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This story that you are about to read is true and though shameful it was amazing.

My wife and I moved to a new neighborhood recently with our two kids. Our new house was fairly close to our old one and in fact the children did not need to switch schools. The house was quite an upgrade from the previous one as was the neighborhood. We now live in a predominately Mormon neighborhood where most of the families are well off. We do not practice the Mormon faith but I have always been a believer of to each his own so it never has bothered me. They are excellent neighbors and very quite. Also on Sunday’s it is like they roll up the sidewalks because nobody is around except the occasional car passing to and from church. The women of the church come in two very distinct styles: overweight and homely or outright beautiful. I guess it depends on how much your ancestors practiced polygamy.

Our street had a little bit of both categories of women on it. But there were two ladies that always caught my eye. One’s name was Holly and the other was Nicole. Holly lived across the street from us and was married with three kids and Nicole lived down the street about three houses down and was married with three kids. I would see them at the park from time to time and say hello or they would pass as they rode with children on bike through the neighborhood. Their husbands kept to themselves and an occasional wave while they did their lawn seemed like all that they could muster.

One day while I was out front with the kids Holly came over and said that her kids had told her that we had gotten a new playhouse and that they would like to see it. I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of showing them the house and standing in the backyard while they played. I agreed to show them the entire house and told my kids to come inside and show the neighbors the playhouse. My wife wasn’t home to deflect the small talk so I was hoping that her kids would bore quickly and I could get back to doing what I needed to do. So through the house and into the backyard went the four kids. They played for a while and when Holly told them it was time to leave they whined that they wanted to stay. She never even asked me but told them we can stay about a half hour before your father gets home.

Being it was quite warm that day Holly and I went back inside to watch from the windows. I was pointing out some of the decorations that my wife had put up and why she painted the rooms the way she had while we stood by the window. Just when I was trying to explain that the wall color was chosen because of the color in a certain painting she turned quickly to glance at the back wall. When Holly did that she grazed my penis with the back of her hand and since I was wearing nylon basketball shorts and boxer she got a pretty good feel for my dick.

“I’m sorry!” she said embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it.” I was trying to play it cool.

“I didn’t scrape you leg with my ring did I?”

I was trying to register this all fast and I was also thinking I could end the play dates with the new playhouse pretty damn quick if I played the next sentence right.

“My leg is fine but you might have scratched my dick with that thing.” I said as I pointed to the ring on her finger knowing I had just said dick in front of a Mormon girl.

“I am sorry Mr. Stone but I did not hit you there,” pointing to my dick, “I hit your leg.” “No you didn’t, trust me on that but I will be fine,” I said as I readjustment my dick in my shorts. She must have caught a good outline of its size when I did that because the expression on her face was almost funny.

“Oh my goodness is that real?”

“Yeah,” I had to hold back a chuckle. “All mine.”

“I am embarrassed asking but how big is it? I have never actually seen one and we don’t talk about anywhere with anyone. And I am sorry to offend you. Forget I asked.” She now looked confused and excited all at the same time.

“You haven’t offended me but what do you mean you haven’t seen one. You have three children. At some point you must have seen one.” I asked.

“My husband and I only have sex when we are trying to produce so I do not ever see him naked or any other men for that matter. Our lovemaking doesn’t last long but I don’t think he is as big as you because I think that would hurt more.” Holly confessed.

I won’t lie all this talk about sex and my dick was starting to get to me and I could feel the blood flowing to my dick. I had figured she had way crossed her boundaries long ago so I thought I would see how far I could get them to stretch.

“Would you like to see it?” I asked her gently so I would not sound too aggressive.

“Oh that would not be a good idea at all. You are married and we are neighbors and I wouldn’t want you to cheat on your wife.” came out quickly but not confidently.

“Look at it this way, I won’t be cheating and it would be more like education than anything else. Nothing you wouldn’t learn if you were in nursing school.” I tried smoothing it over.

Holly gave it a couple of seconds and then looked down and the bulge outline in my shorts, “okay but purely as education and nobody can know about it.”

With that I turned away from the window and positioned myself so that with the sun shades and the angle I was standing at the only person that could see me was Holly and no one outside could see or hear anything. I looked at her and could tell there was excitement as well as doubt and thought she would stop this at any second. She was attractive as hell right then. She had the look of a school girl but the maturity of a mother. Her blonde hair was cut shorter than she probably has ever worn it before and her jeans fit her athletic ass and legs just right. Her tits were small but what one would expect on an athlete and they looked to be firm still through her t-shirt. Her blue eyes stared out at me and the looked down to my crotch with anticipation. I thought to myself what hell, it’s not like she’s going tell your wife.

