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Chapter 1

I know that by telling my story, well a lot of people will hate me. I’m okay with that. What you are about to read is my life (well parts of it). My story started a couple of years ago when Steve my husband of twenty years had his fantasy come true. Steve had been asking me to sleep with other men and well finally after years of him betting I finally did it. What shocked me was how much I enjoyed it.

For the first twenty years of my marriage sex really wasn’t that important to me, until that night when I slept with my husband’s friend. This man rocked my world! Not only was the foreplay amazing he was hung. He brought the woman out in me three times that first night. Over the next several chapters I’ll share sexy details with you.

Even though I’m forty I feel sexier than ever. I’m taller than most women, and mostly legs. Sure my girl friends say that they are jealous but I took a mental beating growing up. Since I was a tom boy the guys were kind of mean to me, yeah they loved to include me when they played sports but they also teased me for my long legs.

Life most “wives”, well I allowed for life to take control over my life. Between raising the kids and making sure the home life is perfect life just gets away from us. Over the years I gained a few pounds. The worse part was that I failed to notice Steve’s drinking. Maybe part of me knew that we had drifted so my mind shut down to the fact that he was drinking way too much.

Ten years ago Steve would bring up the idea of a threesome but there was no way I would bit when he talked about that. I feared that if I would say yes than he would punish me in some type of way. Now, I did notice when Steve would talk about watching a guy do me Steve would cum in less than three minutes.

Then a few years ago Steve tried to spice things up a little but the way he went about it was all wrong. He would purchase me kinky lingerie and sexy toys. Sure vibrators are fun but I would prefer foreplay than a dildo. I was never comfortable when Steve wanted to use a life like cock or anything over eight inches. Due to Steve’s history I always felt that I was walking on egg shells with him and that if I enjoyed the toy too much Steve would accuse me of having a lover. After a while Steve seemed to lose interest; then five years ago our sex life came to a halt and when we did have sex it was Steve eating me out while he used a dildo.

Now you know that Steve was a very jealous man and when he started to talk about having a threesome I was like yeah right. At first I felt like he was trying to set me up. Over the years he wore me down and over the years the idea fermented in my mind. One thing that shocked me was the fact that Steve was never jealous of his friend Jerry. Steve would encourage Jerry to flirt with me, grab my ass, and even play with my breasts. In the past, Steve would get into a fight if a guy looked at me and now he was openly encouraging his friend to do me.

One thing that I never told Steve was how sexy our wrestling matches had become. Steve loved to watch Jerry and I wrestle and every time that Jerry came over I made sure to wear thin cotton shorts, no bra, and my sexiest thong. Once things heated up I could feel how hung Jerry was and he did not seem to mind pushing me around the floor and pushing his impressing cock into me. I think both Jerry and I were testing the waters with Steve. If Steve would have shouted for us to wrestle naked we would have.

I have to say that I loved the attention that Jerry gave me. Jerry was more romantic and tender but had a strong presence around him. Jerry was mysterious and for a lack of better term “still waters run deep.”

With Jerry Steve would encourage him to grope me, well let’s just say that I really enjoyed Jerry flirting with me. The first time Jerry flirted with me I was a little apprehensive due to Steve’s jealousy but Jerry melted down all my resistance.

Well this is how my affair started. Well maybe affair is too strong of a word. Steve has a friend that I found sexy and he loved to flirt. Steve met Jerry a year before I slept with him. Jerry was confident and knew how to turn me on. At first I did not realize the effect he had on me but when he would leave at night I would masturbate while Steve slept next to me.

I’m sure that some women would understand the contrast between the men in my life. In fact my men were completely different. Steve had rough hands and was rough in bed and sex wasn’t that much enjoyable. When Steve would drink too much he would try to have sex but was unable to get a hard on. Secondly his idea of foreplay was telling me “let’s do it.” While Jerry had firm hands and he enjoyed teasing me so much so that I came once just from him teasing me. Jerry had the ability to read my mood and give me what I wanted and if he wanted something more he would help get me there. Not sure how to explain what he had over me.

After Jerry entered my life, well he talked encouraged me to joining a gym. At the time money wasn’t an issue and when I joined the gym I found a person trainer to help me. Within six months I had the body that I’ve always wanted. After a year, well I was a sexy hottie.

Even my daughter started to make comments and one day after shopping with her, well I changed. No longer did I wear bikini panties, only thongs. After all with most panties they always end up in your ass so why not wear a thong? Before I joined the gym I would never wear a dress to work. Things changed and all I would wear was skirts to work. I’m sure that you get the idea of all the influence happening in my mind. For the first time in my life I felt like a sexy woman. The more things that happened the stronger my sexuality took over. An example is when we went to the beach. I love the water and looked forward to baking in the sun. However, while bikini shopping I noticed that, well I needed to take a matter into my hand. I had planned on doing a little trim but by the end my pussy was clean shaven! I never knew how erotic it was having my pussy shaved. I loved how it felt, so clean and sexy.

