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The wife’s story.

I still can’t believe we did this. It was an adventure, kind of risky, promising of a lot of fun. I guess I had better start at the true beginning. It all started several months ago when I met Jon online. We chatted a while and discovered that he lived not far from us. That got us to thinking about adding another party to our little circle. It took a while for the idea to fully form, but soon, we found ourselves inviting him to meet us at a motel in another town, strictly for the purpose of sex.

Now, keep in mind that we had never actually met him, just talked online, and these chats never got really hot, just kind of suggestive. The whole idea of meeting a virtual stranger for sex was so hot that just thinking about it would get me very wet. It took a while to set up, but finally, the timing was just right. He was to call us when he was on the way, and we would leave to set up the motel room. Mike had been chatting with Jon for a while, off and on, and they had come up with a little role play where Jon would pretend to be a plumber coming to fix the sink, and would ask me to turn on the water while he was lying down under the sink, and see where things would lead from there.

That morning, Mike called my phone a few times with suggestive voice mails, and that managed to get me going a little, but when he called and told me that Jon was on his way, a thrill ran through my body, and I felt my pussy begin to release moisture. After picking up Mike from work, I chose my outfit carefully, wearing my one good skirt, and a tight, slightly see through top, with my high heeled sandals, and a touch of red lipstick. He had seen pictures of me in that outfit, but the only picture I had of him wasn’t very clear, as it was a full body shot, not showing much detail of his face, so I wasn’t sure I would recognize him. We were to meet him at a fast food place, and let him know where the motel was, and what room we were in. Before we had even checked into the motel, he had called Mike, saying he was in town. I had already gotten a severe case of butterflies, a little nervous, and very excited about everything, and once again, when I heard that he was really there, my pussy reacted strongly. I guess, somewhere in the back of my mind, I expected it to turn out like a dream and dissolve, but it was real, and we headed for the restaurant after checking in. As soon as we walked in, I spotted him, watching me and grinning from ear to ear.

I’ll have to be honest, here, I’m not sure what I expected, but I wasn’t disappointed. He wasn’t exactly a “hunk”, but a very nice looking young man (looking much younger than his actual years), quite thin, with short, black hair, and a very trim beard and mustache. I have always liked some kind of facial hair on a man (most men, that is, some don’t look good in it, but most do), and was instantly attracted. We talked for a few minutes, getting acquainted, and then left in our separate cars to meet at the motel. Mike and I arrived first, as arraigned, then, a few minutes later, I heard Jon’s car pull up outside. I waited for his knock, and opened the door a crack, asking if I could help him. He replied with the expected line about needing to fix the sink, and I let him in. I led him across the room to the dressing area (with a conveniently open sink, no cabinetry to get in the way), and he settled on his back and began to fiddle with it. After a few seconds, he said he thought he had the problem fixed, and would I please turn on the water? I moved to the sink, and stood with my legs spread, leaning over him. I asked if he saw any other problems, and he turned his attention to what was under my skirt. I know he said something, but I immediately forgot his words as I felt his fingers trailing up my leg, softly, sending shivers through me and making me moan softly. When I looked down, he had a look on his face that I could hardly believe. It was a look of wonder, almost awe-struck, as he caressed my legs, ankles, and thighs, just brushing my pussy lips. My body began to tremble as he continued his attentions, coming up to caress my ass cheeks, and inner thighs, gently parting my pussy lips to lightly caress my clit. It took all of my concentration not to collapse right there, but I managed to stay on my feet.

I felt his head come up between my legs, and spread them wider to give better access, and then felt a gentle tongue on my pussy. My eyes rolled back and I felt my pussy give a small gush of moisture as he very thoroughly and gently licked over the lips and clit, while still caressing my thighs and ass. This went on for a few minutes before he finally pulled his head back, declaring that he hadn’t been told just how good I tasted.

