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My Life As A Financial Advisor
Ch. 2: Karen

The night I saw my wife, Crystal, and my manager, Dave, passionately fucking in my bed was the night my life changed forever. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had been tempted many times in the past to cheat on Crystal, but I never went past fantasizing about doing it.

Now it was all I thought about. Well, actually that’s not exactly true. The thing I thought about the most during the two weeks following “the night” was Crystal and Dave. The moans of my wife climaxing with another man echoed in my head. The sight of her body riding his manhood, both of the completely caught up in the passion flashed across the video of my mind on an almost continuous loop.

I had breakfast with Dave the next morning. And as he sat across from me asking me all kinds of questions about my training, I couldn’t help but wonder how often he was fucking my beautiful wife. When did it start? Did he feel any guilt at all sitting there across from me, acting like he hadn’t been eating her pussy just twelve hours earlier?

I went about my daily work after that night as if nothing had changed. But everything had changed. I knew I would act upon any and every temptation that availed itself to me. I figured I had nothing to lose. Even if I was caught sleeping with another woman, what could my wife say? After all, I knew about her activities, and while I planned on telling her I knew at some point, why not enjoy the secret for awhile?

It didn’t take long for an opportunity to come my way. I guess since I was watching for any sign of an invitation from my female clients, it was easy to spot when it happened. It would be like me telling you to watch for Volkswagen Beetles all day today. You would probably be amazed at how many you saw, simply because you were looking for them.

Well, I saw my first invitation to adventure exactly two weeks to the day I watched Crystal and Dave in my bed. And it was a wonderful invitation.

Her name was Karen, and she had been a client of mine since I had begun working for my agency about a year ago. At the time I had met with her and her husband Jack at their home. We put together a full financial plan. I remember being surprised to learn that they had never taken out a life insurance policy. They were well off financially, had a beautiful home with all the luxuries, and yet had never thought of what would happen if one of them died.

Jack was the sole bread winner. He had a very good job and took wonderful care of Karen and their four year old son, Michael. I strongly encouraged him to get enough life insurance to cover all of their debts, Michael’s education, and enough income to allow Karen to live comfortably for the rest of her life. He finally agreed and we filled out the paper work.

I was shocked when two months later, I received a phone call from Karen telling me that Jack had been killed in an car accident. She was devastated, and I did all I could for her.

I remember going out of my way to help her through her tragedy. I don’t know why I did it, I don’t usually do, but I went to the funeral to support her and Michael. I even checked in on them from time to time, and took Michael out to a couple of sports games.

The night I met with Karen, we were going to go over the plan I had put in place for them to make the necessary changes now that she was alone. The insurance policy had left her with a substantial amount of money and no debt, and I wanted to make sure that it would be invested wisely so that she would never have to worry about money the rest of her life.

I rang the doorbell and watched through the glass panel as she approached the door. I was struck again at how beautiful she was. Her hair was dark black, as dark as midnight. It fell down past her shoulders and curled up slightly just above her breasts. Her eyes were a deep green, made that way by the colored contacts she wore. She was exactly five foot eight inches, and weighed one hundred and twelve pounds. I knew that information because we had taken it down as a part of her insurance policy. She was a very healthy woman, and while she didn’t work out on a regular basis, she definitely had a fit body.

She opened the door and smiled at me. “Hi Pete.” She said, giving me a quick hug and allowing me into her home.

The hug was something that had started after the first time I had taken Michael to a game. When I arrived back at the house with him, she gave me a hug as her way of saying thanks. From that time on, we hugged every time we saw each other. I never thought anything of it until now.

“How’s everything?” I asked, kicking off my shoes and following her into the kitchen.

“Oh, fine, I guess. Michael’s doing really good. He’s really excited about junior kindergarten, although I’m not. I guess I’m a little nervous about seeing him go off to school already. He’s too young.”

I smiled at her, taping her hand, “He’s going to grow up fast, you know. Before you realize it, he’ll be hitting on all the girls in school.”

We continued with the small talk for awhile as I set up my laptop and got ready to review her financial plan.

Just as we were ready to get going, I looked over at her and realized she looked lonely. I pushed the computer to the side and touched her shoulder. “Karen, how are YOU doing?”

She looked back at me as if trying to decide what to say. I waited, not wanting to rush her, but wanting to make sure she was okay. I realized at that moment that I liked her. She was a nice woman who had a bad thing happen. I cared. And I think she knew it.

