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Patricia is sat on the floor opposite me. She is wearing a tight miniskirt. She parts her legs. I look. Her white panties are stretched tight against her sex.

Patricia smiles knowingly. Later, whilst in my bed, I masturbate.

We all go into town. The night is dark and cold. The pub calls time. We amble home. Patricia’s hands are cold. Her left hand enters Arthur’s trouser pocket. Her right hand is in mine. I have a hole in my pocket. The hand continues and it is suddenly stroking my cock. My penis swells.

“I am feeling warmer already.” Says Patricia. She grips my hard cock as we continue our journey home.

I am in the toilet. I am so hard. I need relief. I am near my climax.

There is a knock on the door.

“Are you going to be long?” says Patricia. “Are you playing with your rubber duck? Do you want my help?”

I climax. My sperm shoots across the floor. She really turns me on.

I am away from College. It is Friday night. Should I go for a drink with my mates. No! I go home. Patricia is seated on the sofa.

“What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“I told your mother I was your girlfriend,” she replies. “I have finished with Arthur and needed to get away.”

She changed clothes. We went out for a drink. We meet Bob. Patricia is wearing a black simulated leather mini-dress with a full zip up front. I am sure the zip is gradually coming undone.

We are back at my place. We are kissing. I see her bra-covered breasts. My fingers grip the zip. Her dress is undone to the waist. I kiss her bra-covered breasts. She moans.

Patricia fiddles with her bra. It hangs forward. Her breast’s fall out. My mouth kisses her breasts. A nipple is erect between my lips. I suck.

My hand roams her body. Down under her panties. She is wet. Oh! What should I do? I pull off her panties. I lick her vaginal lips. I find her hard button.

“Oh! Oooohhhh! OOooohhhh!” She cries.

Should I stop?

Her hand is pushing my head in harder. She gasps. Her breath rasps more rapidly…. She is gasping heavily for breath…Her body quivers…. She is bucking against my mouth…. She screams and her body tenses. What have I done?

Patricia kisses me. Her hands find my cock. She brings it out. She is a person possessed. Oh! Hell, I am coming. My sperm shoots out…. white liquid splatters the wall. It is heaven!


I am working away. I come home each weeKeithd. We stay in bed. We do not wish to stop holding. Stop loving each other. Patricia is always very wet. She enjoys fantasizing. She fantasizes about erect cocks. She has this yearning for a large black cock. Just talk about it and she climaxes. I did not know.

Years later she tells me.

On night she attended this concert. She sat next to a Jamaican. He invited her for coffee. She went. He was a gentleman.

She got really wet. Later in her bed she masturbated. The thought of a large black cock would not dispel. He has invited her for tea next week. What should she do? She wants to have his cock.

Next week arrives. She has a bath. Her body is fresh and soft. The black front-zipped mini-dress is put on. She wears no bra or panties. Just high-heeled shoes. Her overcoat is to keep out the cold.

She is at his door. She already feels the wet between her thighs. He takes her coat. She sits down. He sits opposite. She is sitting sideways. He sees her expanse of thigh. He sees a full breast…nipples erect. She sees his bulge stirring with interest. They talk.

He hands her a cup of coffee. She turns to face him. Her legs uncross. Her thighs widen…. Her dress moves up. Her vaginal lips are parted and wet.

Her mouth smiles knowingly.

His bulge gets larger. The outline of his cock creeps down his thigh.

Patricia puts down the coffee cup. She rises. She pulls down her zip. The dress falls off. She is naked before him.

She leans. His mouth is pulled to her breast. His mouth engulfs it. Her hand unzips his trousers. His cock jumps out. It is hard…It is black…. It is wet…It glistens. Patricia mounts his thighs. His cock enters her vagina. She climaxes. He keeps thrusting…. She climaxes again…. His cock goes solid…. His sperm shoots firm…The feeling is ecstasy…. She comes yet again.

She kisses and sucks his cock. She cannot stop. He turns her over. He thrusts his cock up her. They cannot stop shagging.

The next morning she is sore.

That weekend she dos not stop riding my cock.

During the week she returns to him for another session. This continues every week. Even on her period she just licks and sucks. Her jaw is sore. She cannot resist him. She just loves sex.

Those sessions continue until I return.


We are established in the house. It’s a lovely day. We are sat on the lawn. Bob comes round. He joins us. Patricia has a miniskirt and gapping blouse on. She’s showing her panties. She’s smiling that knowing smile.

We enter the house. She stops me. “I would love to see Bob’s cock. Suck on it. Make him come,” she pants.

