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The evening breezes are gently moving our bedroom sheers as we enter the room after putting Joy down for the night. Already, given the encroaching fall, the night is getting darker earlier and earlier and there is a hint of October frost in the air.

We spent the day as a family driving in the country and stopping at country farms along the way to gather some of the fall crop. We filled the trunk with fresh vegetables of all kinds including a couple of dozen ears of fall corn.

Our last stop of the day was at a pumpkin farm where you picked your own. Joy was so excited as we half carried and half chased her from one giant gourd to the next. We finally settled on a nice sized 8 pounder and also bought her a miniature one for her room. She was so excited, she babbled to that little gourd all the way home as if it was alive! We revelled in her joy and in each other.

Now it is our time, my darling. I had my shower as soon as we got home and you soaked in a long relaxing tub while I tucked our darling tired babe into her bed. She was out before I turned out her light.

As I enter the hall to our room, you come out of the bathroom; you smell so wonderfully of soap and freshly scrubbed hair and you are wearing my favourite full-length almost sheer nightie. Only the thin spaghetti straps secure it to your body and I can see the roundness of your breasts profiled through the gossamer material. You turn and smile at me and hold out your hand as I walk towards you. Already, my cock is tenting my silk boxers that I am wearing under my short silk robe.

As we enter our large master bedroom, the cool air causes your nipples to harden instantly and press eagerly against the thin fabric. I stand before you and cup your heavy breasts in my hands and thrum each nipple with my thumbs as I bend down to kiss you gently on the lips. You taste of strawberry with the balm you use to keep your lips tender and the smell of your scented body drives me insane with desire as always.

Your hands are meanwhile busy releasing the sash of my robe and reaching down inside the front of my boxers to grasp in your soft hand my throbbing shaft. I drop my hands from your breasts long enough for you to shed my robe over my shoulders and down my arms to the floor. My boxers slide down my legs as well as your hands push them over my hips.

I stand naked before you and you are still fully covered in that silken gown. This is soon remedied as I slide the thin straps over your shoulders and down your arms until the thin shift lies at your feet in a shimmering pool.

Before I can reach for your breasts again, you have slipped to the floor and I feel the warmth of your breath as you blow softly into my pee hole. My cock twitches in your two soft little hands as it stiffens to its slim 7″ length. You hot tongue encircles my head and the tip of that warm instrument teases itself partway inside my urethra as it laps up the stream of precum flowing forth there from.

I look down into your eyes as you open you mouth wide and slowly engulf most of my length into your hot mouth while your tongue continues to lave the sensitive underside of the heavily veined shaft! I moan with pleasure as I take your hair in my hands and I slowly begin to fuck your mouth. With each of my hip movements, your miraculous mouth takes more and more of me until your hose strikes my pubes and I feel your throat open to accept me. We are still gazing into each other’s eyes and there is lust and love there.

You pull back until only the head of my cock is locked between your lips and you start to stroke me fast and hard – your saliva and my precum are all the lubrication needed – as you suck madly on my cock! Just as I feel that I am going to cum, you squeeze the base of my cock tightly and the feeling not only subsides, my cock softens slightly. You then take me to the edge twice more; I am becoming crazed with lust and need to cum.

Then, with a pop, you release my dripping cock and as you rise to your feet, you push me back onto our king sized bed. Urging me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed, you quickly straddle my head with your knees and, grabbing my cock with both hands lower your mouth once more to its delightful task.

Right above me is the glowing pink of your wide spread pussy and it is dripping with drops of your own sweet cum generated by the arousal you felt at what you were doing to me only moments ago. I can smell that exotic aroma of you and my hands grip your buttocks as I pull your nether lips to mine. I start with one of your outer labia, sucking the dewy moisture from it and savouring the taste that accompanies it. I growl deeply in my throat as the nectar soothes its way downward. You echo those sounds around my cock as you slowly stroke and take its length into your mouth.

I know that tonight we will complete our pleasuring of each other in this manner and am, as usual, pleased and delighted. I love these times when we concentrate on mutual oral gratification to the limit! I continue to suck your outer labia and then move my tongue to the centre of paradise and plunge it as deep as I can. Your hips buck as your muffled cries signal your first orgasm and I am rewarded with a gush of sweet honey cum rushing into my mouth; I swallow greedily as I continue my assault on your steaming pussy.

As you start to move faster on my cock – with hands and mouth – I replace my tongue with two curved fingers reaching for that special spot. At the same time as I touch you there, I find your engorged clitoris and start to suck and nip on it. This drives your over the edge in one massive orgasm that starts you spraying cum into my mouth and overflowing on my face! I continue to pursue those tender sensitive spots as I feel myself reaching the edge.

My cock is buried fully in your mouth and your hands are massaging my balls when I cry into your deepest core and I explode my all down your humming throat. You take it all in and this triggers several aftershocks in your own inner self and I taste your issue over and over.

Finally sated, we turn into each other’s arms and kiss deeply and lovingly, tasting ourselves and each other before be fall into an exhausted sleep.

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