With this comment, all three of us kind of dissolved into giggles. Mike had been busy with the camera during all of this, and as we moved to the bedroom area of the room, I reviewed the pictures he had taken. All of them were quite good, and Jon had a look, saying that it was incredible that a blind man had taken such good pictures.

Things kind of slowed down after that, for a while anyway. I sat on the bed, Jon sat in a chair and Mike just lounged against the wall, and we talked. I was still feeling a little shy (I have never liked being forward) and I think Jon was a little unsure just how to proceed. I’m not sure how long we sat there, just talking and sipping on drinks, but it seemed to be quite a while. I finally excused myself to use the restroom, and when I came out; Mike caught me and pulled my top off. We heard a sharp intake of breath from Jon, followed quickly by another. He was clearly pleased with what he saw. I sat down again, but this time, it didn’t take long for Mike to join me and finish undressing me. Jon took his cue from this, and left his chair to join me on the bed. He began by lightly caressing my body with his hands, then using his mouth, kissing and running his tongue over my skin.

My body began to react in the predictable manner, sort of, but this was more intense than ever before, besides with Mike. I could tell that he was very excited, but he was never hurried, continuing a slow, sensuous worship of my body. Gentle caresses, kisses and licks, occasionally sucking softly, from my neck, down my shoulder, nuzzling my armpit, inner elbow, skipping back to my breasts, sucking on the nipple, down my belly with his mouth, using his hands on my sides at the same time. Slowly working his way over my pussy lips, gently parting them to taste and suck lightly on my clit, moving on to my thighs and calves, and even lower, sucking ever so lightly on my toes before moving to the other leg for the same treatment. He never really concentrated on any one part, giving all equal time. Oh, wow, just sitting here, writing about it, my body quivers and my pussy leaks. It seemed like hours, then again, just a few minutes, as he reduced my mind and body to pure sensation. I haven’t yet figured out just what the signal was, but finally, and all too soon, he backed away from me and returned to his chair.

I was left to gather my wits about me, and return to the world again.

After this, things slowed down again. The only difference is that now I was nude, sitting on the bed, Jon clothed, sitting on the chair, and Mike moving around the room. Once again, we talked, getting better acquainted.

I know that it was sometime during this conversation that we began to realize that we had more than just sex in common. We began to really like his personality, and began to think that he would fit in with our friends.

But I had more on my mind than friendship. I really wanted more to happen; I mean we had come there for the purpose of getting my pussy fucked hard and long. Finally, I just bit the bullet and leaned forward, saying that he had made me feel really good, now just what could I do for him. I told him to remember that I was “The Toy” and for him to decide just how he wanted to use the toy. I think I blew his mind and I know I surprised Mike, hell, I surprised myself. He just kind of laughed softly and finally said he wanted to find out just how good my mouth really was. I said OK, and he began to remove his clothing.

Now, when I go down on Mike, I get some very good reactions, and George is always appreciative, but the response I got from Jon was extraordinary.

When I would glance up from my attentions, I would see that look of wonder again. He was vocal in a quiet sort of way, he wouldn’t have disturbed the neighbors, but I could hear just fine. After a few minutes, he got his hands involved, and began to explore my body as I explored his cock and balls. He would occasionally rise up to suck on my nipple, and at one point, I found myself sucking on his cock while he curled around to nibble on my ears. I was really on a roll, giving one of my best performances, egged on by his reactions, letting my hands explore his chest, occasionally letting my tongue and lips move up as well. All the while, Mike had the camera going again, taking picture after picture, and clearly enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying giving it. It was when I has kissed and licked my way up his belly and chest, that he reached down to finger my clit, and I asked if he wanted that. He said yes, as if I had asked a silly question, and I reached for the condoms. It almost got funny as I tried to quickly tear the package open, but I managed without too much trouble and rolled it down over his stiff cock. I moved up to my favorite position, and began my first ride of the day. With slow strokes, we moved together, and I could feel every inch deep inside my contracting pussy.

