.” Pam started to shout.

With Pam talking like that I knew the only thing she cared about was getting laid and enjoying her orgasms. This moment was about sex, pure and simple. My hot wife was way past the emotional part of sex all she cared about was getting off and I loved that. Pam wanted to cum, and I knew that she would at least one time tonight. I find it very erotic when a woman talks dirty. My hot wife needed to get laid, hard and fast.

I knew that Joe could feel me fucking my wife; I slammed my cock hard and deep into my wife causing the bed to shake violently. In a few minutes I knew that he would do the same. In a way very selfish each of us, using my wife for our own pleasure.

Pam moved her hands to my ass, she helped me fuck her. She wanted it bad and hard. I did my best to please her but knowing that Joe was waiting to get his hard cock in my wife, well I knew that I didn’t have to fight my orgasms. Once I came in her, Joe would slip his cock into my wife and do her till she came.

Oh the thought of watching him do her, I knew that I would get hard watching Joe do Pam. Pam better be ready for me after Joe was finished. The only thing that I did not know was would the first orgasm or third be better?

Even thought I was in Pam, I found it hard not to think about Joe doing her. Would Joe want to do Pam doggie style or would he want to be on top? How long would Joe last? Why was I thinking about Joe doing my wife, when I had my hard cock in Pam? What a freaking mental rush!

I trusted my cock into Pam, deep and as hard as I could. Pam was still taking dirty and getting dirtier by the minute.

“Come on give it to me,” she shouted.

“Give me that fucking hard cock of yours hard. Come on fuck me.” She demanded.

Pam was enjoying herself and I’m sure she was thinking about Joe doing her and to be honest I was fine with that. I’ve enjoyed watching Joe do Pam, but at the moment I had to think of something else. The mental imagine of Joe doing Pam would send me over the edge and I did not want to cum just yet. I wanted Joe to watch, watch me thrusting my hard cock deep into Pam. I wanted Joe to listen to Pam get close to reaching her orgasm and if I was lucky enough I wanted Pam to cum with my cock in her.

Even though I was fucking my wife, I knew that in a few minutes Joe was about to fuck her too. Wow, what an erotic thought. I did not dare look over as I knew he was hard. Joe was waiting his turn to be with my wife. More importantly my wife wanted him! Oh I felt my orgasm getting close, the thought that Joe would be on my wife was very erotic. Stop, I had to stop thinking about that but I knew that once he started doing Pam my cock would get hard. Did I want him to do her doggie style or have Pam on top?

Oh, fight it. Don’t think about that think about something else. Don’t, don’t cum must think about something else.

Then it was too late, there was no way to stop it. I felt the tip of my cock expand as the first stream of cum shot deep into my wife. Then a second stream shot into her warm pussy. Pam moaned knowing that I was cumming. I buried my head into her shoulder giving a few final thrust as my cum shot into her. I moaned, “Baby I love you” as the last steam filled her stuffed pussy.

Oh how I love filling Pam with my cum. After a moment I rolled off with my cock still semi hard. Joe didn’t waste any time and moved between her legs. When she gasped I knew that his cock was in her.

God I wanted to ask Joe how it felt slipping his thick cock into my wife after I came in her. Could he feel my cum? Was she tight? All I knew was that if I asked those questions Pam might become upset and there was no way that I wanted to upset her. All I wanted to do was wait for my turn and fuck my wife again while watching Joe abuse her pussy.

Joe did not try to kiss Pam, and I guess she really didn’t need that. All she wanted was a hard cock and all Joe needed was a pussy to cum in. Oh did I say that about my wife? Was my wife being used like some sex toy? Just the thought made my cock hard.

“Baby, you look so sexy.” Blurted from my mouth.

Why did I say that? Did she need to hear that? Joe was humping my wife, for his pleasure and did she really need to hear anything kinky? Hell, his cock was deep in her pussy and her pussy juice coated his cock.

On my own bed I watched Joe pumping his cock in and out of my wife. Did that upset me? No, in fact I enjoyed watching! Pam’s eyes were closed and I knew that she was relaxed and working on her own orgasm. Oh I just hoped that she could hold out till my cock was back in her. I wanted to feel her cum on my cock. Joe worked his cock hard and could tell that he was getting close. He started to grunt and that got Pam talking again.

“Come on my stud fuck my pussy. Give me that hard cock, come on lover deeper! Shove that cock deeper in me!”

I love hearing my wife talk dirty.

Pam grunted, “That’s it lover, fuck me harder. Come on baby give it to me, deeper. Come on fuck me harder!”

That was too much for Joe and he lost it. He grunted and gave one final thrust and with that last thrust he started to cum in my wife’s pussy. Joe did not move but kept his cock deep in Pam filling her pussy with his cum. Oh how I love that feeling when it’s me cumming in Pam.

He stayed on Pam for a few minutes and I’m sure that his cock was still in Pam. He laid on Pam for another two minutes, and then finally rolled off her. His cock semi hard and very wet. I guessed that the moisture was mostly from Pam. Pam started to get up and went to the bathroom. Part of me wished that she would have stayed on the bed, but Pam just took two large loads and I’m sure she wanted to freshen up.

When she returned, I moved behind her and bent her over the bed. My cock was hard and needed to be in her. I could feel how tight the skin was over my shaft. Pam submitted and bent forward; while she bent I positioned myself so that my cock would slip into her wet pussy.

Joe had rolled over and was now resting comfortable on his back. Pam was looking at him and I’m sure she smiled as my cock slipped into her. Joe’s hand slid down and he started to stroke his cock while watching us. Pam loves watching me jack off and I’m sure that she would enjoy watching Joe masturbate.

I reached out and grabbed a hand full of hair, pulling Pam up to me. She turned and I kissed her hard. I wanted to taste her lips, tongue and by having her arched to push my cock deeper into her pussy. After a few seconds I broke off the kiss.

“You want to cum in me again? Joe are you enjoying this? Tell me Joe do you enjoy watching Taylor fuck me? Does it make you want to fuck me? Come on Joe tell me do you want to fuck me again? Do you enjoy watching my stud husband taking me doggie style? Oh Joe if you only knew how good it feels taking him after you fucked me.”

I tried to block her out, if I didn’t I would blow my load quickly. I wanted her to feel me, wanted her to get there. I knew that she was close and could hear her voice change. When she talked her voice was much deeper and that told me she was getting close. All I could do was focus on each thrust, each time I pushed hard trying to get her closer. I wanted Pam to cum, wanted to feel her cum with my cock in her. Then after she came in wanted to flood her pussy with my cum.

In a voice that I’ve never heard before deep and sexy, “Oh you want to cum in me again, don’t you? Oh I can feel it. You want to cum in my pussy, come on baby give it to me. Filly my pussy with your cum? Oh yeah baby, I’m going to cum with your cock in me. Can you feel it, oh baby here it comes. I’m cumming!”

Her velvet pussy clamped down against my cock, with my last thrust she let go and started to tremble. I knew that she was cumming and could feel a release of moisture in her pussy. That sent me over the edge and I started to cum in her. Pam’s eyes were closed as I watched her. I’ve ever watched Pam cum before and this time was kind of strange as I was cuming in her.

Joe grunted and I could tell that he was coming too.

After a few moments I finished, and rolled off Pam. Her eyes were closed but she had a big grin on her face. I knew that she enjoyed tonight. It took Pam another three minutes to come back to earth. She reached for a towel and cleaned herself, then Joe. She turned and gave me a hug and kiss. Then she hugged and kissed Joe.

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