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Some times in life things just happen and this is one of those times. The events took about three weeks to unfold and play out. Let’s just say that these evens rocked my and my wife’s world. I asked my wife Pam to marry me on my twenty-first birthday, and we’ve created a great life together. And even after eighteen years together I still feel lucky to have her in my bed. However, over time things do become a little stale and I’ve been trying to spice things up a little. Guess like most men I’ve been talking about a threesome for years.

Luckily for me Pam has always been up for trying something new. We purchased our first toy for her last year and since than have added several ‘life’ like dildos and vibrators. I love watching Pam using her Cyberskin as it looks so real. She knows and teases me, and has started to talk dirty to me. Lately when using her new ten inch ‘life’ like toy she pretends she’s with another man. Oh how watching her sends me over the edge.

I’ve noticed something different about Pam when were with our friends. Not all our friends just this one guy. See every time that we see Joe, Pam can’t wait to have sex with me. It didn’t take me too long to realize that she has a little crush on him and decide to use that to my advantage. Not in a bad way but just to add a little spice in our marriage.

Last weekend we went out to dinner with some friends. The restaurant was perfect, food was great and I enjoyed a little show. You see this restaurant has a sensual almost erotic feeling with big booths were you feel like you’re in your own little world. Joe sat next to Pam and I’m sure that I caught his hand on her thigh more than once. Which I didn’t mind, it was only hard to hide my erection. Then when we finally arrived home, well let’s just say that Pam was on fire!

Pam moved over to me and started to snuggle. I could feel her arousal on my thigh as her panties were soaked.

I knew what she wanted but wanted for her to admit that she had the hots for Joe, “What’s got into you?”

Pam frowned, “Nothing, why does something have to be into me?”

“I’m not complaining, I love it! I just want to know so that we can do this again!” After eighteen years of marriage some times you need a spark. For the past years Pam has been enjoying my dirty talk about her and a young hung stud. I love watching Pam enjoying her dildo but wish that I was a guy instead of a toy.

It took some time for things to settle in her mind and to realize that I wasn’t jealous but aroused. Then again, I only lasted a minute when we made love. Once she relaxed and realize that I was not trying to get something or put something over her she became a wild animal in bed and begged to cum. With out thinking about it, I went down on her. Normally she would have stopped me but that night, she didn’t. After she came, well my cock came back to life. Pam pushed me on my back and rode me for all I was worth. Watching her ride me, well that is when I came up with my plan.

On Thursday I called Joe and asked him if he could come over after dinner on Friday. Course, he said yes and wanted to know what to bring. Oh how I wanted to tell him to bring a box of condoms but I said, “You know Pam how about some wine that she would enjoy.”

Needless to say that after I made those plans I became very nervous and my stomach hit the floor. What was I doing? Could this really happen? How would I feel watching Pam in the arms of another man? It seemed like forever but Friday finally arrived and I remember Pam kept on asking me if everything was okay. I reassured her that things couldn’t be better.

Right at nine the doorbell rang, and I knew it was Joe. I pretended that I was busy and asked her if she could get it, needless to say she was not happy with that as she was wearing her night shirt. Well her night shirt was one of my tee shirts. She told me that I was going to pay for this, which started a stir as I knew what was coming.

Pam flashed me her thong and then went to get the door and could hear how surprised she was to see him. They made small talk while walking over to the living room. It was easy to see that Pam was comfortable and a little aroused as her nipples were rock hard.

Joe handed me the bottle, which I immediate opened. While in the kitchen I grabbed three tumblers and returned to our guest. My goal was to get Pam a little buz there fore it would be easy to spice things up.

Joe was sitting at the end of the sofa and Pam was in the middle. We started to catch up on things and I kept on touching Pam as she loves attention. I nodded to Joe and he picked up on that, soon she had both of us casually touching her thigh, and arms. Her face responded turning flush and when she playfully hit Joe, she leaned over to him and that caused her tee shirt to rise, and there was a nice big wet spot. That was what I needed!

I knew that she was close and would agree to what ever I wanted, but just needed the key to the next step.

