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One of my younger cousin’s tuition teachers, Sandhya, is a Bengali in her late twenties. Only a Bengali woman can look as beautiful as she looks in a sari, with her nice body, big boobs, and lovely wide ass. She used to come to our house to teach my cousin.

Whenever she came to our house I always peeped at her cleavage. The sight of her boobs rising and falling as she breathes makes me crazy even now. I wanted to fuck her and I was looking for an appropriate opportunity to fuck her. Finally, I forced her into having a physical relationship with me. I took advantage of her financial situation. She had a lot of financial problems and hence she would occasionally borrow some money from my mother and returned them at appropriate time.

It was the month of December last year and I noticed that whenever she came to teach my cousin, she looked like she was in a lot of tension.

Finally one day I asked, “What’s the matter Sandhya? I have noticed that for the last couple of weeks you are looking a lot worried. Are you again facing financial problems?”

Hearing this she replied hesitantly, “Yes Varun, I am facing some financial problems again, but this time I am in deep trouble. My husband has run into a debt of over fifty thousand rupees and I do not know how to arrange for this money. My husband has got twenty thousand but I still require another thirty thousand.”

I replied, “Why don’t you borrow it from my mom? She will readily help you”

Hearing this she said, “Oh no Varun. I have already taken a lot of money from her and I do not want to ask for any more. But I do not know how will I erase this debt. I am ready to do anything to get out of this trouble.”

Her reply aroused evil thoughts in my mind. I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for me to exploit her weakness.

Going closer to her I said, “Well Sandhya, I can arrange this amount for you privately without any one knowing it. But you have to do something for me.”

She was elated to hear my reply and she asked, “What can I do for you Varun?”.

Moving my hands round her shoulders I said, “Well Sandhya I just want to experience your body. If you will oblige me?”

Hearing me say this she was dumbstruck, but then she said, “It is impossible Varun. How can you even think of such a thing? Although I am in need of money but this does not mean I will sacrifice my purity for it. You can forget it. I prefer to remain in debt.”

I didn’t lose my nerve and replied, “Well Sandhya, the choice is yours. You are in need of money and I can give you that, and all I want is a few nights with you on the same bed. No one will ever know about it and your problem will also be solved. It would not be wise on your part to reject my offer.”

Hearing my reply, she looked at me with pleading and helpless eyes. I knew that the ice was melting and was going to accept my offer.

Then she said, “Alright Varun. I am ready to sleep with you but it must remain secret all through our lives. When will I have to do that? When will you give me the money?”

I said, “Tonight my family is going away to attend a marriage party outside Bangalore. I will be alone in my house for the next two days. You can come today evening itself and I will let you go the next evening with five thousand rupees.”

She said, “Alright Varun I will be here by eight in the evening. I will make some excuse in my house and stay with you for the next twenty-four hours. In that period you can do anything with my body. I won’t stop you.”

Saying this she went out. I was elated.

Finally the moment was about to come for me. It was six o’clock and I eagerly waited for the clock to reach eight. Sandhya arrived exactly at eight. I smiled seeing her and then closed the door.

She asked me, “When shall we start Varun?”

I said, “There’s no hurry Sandhya. Let us watch television for the time being and I will let you know.”

She was looking damn sexy in a light yellow sari and a white blouse through which I could see her bra.

As we were watching television I said, “Why don’t you go and have a bath Sandhya? It will be better if you freshen up. And don’t forget to shave your armpits and the hair on your body while bathing.”

She quickly went in and had a bath. After an hour she came back in the living room, completely fresh and wearing a white chiffon sari with a sleeveless black blouse.

She said, “I am ready Varun.”

I saw her and switched off the television and we went into the bedroom along with her. I quickly stripped off my clothes and underwear. My dick was standing and it was itching to enter Sandhya’s cunt, then grabbing her by her waist, I kissed her lips. Initially there was no response from her lips but then after five minutes of repeated contact, her lips responded. Then I removed her sari, now she stood only in a blouse and petticoat in front of me.

She didn’t utter a word all this while and it seemed she wasn’t enjoying that so I said, “Come on Sandhya. Why are you not reciprocating? Let’s enjoy ourselves now. I suggest you forget everything else for the time being and look on me as your husband. I am sure you will love every moment of it.”

Then holding her boobs gently in my hands, I kissed her cleavage.

She moaned, “Oh Varun.”

She was getting a little aroused now. I removed her blouse and now she stood only in a black lacy bra and petticoat. This aroused me a lot. I threw her on the bed and then placing my body on her I started to kiss her face and neck. Her breath was becoming heavier and it seemed as if she was also enjoying it now. Then I quickly removed her petticoat and started to kiss her lovely legs. Removing her bra, I bit her nipple and she moaned a little and that very moment my hand entered her panties. I reached her pussy; it was clean-shaven and it was hot by now.

I fingered for a while, as I knew that it was going to be easy to fuck my sexy Sandhya. Now I received signals from her. She immediately removed her panties and held me tightly while I pressed her lovely boobs, then I kissed her lovely body from all possible angles. She was burning hot with sweat and enjoying every moment of it. Finally spreading her legs, I thrust my penis into her cunt.

I went in quite easily and she screamed “Varun slowly. It’s hurting me.”

She tightened her legs around my hip and I slowly inserted my nine inch cock completely, then I moved my cock up and down. This continued for a while then I turned her around. I wanted to fuck her doggy style; I tried to insert my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was still tight but I could enter my cock to some extent. I started fucking her and showed her how to move to get the maximum pain and pleasure in fucking. And once I was in I rammed her pussy.

She was yelling in pain, “Oh Varun enough, please enough; I can’t take it any more.”

Nevertheless I continued to fuck her till I emptied my semen in her cunt. After about half an hour of fucking, I felt exhausted so I rested on her naked body. She was also exhausted and breathing heavily. I asked her to clean my cock in her mouth. She licked me clean.

After some time regaining some of my strength I started to fuck her lovely body once again. This continued for the next four hours and I experienced my Sandhya’s body to the fullest. We fell asleep naked at about three in the morning.

Next morning I woke up and found Sandhya combing her hair. She had taken a bath was looking sexy in a dark blue sari.

She looked at me and said, “I hope you enjoyed me last night Varun. Although I didn’t utter a single word the whole night I was enjoying every bit of it. The next time you fuck me, I will make your experience real fun. You will be shocked to find how horny I can be. For the moment, get up and have a bath, I am preparing some breakfast for you and after that it’s fun time, boy.”

Well the whole afternoon we spent in the bed, fucking each other vehemently, exploring utmost limit of sexual love. Sandhya fucked me from numerous new positions and I liked them all. We fucked each other until we were both too exhausted to move.

At about five Sandhya got up and said, “Now let me go Varun. It’s time for me to go. Give me the money. I hope to earn the rest of the money and continue our relationship in the future as well but for the time being let me go away.”

I handed over five thousand rupees to her. From that day onwards we have regularly had sex. Whenever Sandhya’s husband is away she calls me and we two have fun.

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