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My Life As A Financial Advisor
Ch. 1: How It All Started

I have the best job in the world. Seriously. I work as a Financial Advisor. I know what you’re thinking, “A Financial Advisor? You call that the best job in the world?!?” Yes, I do. And by the end of these stories, I think you’ll be wanting to sign up. Think about it, I spend my days going into the homes of couples and singles. That beautiful blonde you saw at the bar? You know, the one you wished you had the nerve to get a phone number from? Well, I not only get her phone number, but her address and all her personal information as well. I sit in her living room and talk about very personal matters. And every once in a while, I get a lot more … and I’ve decided it’s time to share those stories with others. After all, it’s just to much fun to keep to myself.

But first, I need to share the story that started it all.

The first ten years of my marriage to Crystal were very faithful ones. Even though I had a couple of opportunities to go to bed with other women, I resisted the temptation for the sake of my wife. After all, I had made a commitment to her. That all changed two years ago.

I had been working as an advisor for about a year. It was time for my next level of training, and my company sent me to our training center for a week long course. It wasn’t the first time I had to go away for a few days of training. One thing about this job is that there is always something new to learn. Usually Crystal gets very frustrated and upset when I have to go away for a few days – she likes having me close to home, and gets very bothered when I go away.

However this time was different. She seemed almost excited that I was going. She was so positive whenever we talked about my week away. Although she was trying to act normal, I could tell that she was not nearly as bothered about my time away as before. I found that strange but didn’t think about it too much.

My training was pretty typical – sitting in a classroom all day long listening to a teacher explain the latest government legislation affecting the financial industry. I spent most of my time taking in the lovely specimen sitting a few seats away from me. She was a very cute looking redhead who clearly loved miniskirts and tight sweaters. It was obvious that she enjoyed the attention she received from the almost totally male class. Every time she stood up, two dozen eyes would immediately turn her way, mine included. But while some of the guys did make vain attempts to hit on her, I made the decision to keep my distance – taking her in with my eyes was as far as I planned to go with her.

Thursday morning our teacher surprised us when he announced that we were ahead of schedule and if we worked hard, we could be done the training by the end of the day. That would mean we could go home a day earlier than planed. I calculated the distance and figured if I left immediately following the training, I could be home around 9 that night. I contemplated calling my wife to let her know when I would arrive, but then figured the surprise would be even nicer – little did I know what kind of a surprise it would be!

Sure enough, we were done by 4 that afternoon. I quickly packed my stuff and jumped in the car to begin the drive home. I must have sped the entire way, smiling every time I thought about how happy my wife would be when I opened the door and yelled, “I’m home!”

I pulled into the driveway about 8:30. The first thing I found strange was my manager’s car parked in the visitor’s parking. I recognized it because it is a very nice BMW, and he is always joking with me about it being his “junk car”. I jumped out of my car and headed up the walkway. The door was locked, which was not uncommon – my wife hated to leave it unlocked, even when I was home.

I reached for the doorbell, but then stopped myself, thinking it best to surprise her. I quietly unlocked the door and walked into my home. The house was quiet. Other than a light on in the kitchen, the downstairs was dark. I looked up the stairs and saw a couple of flickering lights on in my bedroom. It took me a minute to realize that they must be candles.

I was a little surprised to say the least. With Dave’s car parked outside, I figured I would find him and Crystal chatting away in the living room. “Maybe he is meeting with a client near here.” I thought to myself, slowly heading up the stairs to see if Crystal was in the bedroom. “Why does she have a candle on?” I whispered to myself.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a sound that immediately registered in my head. It was unmistakable. Up until that very moment, I had never once wondered if Crystal would ever cheat on me. Never once did I feel jealous towards anyone else. At no time did I worry that she would even think about having sex with anyone but me.

Understand that we had an incredible sex life. I mean, we fucked four or five times a week. Almost every time we had sex, Crystal enjoyed a powerful orgasm, finished off with me exploding in either her soaking wet pussy or her mouth – and even sometimes her ass. Our sex life was extremely fulfilling and very exciting. We were both open to trying new things, and would often experiment with different sex toys.

And yet, with that one sound, I knew exactly what was happening in my bedroom with my wife. It wasn’t a word that I heard, but a sound. A moan to be exact. A moan I’ve heard four or five times a week, every week for the past ten years.