I hooked the thumb of my left hand inside of my shorts and grabbed my boxers at the same time. I was trying to go for a dramatic look because here was this hot 28 year old Mormon milf that had never seen a dick before and I was going to show her a whopper. I reached into my shorts with my left hand and flopped out 6 inches of thick half hard dick. I though she was going to faint. She let out a high pitched cross between a yelp and a sigh then smiled and looked me in the eye.

“It’s big but it looks a little soft.” she said.

“Are you disappointed?”

“No but my husbands thing is always hard when we have sex.”

“My cock gets hard when I am having sex too but we aren’t having sex right now.” I informed Holly.

“Mr. Stone I would prefer that you don’t use those words around me they are inappropriate.”

“Sorry but when I stroke my cock back and forth like this,” I began to slowly jerk my dick in my hand and could feel the blood flowing, “it will get hard and reach its full potential. I also like to talk a little nastier when I have my big dick in my hand.”

“It is getting bigger and it looks hard.” She stammered a little but now not taking her eye off me stroking my dick.

“Tell me how big and hard my cock looks! That will get me hard for sure.”

“I can’t say that but how long is it?”

“Nine inches. Tell me about my cock!” I almost begged.

“It’s so long and hard,” she looked up at me and with lust said “you’re cock is so big and hard!”

I couldn’t believe it. My goody two shoes, church going, holier than thou neighbor was telling me how big my cock was. Up to this point I thought I would just play a game with her but all of a sudden the stakes had changed and I wanted to fuck her. I knew that wasn’t going to happen because the kids were in the back yard and her husband was coming home and she was my neighbor but something might happen. We had come this far so I thought lets see where her line is anyways.

“Do you want to touch it?”

She looked back down and as if mesmerized said,” yes, yes I do. I can’t though it would be cheating.”

I figured that was coming so I told her the quickest think I could.

“No it won’t it will help you please your husband. It’s just educational remember.”

She reached her hand out and touched another mans penis for the first time. She stepped closer to me and quietly uttered, “You are so big and hard are you close to orgasm?”

“No but stroke my dick back and forth like you are and I will cum soon. Do you want to see me cum?” I asked.

“I have never seen it happen before. I felt it but never seen it. You can do it if I keep stroking it?”

“Yes stroke my cock just like that and I will talk dirty to you until I cum.” I told her and did not wait for her to give me permission. “Play with my dick and make me cum all over your hand. You like the way that big dick feels in your hand don’t you? I know you do I can tell that your tits are hard and that you are turned on. Are you wondering what would my dick taste like in your mouth or could you take me in your pussy? Yeah you feel how hard my dick is getting I can feel the cum building”

“Do you want to suck my dick? Do you?” I asked Holly.

“Yes but I can’t. Not now. Oh you are so big. I want to taste your penis” she mouthed.

“My cock! Say I want to suck your cock!” I demanded.

“I want to suck your cock. I can’t. I’m married.”

“Tell me what you would do then if you could.”

She looked and me with those blue eyes and said, “I would drop to my knees and let you put your dick in my mouth. I would lick it and suck and stroke it. It’s so big and I would do whatever to please you.” With that I grabbed her tit and began massaging it. I think that threw her over the top into orgasm because she threw her head back in ecstasy as I played with her tits. “I love you big cock!”

I grabbed her by the hair because I too had gone past my point of no return and said “Watch me cum. Next time I want your lips on my cock when I do this.” With that I shot my load three feet across the room. I had three or four good shots of come before it trickled down her hand. Without warning Holly bend down and licked the tip of my dick, cum and all. I almost had a heart attack. I placed my still raging hard dick in my shorts as she asked where the bathroom was. I did the best I could to clean up the mess and straighten my self up when she returned from the bathroom and went to the front room to look out the window. Her husband’s car now sat in the driveway. She went to the back door and yelled to her kids that their dad was home and that they had to go. She shut the door and turned to me.

“This can’t go anywhere. No one can know. If you can agree to that I will do something for you next time.” She said as if I would screw up what just happened. “I have made a mistake but I need your dick. God forgive me.”

Her kids came running in the house just then and asked if they could come over again and play in the playhouse. “As long as Mr. Stone doesn’t mind I would love to come back over.”

I looked at the great piece of ass and said “you are welcome to my playhouse anytime you want it.”

With that she turned and walked out through the front door and I said to myself I love this neighborhood.

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