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I thought what had happened between my neighbor Holly and I was going to be the end of my marriage at some point. My wife and I would see her with her kids playing in there yard as we passed by on the way home a good deal. There was always a wave but I had a fear that she would break down and tell either my wife or her husband thinking that she was doing the right thing. Time passed though with no further incidents or any great confessions so my fear eased and life went back to normal for me.

Six weeks after the handjob incident I was cleaning up around the house when there was a knock at the door. I went down stairs to see who was there but my daughter had beaten me to the door and said it was the neighbors. My heart damn near dropped out of my chest because when she said neighbors plural I expected Holly and her husband but instead was greeted by Holly and her kids.

“Sorry the girls were wondering if it would be alright if they played in your backyard for awhile. If you guys have stuff going on we can just do it another day.” She said smiling at her children.

I thought about making up some elaborate lie but my head wasn’t as sharp as it should have been so I stumbled out with, “Sure, we don’t have anything planned.”

I told my kids to take Holly’s into the backyard and let them play in the playhouse or jump on the trampoline but watch them very closely so nobody gets hurt. I asked Holly if she wanted to watch the kids inside or if she was going to go outside with them. She said that inside was fine and when the door shut behind the last kid she began to speak about the elephant in the room.

“I can quit thinking about you,” She said, “I lay in bed with my husband and think about making love to you. I think about doing things with you that I never even knew existed until you. I am confused and I don’t know what to do.”

I’m sure the look on my face told her I was shocked.

“I thought about telling someone, maybe someone at church but our religion isn’t like the Catholics, confession doesn’t always mean forgiveness. I could be excommunicated and divorced if the wrong person found out. The only one that I can trust to tell our secret to is Nicole from down the street.”

I almost shit. It was bad enough that I had done something sexual with my neighbor but now she was going to tell another neighbor what had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I thought the one thing that I had going for me in this deal was the fact that she would never say anything because of her shame and her religious background. Now another neighbor might know. Nicole lived down the street from Holly four houses down. Like holly she was also Mormon and married with three kids. If there was a difference between the two it was that Nicole was absolutely gorgeous. Holly was cute and athletic looking but not the kind of lady that got real “made up”. Holly was a t-shirt and jeans girl and Nicole was fashionable, thin and outright hot. She would wear those come fuck me high heeled sandals with the straps going up to her calves while she watched her kids play at the park. She was the kind of girl you wish you would have meet before you got married.

“Listen, I would not suggest telling anyone not even Nicole about what happened. I can not imagine that she or anyone else for that matter is going to be real understanding of the situation. Lets just keep it between us and nothing has to happen ever again.”

Holly had a troubled look in her eye, “the problem with that is I already told Nicole.”

Damn it was the only thing I could think of.

“She wants to see it” Holly said without hesitation.

“I can’t believe you told someone and especially our neighbor!” I was raising my voice now.

Holly looked great standing there in my living room with her Capri pants on and the smallest hint of cleavage sticking out from her yellow shirt. I wanted to throw her over the back of the couch and fuck her but shit had already gotten sideways and that would just make it worse. I contemplated my situation and decided fuck it. I wasn’t sure my wife would believe it if I even told her myself let alone her it in neighborhood gossip so I decided to roll with it.

“Fine, I will show it to her too. I don’t know what it is with you women but I need more time than when the kids are playing in the backyard. Can you try and set something up so that we can have more time because I don’t want somebody walking in on it?”

“I will see what I can do” she said as she opened the backdoor and yelled after her kids, “you girls be good I am going to look at how the Mr. Stone’s upstairs is decorated.”

She turned and asked if I would show her the upstairs and I quickly agreed. She led the way upstairs and when she reached the master bedroom she asked if I had any objection to showing her my bedroom. I told her no and opened the door. Holly stepped in and closed the door behind her and when I saw her turn the lock I knew this was going to be good.

“Tyler can I see your penis again?”

“You bet you can but you have to ask me the correct way. Tell me you what to see my big cock. I want to here it come out of those beautiful lips. Tell me that you have been thinking about my dick for a month.” I told Holly.

“I don’t like to say those words but you make me so hot when you say them.” She said.

“Say them or we are done here!”

She looked hurt and I knew I could do anything that I wanted with her. A knowledge that was dangerous for me to have.

“I have been thinking about you big cock every night. I lie awake hoping that my husband will touch me so I can imagine that it is you and your dick inside of me. I acted like I was sleeping last week when my husband was getting out of the shower and I saw his penis. You are bigger and thicker than soft than he was hard. I thought about when you had an orgasm in my hand and I am embarrassed to say it but I get wet. Please show me your dick again. I will put it in my mouth if you let me touch it again.” Holly looked like she was going to burst with embarrassment and lust as those words left her lips. I was mesmerized at how much in control I had become.

“You want my cock you come over here and get it” I told her. She stepped over to me and unbuttoned my shorts and then slowly pulled the zipper down. My dick was already poking through the hole in the front of my boxer as she grabbed it with more authority than I had expected. She stroked it with one hand at first as she stared at my prick just to make sure it was still there. When are eyes met and I could see the passion in her crystal blue eyes, I did what my mind said to do and I kissed her fully on the mouth. I felt her tongue gently in my mouth and as I caressed her large breasts the intensity of her kiss became greater. She began stroking my cock with both hands and I was so hard and excited I was afraid I was going to come too fast. I stopped her caught her gaze again.

“Come sit over here” I pointed at the window seat that had the blinds been open faced right out to Holly’s house. “I guess you have never given head before have you?” she shook her head even though I knew the answer. “Put my dick in your mouth and suck it. Use your tongue too and stroke it while you do it.” She opened her mouth and accepted my engorged dick. Holly struggled at first to get much past the head of my dick but I could feel her tongue working the slit on my dickhead.

I watched her head boob up and down on my dick and I could tell that it would take longer for me to come because of the sheer nature of who was doing it and what she was doing. I was trying not to cum but here was my hot little Mormon neighbor sitting on the widow seat in my bedroom giving me a blowjob. I heard something that sounded like a car pull up in front of my house and thought my wife came home early. I flipped one blind up and looked in the driveway. It wasn’t my wife but Holly’s husband had come home across the street and was getting his briefcase out of the car.

I said, “Oh shit your husband just got home. Is he going to be looking for you?”

She took my dick out of her mouth and peeked through a blind also. “Not yet but he will soon start wondering where we are at. Maybe I should go.”

“Yeah but you can’t leave me like this. I need to cum. pull your tits out of your sports bra and suck my cock. Tell me you love my dick.”

Holly lifted her shirt and sports bra and let her tits hand down. She had three children so they were not longer firm but still large and I thought real nice. “I love sucking on your cock. I wish I could make love to your dick. I want you to cum in my mouth!”

That was the magic word because as soon as she stuck my cock back in her mouth I exploded. I shoot cum into the back of her throat with such force that she gag for just a second but continued suck me until it became to sensitive for me to take. I pulled my dick from her lips with a barely audible pop sound and stuck it back in my boxers. Holly pulled her shirt down to cover her breast and stood there looking at me and I couldn’t help myself again so I started to kiss her deeply. I could taste my own cum a little bit but I was too turned on to care. My neighbor had just finished sucking my dick while I watched her husband walk inside there house.

We walked down stairs and after Holly had gathered up her kids I told her to set something up but again I reminded her we need more time.

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