The moan my wife makes when I’m eating her pussy.

I stood frozen. Every emotion possible flooded me. Rage, hurt, anger, shock, fear and confusion all hit me at once. I couldn’t move. My heart pounded in my chest, every beat crashing in my head like a clap of thunder.

Another moan. And another.

Finally I found my strength and I slowly crept down the hallway towards the open door. I moved forward until I could see the large mirror on my wife’s dresser. The dresser was directly across from the bed, and I could see the reflection full in the mirror of a sight that would change my life forever.

There on the bed, with her legs spread wide, completely naked, was my loving wife of ten years. She was down near the bottom of the bed, her legs supported on the bed posts, pushed as wide apart as possible. Kneeling on the floor, with his head buried between Crystal’s legs, was another man. At this point I had no idea who it was since his face was completely covered by my wife’s legs. However, while I didn’t know who it was, I did know what he was doing. He was devouring my wife’s pussy with incredible passion. And she was very clearly enjoying it.

I watched as his hands reached up and cupped Crystal’s breasts. His fingers pulling and pinching her nipples. Her hands were on his head, her fingers running through his hair as she pushed his face deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Her breathing was so heavy, her moaning now coming with every breath. I knew that she was getting close to an orgasm – after all, I listened to her moan like that almost every other day.

I was mesmerized. Here was my wife, laying on our bed, having her pussy eaten by some stranger.

And suddenly I realized that I was turned on. Like I’ve already said, I’ve never even thought about Crystal fucking another man. I was so absolutely convinced that she would never do anything like that to me. And yet, now that it was happening, I realized that I no longer felt anger, betrayal, hurt, or any other negative emotions. I was getting turned on! My cock was growing as I watched this man eat my wife’s pussy!!

I stood as still as I could. And I watched. From the sound of her moaning, I knew that she would cum any second now. A couple more licks of this guy’s tongue, and she would go over the edge. My cock was now fully erect as I realized I was about to hear her cum at the touch of another man.

Suddenly he pulled away from her – as if he too realized that she was about to climax. He lifted his head, and I saw his face … at the same time I heard my wife say, “Please, Dave, don’t stop! Eat my hot pussy! I’m ready to explode!”

I watched my manager smile at my wife as she pleaded with him to keep eating her cunt. Dave began kissing her body as he made his way up her to her tits. He paused at one, taking as much of it into his mouth as possible. Slowly he bit down on the nipple, causing Crystal to flinch slightly. He moved to the other breast, playing with the nipple in the same way.

Finally he moved up to her mouth. This may sound strange, but the thing that bothered me the most about watching my wife with my manager was when they kissed. I was totally turned on while he had his tongue in her pussy, but now that he had it in her mouth, I was hurt.

They rolled over on the bed and suddenly she was on top of him. Their mouths were still locked in passionate kisses, and I watched through the reflection in the mirror as they bodies wriggled together.

My wife broke the kiss and began slowly moving down her lover’s body. She paused at his nipples, biting them with more force than he nibbled at hers. She continued down his chest, reaching his midsection, and then down further. I watched as she gently kissed the head of his stiff cock, moving her tongue down the shaft to his balls. She took them in her mouth, sucking hard on them as she began to pump his manhood. It was difficult to tell how big he was, but I guessed him to be about the same size as me – roughly 8 inches in length. However, it was clear that he was much thicker then me. Probably twice the thickness of my cock.

Her hand pumped up and down the shaft as she sucked on his balls. I could see little droplets of cum glowing against the candlelight on the head of his penis, as my wife continued to yank him. She finally let the balls fall from her mouth and moved back to the shaft, licking it and kissing it until she reached the top of his pole. She flicked her tongue out and licked off the pre-cum before opening her mouth and swallowing his cock.

I slowly moved my hands down to my swollen cock, rubbing it from outside my jeans, as I watched my lovely wife suck Dave’s cock. She was so hungry for it, so clearly wanting to please the man who had just given her such wonderful pleasure. His breathing was hard as she took him in so deep. She pulled at his balls while her lips wrapped around his shaft.

