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There are moments in a man’s life that he can not forget and there are moments that he may not be proud of that he should forget. Then there are moments when those two events become the same thing and he will forever embrace it. I had my moment not long after Holly gave me a blowjob in my bedroom with her husband across the street.

My neighbor Holly and I had a couple of inappropriate experience in the last few weeks leading up to my next escapade and she had for some damn reason informed her Mormon friend and our neighbor about what had happened. Both women being Mormon, Nicole was able to sympathize with what Holly was going through mentally. She would be an embarrassment to her husband, her church and her family if word ever got out that she was sleeping around and they emotional pain was becoming too much for her to bear by herself.

Nicole it seems was fascinated by the situation. She lived down the street from Holly and on the opposite side of the street from me. She was married, church going and absolutely smoking hot. I found out that she was an interior designer when she worked, which wasn’t often. Her husband was in real estate and she had her degree in interior design but it was more or less a reason to get out of the house and not a career. I would see her come and go from time to time in her suburban dressed quite sexy. Most of the time when I would see her around the neighborhood park she was dressed down in sweats or something casual but when she went to church and to work she always looked her best. Nicole has long blonde hair and is around 5′ 2″ without heels. She has green eyes and an ass like she was sixteen. I went to high school with her husbands oldest brother so I would guess she is somewhere around 25 or 26 years old. She’s not much in the tit department but what she has is perky still. High heels and nylons are standard when she leaves the house without the kids.

You can imagine my horror when Holly told me that Nicole was aware of what had happened at my house between us. My first thought was “oh shit” but after evaluated things I knew that she could tell her friends secret anymore than Holly could. Quickly my horror changed to excitement when Holly informed me that Nicole didn’t believe that “I was that big down there”. Nicole had asked Holly if she could see it and Holly asked me if it would be ok. So after our last time together I told Holly to arrange a time that we three could be together alone. I got my wish two weeks later.

I was leaving for work one morning when Holly stopped my on her way to walk her kids to the bus stop. She told me that if I could arrange it that Nicole’s husband would be in court the following day at 1 PM and that both women’s kids would be in school or preschool at the time. All I had to do was come home from work and meet them at Nicole’s house. My wife would be working from 7 to 7 that day and my kids would be in school until 4PM so I promised them I would be there. I was so fucking excited that I had trouble sleeping the night before. Here were two married, Mormon neighbors that I was going to be showing them how big my dick was. That could only lead to some crazy shit I thought.

The next day I left work early and headed home. I figured that I would go to my house and grab another shower before going over to Nicole’s. If I walked over there and rang the doorbell nothing would appear to be going on and if her husband was home or the plan had changed I was going to make up a story about our dog getting out of the backyard. I jumped in the shower and when I got out I looked in the mirror in our mater bedroom. I have always had this thing about shaving my pubes so I was good to go there already. My dick hung there about 6 inches soft but just thinking about those two girls waiting over there it started to fattened up. I threw on some jeans, no underwear, and a t-shirt and headed across the street.

I knocked on Nicole’s door quite nervous by this time but was relieved when she opened it up with a smile. We had not really spoken more than a passing hello but she was nice and friendly when she invited me in. Nicole looked great. She was wearing a green sundress that made her eyes look beautiful and heels that made her ass stick out just right. Holly was cute but Nicole was down right sexy. Her husband had always appeared to be such a dork that I was almost speechless at how gorgeous she really was. We walked into the back of the house where her living room was where Holly was sitting on the couch. The house was clean and smelled great. I had a momentary pang of guilt. I don’t know if it was that I knew that she was about to dishonor herself or that I would be leaving here without her no matter what I did.

“I am glad you could make it.” Holly broke the silence.

“Well I was in the neighborhood.” I thought I was trying being cute to break the tension.

“Do you ladies still want to go through with it? If you don’t I can understand.” What the fuck was I saying?