Pam stood up and announced last call, and that she was spent for the night. We finished our drinks and could tell that she was a little tipsy. We all stood up and I could tell that Joe had a hard on just like I did. Pam gave Joe a hung and thanked him for a fun night. While she hugged Joe, I pulled off my shorts and boxers. No point in trying to hide my erection. Pam didn’t notice at first when we kissed, but I didn’t let go, pulled her into me and kissed her hard. Surprisingly she responded and of course I didn’t want to break the kiss. I made sure that my hands lifted up her shirt up enough to expose her thong for Joe. When I knew that Pam’s body had taken over, I broke the kiss. She gave Joe another hug and thanked him.

“Pam, what kind of goodbye is that? Joe should get a good night kiss after all he did bring us a bottle of wine.”

Pam turned to me and squinted, not sure what I meant by that but when she saw that I was naked I think she figured it out. She walked over to Joe and waited for the kiss. Joe slowly moved in, their lips touched and I watched my wife kiss another man! I’m not sure who was more excited, because I was on fire. Pam jumped a little and I had to assume that Joe just slipped his tongue into my wife’s mouth.

After a couple of minutes Pam broke the kiss. Pam said that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I looked at Joe and told him that sounds great, so let’s go! She didn’t say no, but she didn’t say yes. As she walked to the bedroom, she lifted the tee shirt and pulled it over her head. That was the answer I wanted!

Joe turned to look at me as we both watched my wife enter the bedroom wearing only her thong. I waved for him to walk in first and we quickly followed her both of us undressing as we walked to join Pam in bed. Joe didn’t know that I knew that Pam wanted him. Well I’m sure that he had a clue after that last kiss. I sat on her left while Joe snuggled up to her right.

Pam surprised me when she reached out, for him. She pulled him on top of her. How can one describe watching something that hot? My loving wife was in bed with me and a friend, and just pulled that friend on top of her. She wanted him, I wanted this, and he wanted to do her!

Pam started to gasp as he slipped his cock in her. He was skilled and just moved his hips to enter her. I watched has her arms went around him; Joe started to slowly work his cock in and out of my wife.

Something changed in Pam, normally she was very quiet in bed but tonight she started to grunt and groan. “Oh baby, hope your not upset with me?”

I moved next to her and kissed her, Joe lifted his chest up which I’m sure gave him deeper penetration.

“He feels so good in me baby.”

Joe worked her legs up, then put his arms between her knee and calf, Pam just laid there gasping as he drilled her. From this position, all of his cock could access her and we all knew it. Pam looked so sexy and hot! It’s an amazing experience to watch your wife getting some.

Joe was getting close as he started to thrust his cock faster into my wife, he was really slamming down hard on her pushing her deep into the bed, which I’m sure that Pam appreciated. She was squealed and I hoped that Joe could hold out till she came. Pam moaned and groaned; her legs went flat on the bed and then started to cum. Her body tightened which caused Joe to grunt, one hard push, then slowly another! He started to cum! Joe came in my wife, he was supposed to pull out but he didn’t.

He laid on Pam for a couple of minutes his cock still in my wife and what seemed like an eternity Joe then rolled off Pam. Even thought it was night, I could see that his cock was wet. My wife arousal and his cum slicked his thick cock.

“Wow, that was hot! Not sure how to say it but wanted to thank you for taking me in your bed. It was strange at first but Pam you’re a very beautiful woman and a great lover.”

“Why thank you,” Pam smiled.

Joe didn’t’ look at me, only Pam. “I’m shocked that you wanted a threesome.”

“Well after eighteen years of marriage and having Steve talking about a hot threesome for the past five years I, well why not? I’m not getting any younger and still love sex.”

That was true I have been talking about swinging and other things. I’ve always wanted to watch Pam take some hung stud, not sure why but it’s a common fantasy of mine. Since we started to incorporate toys, Pam has a couple toys that she loves one of which is over eight inches long. She loves to have that dildo deep in her as I eat her out.

I felt comfortable in our marriage and knew that we could take lovers. Meaning that it would be hot to find another couple and spice things up every now and than, after all Pam had lovers before me so I’m was sure that she thought about other men.