I wasn’t prepared for how quickly she moved next. Before I could register what happened, my wife lifted her body up and dropped down on Dave’s shaft. In one motion his cock slid deep into my wife’s pussy and she started to ride him hard. His hands reached for her breasts and her ass slapped against his legs. Over and over she pounded down on his cock, both of them grunting and moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly Crystal cried out, “Oh, God! Dave, I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She pounded a couple more times and then the climax hit. I listened as she groaned and watched as a powerful orgasm swept through her body. At the same time, he grunted and stiffened, and I knew that he was pumping a load of cum into her soaked cunt.

Suddenly Crystal cried out, “Oh, God! Dave, I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She pounded a couple more times and then the climax hit. I listened as she groaned and watched as a powerful orgasm swept through her body. At the same time, he grunted and stiffened, and I knew that he was pumping a load of cum into her soaked cunt.

Crystal collapsed into his arms, and they begin to softly kiss each other.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood quietly at the door, watching in the mirror the reflection of my wife and manager kissing tenderly, their naked bodies tight together, his cock still deep inside of her.

I slowly began to move back down the stairs, holding my breath, afraid to make a sound. It took me fifteen or twenty minutes to get down the stairs, open the door, and get out of the house. I stood on the porch and tried to focus.

After what seemed like an eternity, I made my decision. I turned and rang the doorbell before I could chicken out, and reached for my keys again. I unlocked the door, making as much noise as I could, ringing the bell a second time just to make sure.

I yelled out, “Hey Crystal, I’m home!” I realized I was a little too loud, and took a deep breath. Then added, “Hey, babe! You home?”

I could hear the movement coming from the bedroom and smiled, knowing that the two lovers were rushing around, trying to get clothes on. Crystal called down the stairs, “Pete! You’re home early! I’m so happy! Hang on, I’ll be right there.” Her voice was weak and she sounded very nervous, like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

I couldn’t resist, so I asked, “Hey, is that Dave’s car in the visitor’s parking?”

The silence went a few seconds longer than it should, and then I heard Dave as he started down the stairs. “Yeah, man. It’s me. What the hell are you doing home? This is great! I was seeing a client down the street and stopped by to make sure Crystal was doing okay with you gone.” Dave hit the bottom of the stairs and threw out his hand to shake mine. “Turns out the toilet was blocked upstairs, so I fixed it for you.” His smile was so fake, I could see the fear in his eyes, but, he was a salesman and a good one at that. Dave continued, “At the price a plumber charges, you owe me big time my friend.”

I smiled back, “Then I guess I’m lucky you were around to take care of things, eh?”

“Hey, Peter, old pall, what are friends for? Listen, how was the training?”

Before I could answer, Crystal came down the stairs. She had thrown on a pair of sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. I could tell she was flustered. She quickly came over and threw her arms around me, “I missed you so much! I can’t believe you’re home early!” She kissed me quickly, then pulled away, avoiding my eyes.

It was so strange standing in the hallway of my own house, looking at my wife and my manager, both nervous, both trying to look natural, both fresh from fucking their brains out. And both having no idea that I had just watched them do it.

Dave reached for his coat. “Hey, listen buddy, I’m sure you’re tired. I gotta get going home, just stopped by to make sure Crystal was doing okay …let’s have coffee in the morning and you can tell me all about the training, okay?”

“Sure Dave, I do appreciate you looking after Crystal for me. She hates it when I go away, don’t you babe?” Crystal nodded, smiling weakly. “Listen, say hi to that lovely wife of yours – she sure is a sweetheart.”

Dave quickly shook my hand, muttered something about “welcome home” and headed out of the house as fast as he could.

Crystal and I remained in the hallway for a bit after Dave left. I was enjoying watching her squirm, knowing how nervous she must feel. I knew that I had interrupted them too quickly to allow her time to clean up. In fact, I was betting that his sticky cum was slowly leaking out of her even as she stood there. She may have had a quick piss, but even that was unlikely. Her lips, cheeks and neck were red, and she looked like she had just been fucked.

Of course, if I had walked in an hour later, I probably would never have suspected a thing. Even the redness of her face would not have caused a second glance from me. The only reason I knew the truth was because of my timing.