“Holly feels really guilty about what has happened between you two, twice” she shot Holly a look of dissatisfaction, “but she tells me that she couldn’t help it because she had never seen someone as well equipped as you.” I sat there concerned that this may be going the wrong direction. “She should have never done those things with you but it is too late to take it back now. I have been curious ever since she told me what happened to see if she was right. At the same time if I share with her the burden of seeing your penis than she may be able to deal with the guilt better.”

I let what Nicole was saying rattle around in my head for a second and then asked her, “So you want to see my dick so Holly can say she wasn’t the only one to look at it?”

Nicole just nodded. I rose from where I had been sitting and started to walk over to the couch where both women had taken a seat. As I did I unbuttoned the top of my jeans and as I got to within a foot of the girls I unzipped them all the way.

“Nicole, how many penises have you seen?” I said.

“I have seen my husbands and I had premarital sex with a guy from high school.” She blurted out.

With that my dick was beginning to grow so I reached my hand inside my jeans and when I was standing directly in front of her I pulled my half hard cock out. It sprang out to about 4 inches in front of her face. She sat there staring at 9 inches of thick cock like someone who had just been slapped in the face unexpectedly.

“Have you seen a cock like this?” I said. “I am guessing this is the first time you have seen a dick like mine. You can touch it if you want to. Wrap your little hand around it.”

“I can’t,” she said hesitantly “I am married.”

I looked at both women sitting there. Holly was staring at my dick with so much interest that I took a couple steps to my left and placed my hand on the back of her head. I slowly pulled her head to my dick and as her mouth inched closer I stuck my cock right between her lips. She willingly swallowed the head of my dick between her beautiful lips. I could feel her tongue on the underside of my prick. I looked back at Nicole who looked surprised but excited.

“Don’t you like the way Holly looks with a big fat cock in her mouth?” I knew that all lines had been crossed and I was so turned on that I no longer cared if these women were my neighbors or not. “She loves this dick, don’t you Holly?” She tried to mumble yes but the word could not be made out.

Nicole looked up at me as Holly swallowed my engorged dick. “We shouldn’t be doing this, it’s sinful.” I pulled Holly’s hair away from the side of her face closest to Nicole so that she could get a better look at Holly’s mouthful of dick. “You have a wonderful looking penis Mr. Stone!” Nicole said as she watched Holly blow me.

I pulled my dick from Holly’s eager lips and stroked it between the two women. They both looked at each other and I could sense that their shame and their excitement. I worked my dick very slowly, exaggerating every stroke of my now 9 inch cock. My jeans were down at my ankles and my balls hung free. The tip of my dick glistened with a mixture of pre cum and saliva and Holly reached her head close and licked the piss hole.

I looked at Nicole who was so fucking hot right then. She was all mixed up and you could read it on her face. I step to the right directly in front of her and placed both hands gently on her hair and slowly thrust my pelvis towards her face as I pulled her head towards me. She watched my dick as it got closer and closer to her face until when it was a mere couple inches from her face she looked up and met my eyes. As the tip of my cock touched her sweet lips she opened her mouth and accepted my dick while never losing eye contact with me. She could only take a few inches in her mouth but her green eyes were making me crazy.

“You look beautiful with my dick in your mouth. Have you ever giving head before Nicole?” I asked.

She released my dick from her mouth and finally placed a well manicured, petite hand around my fat dick and said “you are the fist one I have ever done this for. You have such a nice dick that I wanted to taste it. I want to put it in my mouth some more if that’s ok.”

I told Holly to stand up and remove her shirt, which she did on command. I had by this time figured out that I could do anything I wanted to do with Holly but I wanted to take it slow so that I could get Nicole to go further. I suck on her tits while Nicole licked and sucked my dick. I was in heaven. I unbuttoned Holly’s jeans and asked her to slide her underwear down too. Neither women were wearing their under garments that is normal with the LDS church and I knew that they had planned on going at least this far. Holly had a neatly trimmed but still hairy pussy and as I reached down to slide my finger over her lips I could tell that she was very wet.