Now, when we had spoken on the computer, he had called himself an Energizer Bunny.

I really didn’t know what to make of this statement, and figured he was just stroking his own ego, but he quickly proved that he hadn’t been kidding. I don’t know how long I rode him, with our rhythm going from slow to fast, and back to slow again, and I, of course, began to orgasm immediately, with the waves continuing to wash over me again and again. I do know that most of the pictures that Mike took were of that position. After a while, I heard Mike suggest we change position, wanting him to do me doggy style, so we moved around. I was on my hands and knees, and he entered me from behind, pumping hard, making my tits swing, and hitting all new places inside me.

By now, I was really making some noise, and my body had been slick with sweat for a while. I thrust back at him with as much enthusiasm as he was thrusting in me, my orgasm still going strong. After a while of this, my legs and arms were quivering, and I collapsed flat on the bed. He seemed to be a little confused by this, until Mike told him to just continue from that position. This is another of my favorites, as it creates an extremely tight pussy to be fucked, and it didn’t take him long to get it right, fucking me hard. This was position number three, but he was far from finished, and Mike was clearly loving every minute. Again, after a few minutes, Mike suggested that Jon roll me over and do me missionary position, so he pulled out and I rolled over. This time, before he entered me, he went down with his mouth on my ultra sensitive pussy. I almost screamed with pleasure as he used his tongue on my clit, creaming yet again.

He didn’t stay there long before he rose up and once again I had his cock deep inside me.

I still wonder just where I found the flexibility to get my legs in the positions I found myself in. Mike has often tried to get my ankles over his shoulders, and it just hurt my hips too much, but I found myself in an almost perfect jackknife position as Jon pumped away at my pussy.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I began to wonder just what kind of machine he was, but I was still enjoying every thrust, every contraction, every thrill. My legs were moved into several positions, each one producing new sensations.

I had never been fucked this long before, and that little voice in the back of my mind was asking just how much of this I could take. Finally, Mike decided that he wanted a little action, and suggested that I mount Jon facing away from him and use my mouth on Mike’s cock. This was met with enthusiasm, but it took a few minutes to maneuver ourselves into this awkward position. Finally, everyone was in place, and I began to ride backwards as I sucked and swallowed on Mike. I didn’t really feel that I was doing my best job for either of them, but from the reactions I was getting, they were clearly enjoying it. I began to get into it myself, with Jon thrusting from behind, and Mike thrusting in my mouth, my pussy was really reacting. I soon found out just how excited Mike was by everything that had gone on, and he pulled out of my mouth to cum all over the floor.

I rode for another minute, slowing down, before pulling off of Jon, and collapsing again on the bed. It took several minutes for my mind to swim back to reality, and I realized that we all had a rather dazed look on our faces.

Well, that was the end of fun at the motel, but as I mentioned before, we had decided that Jon would really fit in with our group of friends, especially George, and we invited him to accompany us back to our town. We got dressed, and talked a little more, and he agreed to come back with us.

We called George to make sure it was ok, and George said sure, so we packed up and left the motel heading for home. All the way home, I was answering Mike’s questions about what had just happened. I once again found myself describing another man’s cock to my husband. Jon had given me a description of himself before we met him, and from his words, I had been afraid I would find a true pencil dick, but that wasn’t the case. He was just a little longer than Mike, but far from the one inch width he had described to me.

Without actually measuring him, I would guess more like four inches around, slightly thinner, but not disappointing at all. Mike told me that the fun for the day didn’t have to be over, and I was certainly ready for all the action I could find.