Jerry talked me into wearing a skirt and well, I liked it. Then one day Jerry planned a party and took me shopping. He helped me find the perfect dress which leads me to the first time things heated up between us. The store was kind of empty and the store clerk encourages Jerry to bring several dresses to me. Well once I had three dresses that I wanted to try on, Jerry did not leave the dressing room. I’m not sure if he wanted to watch me more, or if I needed him to watch me? Anyway as he sat there I started to undress and watched him watch me undress. Oh my body was on fire knowing that he could see me. All I wanted to do was arouse him. The first dress was back less so when I removed my clothes, I removed my bra. This was the first time that Jerry had seen my breasts.

This was the first time in over twenty years that a man has seen me almost nude. Talk about a rush of emotions. All I could think about was how Steve would encourage Jerry to grab my breasts and how Steve wanted to watch Jerry and me wrestle.

From the bulge in his pants I knew that Jerry was enjoying his view. Course I had an idea as to his impressive size from wrestling. Even though I was almost fully nude standing there I never felt uncomfortable.

Once I had selected the clothes that I liked Jerry took me to a lingerie store. There I had purchased several sheer bras, new thongs, stockings, and some killer pumps. This was a first for me; I’ve never worn stockings before and use to hate having to dress up as a girl. Now, my husband’s friend was picking out lingerie for me and I wanted him to see me in it!

My panties were soaked and I’m sure some of my arousal was running down my thighs. The last dress was a sexy little sundress. I loved how the dress hugged and showed of my curves. I tried to remove the dress but Jerry stopped me.

Jerry looked up at me, “Please you have to wear this home.”

Right at that moment Steve called and told me that he was making dinner for us. Then the shocker came, Steve told me that the kids were spending the night at friends. Not once did Steve talk about sex but all I could think about was sex. I asked Jerry if he would join us for dinner which he accepted our offer. Jerry then paid for all the clothes, much to my objection and of course I promised him that he would have to allow Steve to pay him back.

On the drive home, I became a little nervous. Was this really about to happen? How would Steve react if Jerry fucked me? More importantly how would Steve react the day after my first lover? I had to focus and stop thinking. Needless to say on the drive home I was a wreck. The drive home seemed to last hours but I’m sure it was only minutes.

Once home Steve greeted us at the door, giving me a warm hug and Jerry a bear hug. Steve had taken care of dinner and spent all day making sure that every thing was perfect. I was in complete shock, walking into our house seeing dinner on the table. Steve helped Jerry take the bags to my bedroom and then Steve started to pour us wine. I had no idea that Steve knew what a decanter was.

Well we sat down at the dinner table and enjoyed Steve’s feast. The conversation was light and every now and then Steve would try to take the conversation sexual. I knew what Steve wanted. As I’m sure that you can assume this night was the first time we fooled around. After dinner I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Jerry came in. He was behind me and asked for some water. We talked a little and I enjoyed having him look at me.

I asked Jerry, “Where is Steve?”

He smiled, “He wanted to give us some alone time.”

I felt his hand on my sundress; slowly he slipped my dress over my shoulders allowing my dress to fall to the floor. Next was my thong. Now I was totally nude in my kitchen with my husband’s best friend touching me all the while having no idea where my husband was.

With out looking at him I asked, “What about Steve?”

“He wants us to join him in your bedroom when you’re ready.”

I felt his hand move down my body till his fingers slipped under my wet thong. “Pam, I love how you feel and love the fact that your panties are soaked.”

I blushed, “I’ve wanted you to fuck me all day. Will you finally fuck me now?”

“Of course, I’m sure that Steve will love watching us.”

Crap, he reminded me of Steve and I tried to play it off, “Oh I’m sure he will.”

Oh how I wanted him to fuck me but I wasn’t ready for that just yet. Part of me felt guilty so I knelt down in front of him, freed his beautiful cock, and took his beautiful hard cock into my mouth. I gave him the best blow job that I could and five minutes later he came in my mouth. Normally I would not allow Steve to cum in my mouth but this was different. Even with his cock in my mouth and my left hand working his thick shaft cock, but my right hand was feverously working my clit. After he finished, Jerry pushed me back and went down on me.

He was the man other than my husband to eat my pussy in over twenty years. What shocked me was how much he enjoyed licking my pussy. Oh he knew how to eat pussy and I had to wonder who taught him so much. With in minutes he had me on edge, my hips were rocking as I felt my orgasm build. I tried to pull him into me, and tried not to scream. Oh, I felt like I had died and went to heaven. Jerry knew how to pleasure a woman and before I knew it my orgasm hit like a car slamming into a brick wall doing sixty miles per hour.

Once I had come back to earth, Jerry stood up and held his hand out.

I smiled, “Where are we going?”

He helped me stand, “Why I’m finally going to fuck you. Take me to your bed where I can enjoy you.”

I led him to my bedroom, when I walked into the room Steve was sitting on my reading chair: nude.

All I could do was look over at Steve and ask, “Are you sure?”

Steve smiled, “I can’t express in words how much I want this.”