A then asked Nicole if she would stand up. She complied and I reached down under her sundress and worked my hands up her bare thighs. When I reached her hips I realized that this little hot bitch wasn’t wearing any panties under her dress. I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my jeans so that I was completely naked in front of my neighbors. I then forced Nicole over the arm of her sofa so that her ass was facing me and raised her dress above her hips exposing a completely shaved pussy. I started licking her cunt from behind, her asshole was exposed and it looked beautiful. Holly kneeled next to me and jerked my dick while I ate her friends’ pussy. Then the biggest shock I had so far happened when Holly pushed me aside and started licking Nicole hairless pussy.

I couldn’t help it now so I positioned my self behind Holly and slowly entered her dripping pussy. She was so wet that she was able to take me easier than I had expected. As I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy she continued to lap at Nicole’s pussy. I could hear both women moaning when Holly had an explosive orgasm. I could feel it on my dick and see it leaking out of her but I continued to fuck her with all I had. But my goal was to stick my dick in Nicole. So after a couple of minutes Holly I stopped and slowly removed my cock which seemed to disappoint her and I thought I would try to see how crazy turned on Nicole was. She still had her knees on the couch and was leaning over the arm while Holly ate her pussy so I walked around to her head and stuck my cum covered cock in her mouth. She looked up at me as sucked my dick and I pulled my dick from her mouth and knelt down so that I could stick my tongue in her mouth. She greedily accepted my tongue and we kissed until my lips felt numb.

I told Holly to lie on the couch and had Nicole stand on the other side of the couch arm. I then had Nicole lean over the arm so that she could return the favor that Holly had been doing for her. At first I didn’t think she would do it but as my dick parted her tight pussy lips from behind she dropped her head and licked Holly’s snatch. Nicole was taking my dick and I could see her pussy was stretched tight around my cock. Nicole looked so good being fucked from behind with her sundress thrown up on her back and her high heel shoes trying to grip the wood floor. I fucked her like that for maybe five minutes but I could feel my load building in my balls.

I asked both women to get on their knees in front of me. I love when a women blows me from her knees. I don’t know if it is a power thing or what but I love when a woman can get on her knees and be subservient to my big dick. They did as they were asked.

“I don’t want you to touch my dick but I want to cum on your faces, are you ok with that?” I told them as I stroked my dick; they looked at each other and nodded. “Good. Now tell me you love fucking me and you will think of my cock when you have sex with your husbands.”

“I love your dick.” Holly said. “I loved having sex with you.”

“I love your dick too.” Nicole said.

“I am not going to fuck either of you anymore if you can’t get nastier than that.” I told them both.

“I want you to cum on my face with your big, fat cock. I want to stroke that cock until it shoots sperm all over me. Face fuck me with your dick.” Nicole shocked me with her language but I was so turned on that I grabbed her by the back of the head and forced my dick in her mouth. She grabbed a hold of the shaft and started stroking it furiously until I pulled it out of her mouth and shot her with the first load of cum right above her lip. I aimed my dick at Holly and hit her on the left cheek with the second stream but hit her lips with the third. I turned back to Nicole and thrust my dick back at her face where she opened her mouth and took the fourth stream of cum in the back of her throat.

I was exhausted. I collapsed onto the couch and laid back. The women began dressing. I knew this is where everything becomes awkward and I fumbled for the right thing to say. Thank God that Nicole seemed to be the one person that had it together.

“This never happened. It was great and I will think about it forever but it didn’t happen and it can’t happen again. We are friends; we are neighbors and nothing more. Is everybody in agreement?” Nicole said with strong conviction.

I nodded ok but damn I thought I could run away with this woman. She was right though and we all knew it. To this day if I see either one I smile and wave but that’s all. I think about both of them all the time but I no longer act on it. My wife will comment on the way Nicole dresses sometime when we see her saying that she dresses like a Mormon whore or that she looks like a bad girl but she has no idea how bad she can really be.

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