“He would die of shock!” I respond.

“Hhummm, I think he may enjoy. I am going to see,” she replies.

I go upstairs to the toilet. Patricia goes to join Bob. I take awhile. Patricia is giggling.

I return quietly. I look in the door. Patricia Is kneeling, she is licking his cock. It is so hard!

I come up behind her. Lift up her skirt and pull down her panties. She is soaking.

My hard cock goes up her doggy style. I am shagging her. She is sucking Bob’s cock. She is going wild. Bob comes. He screams whilst she swallows his sperm. I am really turned on and I am coming. Patricia is panting like mad. She and I come together. It was lovely.

“I have a job abroad,” I announce.

Patricia comes with me.

I am working hard.

Patricia starts to purchase sexy dresses and see-through tops. She gets turned on at the admiring glances. Her breasts have improved. The nipples are larger. They are always erect. She acts very sensual. She acts sexual.

She buys a Polaroid camera. She loves to posse. The pictures increase in raunchiness. She makes me photograph her climaxing. There are pictures of her sucking my cock. She takes photos of us shagging.

Is she bored? What does she need to prove?

We are invited to this party. We are the oldest there. Patricia wears a long, backless evening dress. The neck is elasticized. It firms and pulls up her breasts. Her nipples stay erect.

“My panty line shows…I will not wear any,” she decides.

The young men are like bees to a honey pot.

I am talking earnestly to a group. Patricia is dancing. The young men’s hands are stroking her bare back. She enjoys this. She is excited.

She finds Seamus exciting. He is dancing with her. Patricia grinds herself into his groin. She feels his penis going hard.

“I have to stop and get a drink,” she says.

She walks to the kitchen.

I am still in earnest conversation.

Patricia enters the kitchen. Seamus enters behind her.

They stop.

A couple is having sex on the edge of the table. Patricia is spellbound.

The sight of the cock thrusting into the girl. It is exciting. She cannot move.

Seamus’s hand runs around to grasp her breast.

Patricia moves his hand through the arm of her dress until it cups her naked breast. She sighs. She feels soaking wet.

Seamus’s other hand moves down the front of her body. It rubs the top of her inner thighs. His hand finds her clitoris. She moans.

Suddenly the couple climax.

Patricia feels her body pulsating. Seamus’s hard cock is firm between the cheeks of her bum. She is still over excited. She cannot resist it. She needs it inside her.

Her dress is being lifted. She is being bent forward. A hot cock is pushing between her thighs. She opens up. It is in her.

“Oh! That is beautiful!” She exclaims. “Don’t stop. Oh! Ooohhh! Thrust harder”.

The other lad is coming towards her. An erect cock sticking out.

Patricia is senseless. It is just like a dream.

She grasps his cock. She takes it in her mouth.

“What am I doing?” Patricia thinks.

She spits out the cock.

“I must stop this! I should not be so cheap” Her thoughts continue.

Then Seamus goes stiff. He is going to climax.

“I can not stop now” Patricia’s breath is gasping.

He thrusts deeper up her. His sperm is shooting. It is feeling hot. She climaxes.

Patricia pulls from them. She has to get away. She will be caught. It is in public. People will see.

She runs.

I am still engrossed in conversation.

Patricia grabs my hand. “We must go home. Come on! No time to waste”

I follow her. We head for the car.

“Why are we in such a hurry?” I ask.

“Look at my dress” she replies.

A large wet patch adorns the front.

“How can I stay like this?” Patricia exclaims.

I start the car. We drive away.

“I feel desperately horny,” says Patricia.

Her feet are resting on the dashboard. She takes my hand. I touch her sex. She is soaking wet. Her clitoris is hard. She starts to moan. I continue.

She screams in climax. “Stop the car. Please shag me?”

I cannot. We are going over a marshland.

She takes out my cock. Her mouth engulfs it.

“Please stop; I will crash the car” I pant.

“No! I need it” Patricia responds.

Her hand goes between her legs. She masturbates. Her climax sounds intense.

My cock is totally hard.

We arrive home. She pulls me from the car by my cock. I am pushed to the floor in the hallway. She mounts and rides my cock. The young baby-sitter is disturbed. We are like dogs on heat. The baby-sitter sits watching. Patricia cannot stop. I look up the stairs. The baby-sitter’s hand is between her thighs. She cannot keep her eyes off us.

We all three are climaxing together.

Later, whilst in bed she tells me all. We cannot stop shagging. It seems as if sex is going out of fashion.