She tried to start a few times, but then paused again. Finally she just blurted out, “Oh, this is going to sound so crazy, Pete. I guess I’m just lonely. But not in the way you think. You see, I loved Jack, and am not looking to replace him just yet. After all, I doubt I’ll ever find anyone as good as him. He was the best husband in the world. But I’m only thirty four years old. This sounds stupid, but I guess I’m hitting my peak or something, but I’m just lonely for a man’s touch.

“Jack and I were very passionate in bed together. We made love almost every night of the week. I mean, it was a great part of our marriage. And I wasn’t doing it just to please him, I enjoy sex a lot. I mean a lot – I can’t believe I’m saying all this – but I miss having sex. Every time I think about going out on a date with someone, I feel so guilty. Besides, I don’t want to date anyone. I’m not looking for a relationship with someone, I’m just looking for someone who can satisfy me.”

She looked down. Her eyes were slightly moist and she was shaking a little. I could tell she was embarrassed. She had spoken so quickly, as if she was afraid that if she didn’t say it now, she never would.

I reached over to her and lifted her chin until her gaze met mine. My hand remained gently on her face, her skin so soft to my touch. I smiled slightly, keeping eye contact as I leaned forward in my seat.

Her breathing became quicker as our faces came closer together. Our eyes were locked until at last our lips touched. Our first kiss was soft and gentle, our mouths dry from nervousness. We kissed again. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened, and soon our tongues met. Her mouth was so warm, her kisses so tentative. We stood up, our kisses now filled with passion. Our tongues were darting out of each other’s mouth. My breathing now matched Karen’s. We embraced, pulling our bodies tight together as our relationship forever changed.

I looked at her beautiful face, and saw the first tear fall down her cheek. I reached over and wiped it away, pausing from our kissing. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, wanting to make sure that she was still comfortable.

“Yes.” She replied, bringing her lips back to mine.

We kissed again, my hands moving under her shirt and across her back. Her skin was so soft. Her body felt so amazing pressed against mine.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away. Her eyes smiled at me as she took a hold of my hand and began to lead me down the hallway. My laptop and paperwork was left incomplete on the table. I followed her up the stairs, past the closed door of Michael, sound asleep, and into Karen’s bedroom.

She paused at the bottom of the bed and turned back to me. We embraced again, our lips connecting and our mouths opening to each other again. Our bodies pushed against each other, my cock pushing against my suit pants and against her belly.

Once again I reached under her top. I lifted it up and over her shoulders. Our kissing stopping just long enough to allow the shirt to pass over her head. She had no bra on, and her beautiful breasts pressed against my chest.

Her hands reached for my tie, pulling it off quickly. As she began to unbutton my shirt, I slid my hands between us and up to her tits. Her nipples were fully erect, and my fingers quickly went to work on them. I squeezed them and pulled at them, gently at first, but with a little more force with each touch.

Finally my shirt was off, and Karen brought her lips down to my chest. She began to kiss my nipples, pushing aside my chest hair to get a clean feel of them. Her mouth bit down on my right nipple, pulling at it until it was tight. She then put her mouth over the other one. My hands continued on her breasts, feeling them, enjoying them, wanting them.

She dropped to her knees and kissed my manhood through my pants. Her mouth continued to push against it as she began to undo my belt and zip down my jeans. As they dropped to the floor, she looked at my boxers, smiling at the fullness of my cock hiding behind the thin layer of material.

Without hesitation, she pulled them away, and I sprang loose. I looked down and watched as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my hard penis. I grunted as I felt the first warm touch of her tongue across the sensitive head of my cock. It felt amazing.

Up until that point, I just assumed that a blow job was a blow job. For the past ten years, the only mouth that had taken in my cock was Crystal’s. Sure I had enjoyed oral sex before Crystal, but I had forgotten how different each female sucks cock. To suddenly have another woman’s tongue run up and down my manhood after ten years of the same mouth, was unbelievable. In fact, I find it difficult to describe it adequately.

She began sucking hard, taking as much of my eight inches into her mouth as she could. Her hands began to run my balls as she worked on my cock.

I could feel myself already coming close to climax, and wanted to hold off as long as possible, so I reached down and took a hold of her shoulders. I pulled her back up to her feet knowing that a few more seconds in her mouth and I would cum.

She clearly didn’t want to stop and took a few more sucks before rising to her feet. As our mouths met again, I could feel the warmth of her tongue that had just been sliding up and down my shaft.

My hands went back to her breasts, and I bent over to take on into my mouth. My hand squeezed and massaged it as my tongue flicked at her erect nipple. Her chest rose and fell with every breath, and I knew that she was very horny. Her nipples were so different that Crystal’s. Where Crystal had full, big nipples, Karen’s were tiny points coming out from her breasts. My teeth pulled at them, biting down just as she had down to me.