I leaned over with out thinking and took Joe’s cock between my lips. It tasted like Pam but a little salty as I’m sure that was his cum. Joe didn’t move, but Pam gasped as I started to suck on Joe. His cock started to grow come alive in my mouth! I’m giving my wife’s lover a blowjob! I’ve never sucked a man, never touched a man, and never thought about giving head before but I just had to taste him.

Once hard, I could lick my way around his shaft and mushroom head.

I took control of the situation, “Joe, why don’t you rest on your back as I want to watch Pam ride you.”

Oh god, I watched the first inch of his cock slip into my wife. Her wet lips easily parted allowing Joe to push deeper into Pam. Slowly she took him, all of him, into her pussy. Once she had all of him, I moved up and kissed her hard on the lips. My tongue pushed deep into her mouth as I on fire. We kissed, like teenagers!

She broke the kiss, “Is this what you want baby?”

She smiled, “Yes, I love it!”

Joe grunted, “Steve, her pussy is so tight! It’s like a vice on my cock.”

He didn’t care that I was right there, he was proud of doing my wife in front of me. This is what I wanted though, to watch a guy doing my wife.

“Did you see his cock enter me Steve? Did you seeing Joe’s cock disappearing in my pussy? “

Why was she doing that to me? My cock was started to leak precum and oh how I wanted to cum. Pam knew what to say, talking like a slut was driving me wild with passion. I wanted her and watched her ride Joe. Lying down next to then, I watched my wife making love to Joe. His thick cock filled Pam which made her hot and by her grunting could tell she was in heaven.

“I love how he feels in me Steve.” She said as Joe started to play with her breasts.

I want to fuck him more Steve, are you okay with that?

What ever you want baby, he can fuck you when ever you want.”

“Yeah I want that, want his cock in me.” She started to ride him harder. My wife had her first lover and was making up for lost time. She thrashed up and down on him, his cock deep in her box.

I reached over and started to rub her clit and found it to be very wet. Pam was not kidding when she said she loved his cock! Being with Pam for a long time, I knew how she liked to be touched and as I started to rub her, her body responded.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum again, is that what you want? You want me to cum on Joe’s cock while you watch?”

“Yeah, cum for me baby!”

She did! Wow, its so sexy watching your wife getting close to reaching her orgasm. Sure she was on our friends cock but still, it was sexy.

“Oh baby I can feel it getting tight! You’re going to cum! Steve, your wife’s going to cum again on my cock! Hold it baby, I want to cum in you again, that’s it baby, keep on fucking my cock.”

Joe was talking dirty to my wife, and I loved it and she loved his hard cock.

With out warning Pam started to cum, watching her was an amazing experience. It was different for some strange reason. She looked so sexy on Joe, even though I couldn’t see Joe’s cock I knew he was buried deep in Pam. Once her orgasm passed she rolled off Joe and lied next to him. His cock was wet and still hard. Since I was a man, I knew he needed to be finished him off.

That was the first time I’ve ever seen another man’s hard cock. Have to say it looked kind of sexy seeing my wife’s juice coating it. When I went down on him I could taste my wife on his cock. Joe didn’t move or say a thing; he let me take his cock in my mouth. I licked my wife off of him, lying in my bed, next to a friend, and my wife next to him. Our friends cock was in my mouth and I just licked and sucked my wife off of his cock. Talk about a surreal moment. Pam was watching intently as I worked on Joe’s cock.

It’s a strange feeling, having a hard cock in my mouth. Using my tongue I swirled around the head as I worked him in and out of my moth. For his added pleasure I grabbed the base of his cock and started to masturbate him. As I did that Joe started to rock his hips, he started to breath heavier as he came closer to cuming.

With one grunt he forced his hips up, ramming his hard cock deep in my mouth forcing me to gag. Felt his cock expand and knew what was happening, and then I felt a hot shot against the back of my mouth. Joe filled my mouth with his cream. I looked up at Pam to see her licking her lips. Her look was not a jealous one, well maybe that I was working his cock over and she didn’t. Talk about a strange sensation to be sucking on a cock that was just in my wife.

We watched Joe grab his things and dress. On his way out he thanked us for a fun night and hope that we could do this again. Pam slept in my arms that night, and in the morning we made love.

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