I have a colleague, Keith. Once when we were together he became horny. His penis was erect. It was large. I told Patricia. She got excited. She fantasized about it.

Keith has moved away.

We had business. Keith came and stayed over night. I had to leave early the next day. Keith and Patricia were joining me for lunch. She was acting hyper. I knew something would happen.

We meet for lunch. Patricia appears like ‘the cat that has had the cream’. She has that knowing smile.

I am still busy. I return at night. Keith has gone.

” Something happened?” I asked.

“Lets go to bed early,” says Patricia. She is still hyper.

In bed she mounts my cock. She is very wet. She is really horny.

“What happened?” I ask.

She tells her story.

“This morning I returned from the shop. It was quiet. I called Keith. He came down in his pajama pants. He was not wearing anything else. I went to the kitchen to get him his tea and corn flakes.”

She was increasing the intensity of grip whilst riding my cock. She was becoming oblivious to her senses.

“In the kitchen I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse. I was wearing no bra. My nipples were erect. They showed my excitement. I was shameless.

I pulled off my panties from under my denim miniskirt. I took in Keith his breakfast”.

“I sat opposite him. My legs crossed to on side. He was admiring my thigh. He could see the outline of my breast.

He said ‘You have lovely firm breasts’. I enjoyed that.

I turned to face him. I unfolded my legs. I spread them. They went wider. My skirt rode up. My vaginal lips were spread wide open. He could see clearly my hole. My wetness showed. It never fails!”

“His cock became erect and appeared through the slit in his pants. I gave that knowing smile. He went red.”

“I got up and walked to him. I undid my blouse. I mounted his thighs. I grabbed his cock and directed it into my vagina. I rode him. His cock thrust up me. We thrust each other hard. I could not stop. He sucked my tits. We both came within a few minutes. His sperm filled me full. It was lovely. My senses were tingling”.

“I still wanted more of his cock. He was in the bathroom. He was standing in the nude. I came up behind him and my hand roamed around to hold his shaft. It was hard. I stroked it.

He turned. I slipped onto my knees. My mouth found his cock. The shear hardness of his shaft. I wanted to eat and swallow it whole. I could not stand it. I pulled it; his body with it. I lay on the floor. His hard cock entered me yet again. He shagged me. I could not stop coming.”

“We showered and dressed. We met you.”

“I knew you had done something,” I responded, “You looked so sexy.”

“Yes! I could not stop. When you left, we went to the car park. Keith was giving me a lift. In his car I wanted him again. I took his hand. I put it up my skirt. I was wet and horny. He played with me. I climaxed instantly”.

“I then took out his cock, went down, and sucked it He really went wild and soon he was shooting his sperm down my throat. I could have gone on for ever”.


Some months later I had a business meeting at the house so invited Keith and his wife, Dave and partner, Jim and I. Patricia was to prepare and cook the dinner.

“Do not worry, darling, you will enjoy this evening,” she says

“I have a special surprise. I have bought an interesting outfit,” she tells me at breakfast.

The meeting over and we relax with drinks.

“Dinner is served. Go and sit at the table,” Patricia announces, “I will change and join you.”

She appears at the doorway. She is wearing a chiffon blouse and skirt both of single thickness. It is totally see-through. She is naked beneath except for black sheer nylon panties.

She has shaven off all her pubic hair.

She looks far sexier than if she had been naked. There is not a flaccid cock amongst us. The atmosphere is electric. Everyone admires her lovely breasts and firm body.

Patricia sits at the top of the table. Keith is to her right and Dave is on her left. I sit opposite with Jim by me. She is in her element. She smiles at me knowingly.

On serving the main course she insists on going around and serving each in turn. We are all subjected to an erect nipple rubbing our cheeks.

“Oh! I am sorry. Let me wipe it” she says after dropping a potato on Keith’s lap. Everyone watches her stroke his penis. How will this evening end?

Patricia is hyper. It is going to happen. She is mesmerized.

“Go to the lounge. Pour everyone a drink,” she says clearing the table.

Patricia joins us. She sits on the carpet. We are sat round her. Her skirt is up around her waist. The panties are now transparent. We see the wetness of her excitement.

No on knows what to do. The girls do not like it. The men are still hard. The women make them leave.

“I feel totally randy,” Patricia says after they have gone.

Her hand is starting to rub the crouch of her panties. Her breath comes fast. She rubs harder. She is writhing on the floor. She screams in a climax.

“Oh! Screw me; Screw my cunt.” She screams yet again with a climax. I oblige her.