I dropped to my knees and begin to kiss her belly. She was in wonderful shape, and her skin was soft and delicious. I pulled off her pants, and was a little surprised to see that she had no panties on. She had obviously planned on something happening tonight.

She had trimmed up her hairs, allowing for just a slight triangle of pubic hairs to remain, pointing the way to her sweet pussy. My hands felt their way around her tight ass as my kisses moved lower. I could smell her juices as my mouth moved close to her mound, and I couldn’t wait to enjoy her taste.

Gently I pushed her back until she sat down on the bed. Her legs spread apart and I began to kiss her inner thighs. I moved down one leg until I reached her knee, and then went over to the other leg and worked my way back up to her mound.

Her breathing was so heavy as she waited for my tongue to touch her. I waited also, wanting to build the anticipation. My hot breath pushed against her very moist lips, her pussy almost begging to be touched. But I waited. Her hands went to my head, and she tried to push me into her cunt, but I pulled back, breathing a deep breath of air over her mound. My hands reached up and began to caress her stomach, moving down to her hair. Her legs spread wider as she beckoned me to eat her.

“Oh, Peter, please, I need to feel your touch so badly, please, let me feel your tongue!” She cried, pushing harder on the back of my head.

Instead, I moved my hands down between her legs. I begin to gently touch her lips with my fingers, Playing with them, spreading them apart, watching her juices cover my fingertips. I continued to breath into her as my fingers began to touch her more. I would slide a thumb inside her and then pull it out just as quickly.

Her breathing was so strong now, her body so clearly desperate for more.

With my thumb and one finger I spread apart her lips, exposing a very swollen clit. My mouth moved even closer and my hot breath ran across it. I paused one more second, and then very softly, very gently, allowed to tip of my tongue to run flick across Karen’s clit.

She moaned loudly, her body arching quickly into the air. Another lick of my tongue. Another moan. I allowed my licks to go longer, taking in more of her pussy. She was so wet, her juices simply falling onto my tongue. Her taste was amazing.

I have always loved oral sex, and I finally could hold back no longer. I dove in, pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I was quick and furious now, licking and sucking and swallowing her juice like a man in the desert desperate for water.

She moaned non-stop as my lips pressed down on her clit, sucking on it like she had sucked on my cock. She was delicious, and I intended to have as much of her as she could handle. My goatee was soaked now, but I wanted more. Her hands were up over her head, reaching for anything she could grab on to, but finding nothing but the sheets. My hands were back up at her breasts, each one pulling at a nipple, tweaking them.

“Oh, you are amazing! My god! I can’t believe what you’re doing to me!” She cried between heavy breaths, “I don’t want this to ever stop! I want you tongue in me forever!”

I pushed deeper, moving one hand back between her legs, which were now spread as far apart as possible. I pushed two, and then three fingers inside her as my lips remained closed around her clit. My fingers wiggled inside her, reaching around until they rested on her secret spot.

She groaned louder as they rested inside her, pressing against her most sensitive place. “Pete! Fuck me! I’m going to cum and I want you in me!” She yelled.

I lifted my head from her pussy and quickly slid up her body, my cock sliding inside her without hesitation. She was still so wet that I was deep inside her without any pressure. I covered her lips with my mouth, hoping to quiet her down a little. I was afraid she’d wake up her son, she was so lost in our fucking.

She began to devour my mouth, licking my goatee, cleaning her juices off my face. My cock slide in and out of her, pounding down with force. This was a hard, fast fuck.

She moaned again, and bit down on my bottom lip as her climax began. Her cunt lips tighten around my shaft and I could feel her body begin to tense underneath me. I could handle no more and my cock began to swell as I cum flowed up my shaft. I exploded inside her as she hit her peak, both of us grunting as our bodies tightened together.

After we were done, we laid on the bed, our arms still wrapped together. We kissed gently, neither of us saying a word for a long time.

Finally I spoke, “Karen, you okay with this?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Oh yes, I sure am. Thank you for doing this. It was incredible.”

I think she could tell that I was still a little worried, so she continued, “Pete, I meant what I said downstairs. I’m definitely not looking for a relationship. I know you are married and everything, and I’m not looking for more than what you just did. I do hope you plan on doing this to me more often, but I don’t want anything more than this from you.”

I smiled and kissed her again. She clearly knew what she wanted, and I was more than happy to offer myself to her.

“I think I could help you out on a regular basis. After all, you are my client, and I did promise you the best possible service available.”

She smiled and we kissed again.

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