Jerry stepped up and had taken complete control. He swirled me around and kissed me hard on the lips. My arousal never faded and now I wanted him even more. Yeah, I wanted him to fuck m in the kitchen but I was afraid. Why should I have been afraid, after all this is what my husband wanted!

When I looked down I noticed that Jerry was rock hard again.

I’ve never had a man this thick before, in fact it’s been a while since I’ve had a man this hard. Jerry helped me to my bed, keeping me on my back. All I could think about was how good he would feel on top of me, oh and then him in me! Once he had me where he wanted he moved himself between my legs. My legs parted by themselves as my pussy was screaming to be filled by his cock.

If this is what Steve wanted, well at worse I would have one great night of hot sex. Maybe we could make this work and Jerry could share my bed many nights in the future!

Then I felt him, the tip of that beautiful cock touch me.

Even thought Jerry was about to slip his cock in me, all I could think about was my special day with Jerry. Today had been one amazing day. For those women that life or have lived with an alcoholic will understand what I’m talking about. When a guy drinks too much, well most nights he is unable to get a hard on. There is major difference between a twenty year old enjoying “sprits” and a forty year old man who has been drinking hard for ten years.

Jerry positioned himself between my legs and pressed himself into me. I felt his cock separate my lips and I had to gasp. Oh, what was I in for? Jerry sensed my apprehension and slowed down. Slowly, he worked himself into me then allowed my body time to accommodate him. For the first time in my life, a man had teased me, pleased me, and then teased me more by taking five minutes to work his cock into me.

Once he was fully in me, I opened my eyes. Jerry was looking down at me. I smiled, “So stud are you going to fuck me or what?”

Even thought I wasn’t looking at Steve I could hear what he was doing. Some how he found the time to grab some massage oil and he was feverishly working his cock. At that moment all I could think about was the pleasure Jerry was giving me. Jerry started to work his cock, slow at first, till he knew that my body had adjusted to him. Oh what a delicious rhythm he had. Ever time he pushed himself into me all I could do was exhale in a scream.

I’ve never experienced something so wonder before in my life. With in moments my body responded to his and even though no other man had given me an orgasm from penetration Jerry was. I mean deep in my belly I could feel it! My toes started to curl as the first wave’s cashed sending pleasure all through out my body. There was no way that I could look at Steve while cuming with Jerry’s cock in me.

I laid there gasping in pleasure with him on me. Oh, I’m sure that Steve loved knowing Jerry made me cum. Once I had finally came back to earth Jerry really gave it to me.

When I finally opened my eyes, I noticed Jerry looking at me. He smiled and told me to get ready for he was about to fuck me like no man ever did and when he was ready he was going to cum in me. He told me that he wanted me to be ready for this experience.

Jerry picked up his pace, but with a twist. He didn’t slam into me like a pile driver; he used his hips to push his cock around in me. Even though my sugar walls were tight he wanted to feel everything in me. He would work his cock to the left, right, and center. I’ve never had a man fuck me like this before. It sounds simple and silly but he would alter his thrust keeping me off guard but still giving me so much pleasure.

I could hear him groan and when he announced that he was about to cum all I could do was beg him to hold off. I cried, “Please wait, give me more time I want to cum with you.”

Then I heard Steve give that grunt of his and I knew he was cumming in his hand.

Jerry fought it, and when I announced that I was cuming again he gave one hard thrust. Oh god, I remember how hard he pushed all of that thick cock into me nearly taking away my breath. My wall calmed down on him and then I felt the tip of his cock expand, shooting his first stream of cum into me. Then another, another, and this sent on for a few moments.

Once he finished filling me, Jerry opened his eyes and kissed me. Then I felt his cock soften and slip out of me. I felt so empty but his cock was coated with my arousal and once soft he popped out of my pussy.

No one spoke, and that first moment was kind of awkward. Steve was the first to say something, “That was fucking hot!”

I just lost it and started to laugh. We laid there for a few more moments till Jerry said that he had to get home.

Once Jerry cleaned up and dressed Steve walked him out. About five minutes later Steve came back to me with a big smile. “See babe, I told you this would be amazing.” Steve gave me a hung and went to sleep.

Once Jerry left all I could think about was my magical day. A day of fun and flirting and when Jerry took me to bed, well I enjoyed many new things that night. First was a rock hard cock and the other was a cock at least two incest longer than my husbands and a few inches more in girth. Yes, that sounds shallow but when Jerry did me all I can say was “WOW.”

The following morning I was filled with fear. After all I had no idea how my husband would react. Around seven I got out of bed and made coffee. Around eight I started to make bacon and eggs. Around eight-thirty I brought Steve coffee and breakfast.

The only way that I could describe the look on Steve’s face was a kid in a candy store. He started to ask me questions but before I could answer he started to rant about how much he enjoyed the night. He told me how much he loved me and how much he loved watching me with Jerry. Steve said that he knew Jerry wanted to bed me and knew that I would love it, which I did. Jerry was an amazing lover.

Finally while he started to eat breakfast, Steve asked me when we could have Jerry over again.

I guess Jerry had become part of our lives, which made me very happy.

The end of chapter 1

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