I was still with Patricia. Every Thursday, I meet Sam for a drink. We normally drink till midnight.

This particular Thursday was special. Patricia had picked up a porn video.

“You will not like it!” She says.

I start to watch it. Lesbian scenes.

“I did not mean to get it. I made a mistake.”

Whilst I was watching. Bernadette arrived to visit Patricia. They had become friends.

“I forgot to tell you Bernadette was coming,” Patricia comments.

“It is O K; I am meeting Sam,” I respond switching off the video.

I hug and kiss Bernadette. She is wearing an open shirt, bra and jeans.

I leave them together.

“I am sorry, but I have to collect my wife at 10pm. I can only stop for a couple of drinks,” Sam tells me.

That is all right, I will go home. Bernadette has arrived, and I have not seen her for awhile,” I reply.

I arrive home. All the curtains are drawn. Unusual! The door is locked. Unusual! I knock. There is a scurrying inside.

“Who is it?” Patricia calls out.

“Me!” I respond.

“What are you doing home early?”

“Sam had to go out. Will you let me in?” Say I.

“Let me find the key!” She interjects.

Eventually the door opens.

We are having coffee. Bernadette gets up to leave. I give her a hug and kiss. She is not wearing a bra.

Patricia and I sit down to watch the video. It lasts for only five minutes.

“Have you been watching it?” I asked.

“No!” Patricia replies.

I rewind the tape and we watch it. We get horny. Patricia takes off her jeans. No panties, that is unusual. We make love. She is exceptionally wet and randy.

We sit back and relax. My hand sorts out the cushions. I draw out a pair of her panties.

“What are these doing here?” I asked.

“I must have dropped them when I was ironing” Patricia responds.

“They are dirty! Have Bernadette and you been up to something?” I question.

“No! What would we be doing?” Was the reply?

I am suspicious.

It was my birthday. Patricia and Bernadette had arranged a surprise. They were cooking a meal; dinner for the three of us.

During the afternoon I had gone out.

I returned. The meal was ready.

“Wait there we have to go and change,” Patricia says.

I sip a glass of wine whilst waiting. They arrive back. My mouth falls open.

They model in turn. Patricia is wearing a chiffon see-through blouse. No bra. A long wrap-over skirt. High heels. Stockings and suspenders. It is obvious no panties are being worn.

Bernadette has a blouse. Most buttons undone. No bra. The side view showed full naked breast. A skirt with side-slit to the hip. Stockings and suspenders. No sign of panties either.

They both looked gorgeous.

Patricia was sat opposite me. Full frontal. Virtually naked breasts. Bernadette to my right. Naked breast. Erect nipple.

The food was incidental. How could anyone concentrate on such an unimportant thing?

Through out the meal they both teased me incessantly. They both served me. My hands roamed up legs and thighs. They did not mind. They seemed to encourage it. My cock strained against my trouser leg.

The meal was finished. We sat on the sofa. I was in the middle.

My right arm around Bernadette; my left around Patricia. My right hand was fondling Bernadette’s right breast. My left hand was on Patricia’s left breast. Their hands were stroking my thighs. My bulge was large; the feeling rampant.

We were like this for ages.

Suddenly up jumps Patricia.

“Say goodnight to Bernadette, come upstairs, and join me!” Says Patricia.

She leaves the room.

Instantly, Bernadette unzips my cock. Her mouth is upon it. I kneel down before her. I lick her vagina. I cannot control myself. I thrust my hard cock up her. She is extra excited. Her climax is loud. My sperm shoots within her. She seems to suck me empty.

I mount the stairs. Patricia is there in the bedroom. She grabs at my prick. Her mouth engulfs it. I fear she will smell Bernadette’s juices upon me. She does not seem to care. Patricia mounts me and shags me.

If this is my birthday. Let it happen more often.

Some years later; Bernadette fills in the stories.

“What happened?” I asked ” That night I went to meet Sam, and returned early.”

Bernadette replied.

“After I got there and you had gone Patricia says lets watch a blue video. It was about lesbians. I found it very erotic. I was getting excited. Patricia asked me ‘What is it like to have a lesbian relationship?’ I found the video and her extremely exciting.”

“I did not respond to her question but slipped my hand in her blouse. She wore no bra. Her breasts heaved under my touch. Her hands were all over me. She undid my blouse. It was stripped off me. My bra followed suit. Her hand was rubbing my nipples. I enjoyed it immensely. Her mouth was on my breast. Pleasure flowed within me. I slipped off her shirt. I loved the texture of her breasts.”

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