We arrived at George’s house, and settled around the picnic table to talk and eat some dinner. The talk soon turned suggestive, and it wasn’t long before I found myself wearing only my skirt, with George in possession of my shirt and Jon in possession of my panties. It was about then that I realized that there was going to be a problem. The pizzas we had ordered needed to be picked up, and I was the only one that could see to drive, knew where the place was and had not been drinking. I was also half nude. The guys teased me a little bit, but George gave me my shirt back, and Jon was asking just what I would do to get the panties back, when I simply announced that I didn’t need those, and walked out the door. I got back with the food, and we began to eat, and talk some more. I don’t really remember exactly what happened next, when I lost my shirt again, then my skirt, and ended up lying on the picnic table, but that’s where I found myself. This time, there were three men to please me, and I was in heaven. All three of them took turns eating my pussy, licking and sucking on my breasts, playing with my feet, and the rest of my body. Mike had been wanting to see and hear me kiss one of them, but I just hadn’t been comfortable with that, so when he told Jon to cover my mouth, I knew what he wanted. It took Jon a minute to figure it out, because he first used his hand, but Mike said something else, and next thing I knew, I was being kissed deeply by Jon, while Mike fingered my pussy to a screaming, squirting orgasm.

Now, I needed a cock in my pussy again. I asked which one was going upstairs with me first, and George spoke up. We went into the house and up the stairs, where George quickly undressed and laid down on the bed. I went to work on his cock, needing him to get hard for me so I could fuck him.

Sucking him in deep and swallowing hard against him, fondling his balls, bobbing up and down, I loved feeling him grow in my mouth. He didn’t just lay there, either; he was using his hands on my pussy, keeping it wet and ready. Soon, he was ready, and I climbed up for my third ride of the day.

Moving with deep slow strokes, up and down, my pussy clenching on him, feeling his cock stroking deep inside. A ride with George is never a short one, and this was no exception, my body slicked with sweat, and my breasts bouncing, it was wonderful as always. I had been hearing noises from the stairs the entire time and soon found out just what had been going on.

Mike and Jon were listening in, and when George finished, it didn’t take long for Jon to take his place.

Mike and I had decided that it would be ok for me to take Jon bare this time, so there wasn’t any messing around with the stupid condom package. I started out with another blow job, becoming extra aroused at his wonderful reactions once again. He was already rock hard when I started, so it didn’t take long before he was ready for more. We started out with my favorite position, riding (number four for the day), but as before, he ended up fucking me in several different positions before ending up with me on top once again. I have no idea how long we were at it, but it felt like quite a while (no complaints from me). Finally, he shuddered and slowed down, and it was Mike’s turn.

Mike had a little surprise for me. I thought he would be raring to go, but he told me that he would rather take me home and finish me off there, so he wasn’t upstairs with me for very long. We came down and I searched for my clothes, getting dressed enough to drive home. Jon was going to follow us to our place and crash on the couch, so we got in our cars and drove home.

We had to struggle with the couch to get it to fold out, but finally, everyone was settled for the night, and Mike and I were alone in our bedroom. Throughout the day, I had been seduced, fondled and fucked, and had loved every minute, but this was what I had been looking forward to the whole time. Mike seemed to be in the mood for seduction, and so was I. He made slow, sweet love to my entire body, and I returned with the same ardor, and soon, I was ready for the best. He wanted me to ride (again), so I climbed up and settled down on my favorite cock of all. We alternated between slow strokes and fast. I came several times before I felt him go off like a rocket deep inside me. It took a few more strokes to finish my orgasm before I collapsed on his chest, laying there for several minutes before rolling off to cuddle up and fall into a deep, satisfied sleep.

The next morning, I fixed a large breakfast for everyone, and we spent the day just relaxing at George’s place, swimming and getting to know everyone even better. Finally, Jon had to leave to get back in time to go to work.

We drove him to our place to pick up his car, and I knew that I couldn’t send him off with a simple handshake. I kissed him deeply, and could feel the reaction instantly. After a couple of more kisses, he finally said that if he didn’t go, he would never leave, so Mike and I walked him out to his car, and waved him off. He promised that he would be back sometime, and I look forward to seeing him again, but I still have the most wonderful man in the world, right here with me, and that makes me the luckiest woman in the entire world.

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