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Hallo… Anand here again. As I told you in my previous submissions that I am from village background. Luck was with me and I ended up having good job in this big city Delhi. Here I got married with Meenu, my wife, from elite class family. My in laws have big bungalow in the heart of city.

I have two sister in laws, both younger to my wife. The youngest SIL Abha is of wheatish complexion but have very cute face. She has slim physique and bob cut hair style. She usually wears skirt-blouse. Whenever I see her, I feel my cock hardening. She has juicy lips. I have fantasized several times to take those juicy lips in my mouth and suck them to my heart content. Once they become all wet with my saliva, I fuck her mouth lovingly, holding her face with both my hands, in my fantasy. My mother in aw is a very shrewd and sexy lady. She knows my intensions and never left my SILs alone with me. So I was describing my SILs. The other one Reena is fuckable from head to toe. She has sexy fair complexioned face, big boobs, sexy hips and her thighs are like banana trunks. She is a big cock teaser. She wears tight salwar-kurta without dupatta intentionally when I am around. She keeps on giving me cock-teasing smile when I fuck her whole body with my eyes. I want to take out all her clothes then and there. My most favourite fantasy is to fuck her ass in doggy style slapping her bums at the same time.

My wife is not less sexier than her sisters. Even today, after 3 years of our marriage, I suck her breasts, lick her hairy armpits and pussy for hours during foreplay. She very well know my intentions regarding her sisters. But she is afraid of her mother. Otherwise, she might have arranged fucking her sisters by me. For this reason I always fantasize to torture my MIL in fantasies during my jerk off sessions. I fantasize to fasten clips (used to dry wet cloths) on her nipples. I want to kick her ass very hard. I want to make her move around the streets all naked. My most favourite fantasy is to fuck her breasts sitting on her stomach, entrapping my cock in cleavage of her breasts, making her to kiss the tip at the end of each stroke. I want to slap her on face and breasts at the same time.

My wife very well know that I am very frustrated due to not getting opportunity to fuck her sisters. Once during foreplay, she was all naked lying on the bed, I was eating her pussy and kneading her breasts very roughly pulling her legs on my shoulders. She was enjoying a lot. She is usually very vocal during our sexual activities. I was looking in her eyes. She asked me,

“tumhe meri sisters kaisi lagati hain?”(What do you think about my sisters?)

“what do you mean?” I replied not understanding what she had in her mind at that point of time.

“tum unhe chodana chahate ho na?” (Do you wanna fuck them?) this query made me quite clear her intentions.

“yessss” I replied in excitement.

“to chod dalo na apani saali ko” (Then fuck your SIL right now) she said.

“Kaun saali, kahan hai saali” (where is SIL) I said.

“Mai hoon na tumhari badi saali Reena, Jijaji” (I am your eldest SIL Reena) she said.

“Jaise chaho vaise chod do apani is saali ko jijaji”(Fuck your SIL in whatever way you like) She added…

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