Suddenly it hit me. Dave knew she was about to cum. He took her right to the edge of an orgasm, and then pulled back. She also knew when he was about to hit his limit. At just the right time, she moved from sucking his cock to filling her cunt with it. The entire episode flashed through my mind and I realized that they had not fucked as “first time lovers”, but as two people who had enjoyed each other’s bodies many times before. This was not their first time.

“Listen Hon,” Crystal broke into my thoughts, “I’m going to take a quick shower. I was just about to get ready for bed when Dave showed up. It was a long day at work, and a shower would be real nice, okay? Give me five minutes and I’ll be back downstairs.”

I didn’t answer as she turned to and started back up the stairs. I grabbed my bags and followed her, heading into the bedroom. I looked around and saw that the candles were out and the sheets were off the bed and in the dirty clothes hamper. I was sure I could smell the sex in the air, but maybe it was just my imagination.

Crystal grabbed her towel and started past me to the bathroom. I reached out and grabbed her, pulling her into my arms. At first she stiffened, but then quickly forced herself to relax. We kissed a few times, my mind going back to Dave’s mouth on hers.

She tried to pull away, saying, “I’ll be right back.” But I wouldn’t let go. “Tell you what, my darling wife, why don’t I give you a reason to go have a shower.”

Again she tried to pull away, “C’mon Pete, let me have a quick shower and I’ll meet you in bed, then you can show me how much you miss me … I just feel all yucky from work – it was one of those kind of days.”

“I’ll bet.” I smiled, But there was no way I was going to let her ‘get rid of the evidence’. “I like you ‘all yucky'” I said, pulling her tighter into me.

I’m guessing that she simply realized that I wasn’t going to give up. Maybe she figured that she could bluff her way out of it. Maybe she hoped that I wouldn’t realize that her pussy was wet from more than just her own juices. And who knows, if it hadn’t been for the earlier show, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed. Maybe she figured that I would be more suspicious if she didn’t have sex with me right then, after all, she never turned me down.

I don’t know what was going through her mind, but Crystal stopped fighting me off. She began to return my kisses, relaxing as I reached for her breast under her shirt. I was hard fast. All I could think about was Dave and her fucking. As I kissed her, I pictured his lips on hers. As I pulled at her breast, I thought of his hands fondling her. And I couldn’t stop wondering what her pussy would be like.

I moved her to the sheet-less bed and laid her down. Before she could protest, I pulled her pants off. Her panties were very damp, too damp for it to be just her juices. I kissed her breasts and rubbed her legs.

I have to admit, Crystal did her best. I mean, she really tried to act like she was horny and enjoying it. But I knew she wasn’t. I knew that she was scared to death. She was panicking and trying to think of some way out of this situation. But there was no way I was going to let her off the hook. No way.

My mouth remained on her breasts, and I moved one hand to her inner thigh. She tensed slightly, then quickly relaxed again, spreading her legs a bit to allow my hand some freedom. It was obvious to me that she was sticky, but I acted like there was nothing different than normal.

I started to move down her body, but she pulled me back up. “Pete, I think I’ve started my period, you better not eat me tonight.” I slid out of her hold, and moved quickly to her cunt. I didn’t say a word. Before she could respond, I dove in, my mouth pressing against her pussy and my tongue sliding deep inside of her.

The taste was so incredibly different than what I was used to. I could taste her wonderful juices – god, she tastes so good – but mixed in with her pussy juice was the tangy taste of what I knew was Dave’s cum. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was to be eating another man’s cum out of my wife’s just fucked pussy! My cock was throbbing and I knew that it would only take a couple of thrusts to explode. I licked her dry, taking as much cum and juice as I could find.

I moved back up her body quickly entering her spread legs. My lips locked on hers as I pumped hard. As expected, I blasted my load inside her after only a few thrusts. I grunted as I felt it fill her pussy, my mind wondering if she could taste Dave on my mouth.

As soon as we were done, I rolled off her and put my arms around her. Her eyes were closed, and I could sense her fear. I smiled, “Wow, Crys, you sure got wet quick! You must have really missed me!”

She looked at me with surprise, and I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was actually starting to allow herself to believe that I didn’t notice the extra taste in her cunt. She was starting to think that I didn’t know. She smiled weakly at me, “I did miss you, lover, more than I could say.”

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