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It was a warm summer day and had spent the afternoon at the marina, working and playing and was very much looking forward to seeing my lovers face and feeing her close to me. We had been together a year now and had both found everything we had searched for in one another. Our love together had made each of our past disappointments well worth it and I missed her even after a few hours apart.

I arrived home at five o’clock to find myself alone, wandering around I found a note from my beautiful lover Rachel, asking that I get showered and start dinner for three. She mentioned that she would be home around six thirty and that she too had missed me. I was walking on air just reading her words and thinking of her touch, her kiss and her heart. I had really gotten lucky finding this sexy, voluptuous woman of my dreams. She was the first woman that had totally accepted me as I am and we really had such a strong love and a wonderful intimate life together.

As I showered, my thoughts were drawn to Rachel, and the erotic life we shared. We had met online and immediately felt a huge connection, sharing so much so soon. It had taken a bit of time to meet but by then, we had bared ourselves to each other and we fell in love in a very short time. Our love life was the stuff of my dreams, with both of us sharing our thoughts and fantasies and genuinely wanting pleasure for the other. As I thought of those eyes, those lips and that touch, I was beginning to get aroused but held off from touching myself as I wanted to save myself for her.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried myself a slipped into some shorts and shirt and headed for the kitchen. I stopped again to read the note that was left for me, wanting to hear her sweet words in my head again. Thinking nothing of having a guest, I proceeded to go about getting some food ready for the grill. As I worked, my thoughts kept drifting to Rachel, and thought with a smile that this feeling of amazement towards her was not ever going to subside.

I was taken from my daydream as I heared the door open behind me. I turned and was greeted with Rachel, she looked sexy and beautiful wearing a short skirt and a tight low-cut top, and she was beaming at me. As she entered she turned and invited our dinner guest into our home, at once introducing him as Rick, a man she had met at her latest photography assignment.

Rachel had told me about Rick and we had discussed him a few times in the last week. Rachel had told me about him the day they met, telling me about this hot guy she was going to be working with. She had gone to great length’s describing him and I had taken her attraction to him and turned it into a fantasy that we had shared the last few nights. As he stepped closer to shake my hand, I met Rachel’s smiling and seductive eyes. As we shook hands, I noticed that Rick lived up to Rachel’s description, being about six feet tall, early 40’s, handsome, with short salt and pepper hair.

As Rachel introduced us, she added that Rick was a designer that had been here on assignment and was leaving to return home the following day. She mentioned that since he had been alone, he likely would appreciate some company for his last night in town. I looked into Rachel’s eyes to try and find a clue as to her intentions but was only left with the warmth and playfulness that I usually found in them. As I excused myself to finish getting everything ready in the Kitchen, Rachel invited Rick to make himself comfortable on the couch.

After putting everything in the fridge, I returned to the living room to see if anyone wanted a cool drink. As In entered, I found Rachel sitting very close to our guest, facing him, and flirting with him. She looked just amazing, and he was doing his best to not make his fascination with her too obvious. Rachel turned as I inquired about the drinks sharing a brief but sexy moment with me before moving her hand to Rick’s bare knee. She answered as she turned and continued showing herself off to our guest, peaking his interest and flirting shamelessly with him.

As I reached the kitchen, I was filled with emotions; love, lust and just the slightest pang of jealousy but more that anything, Rachel’s mind was arousing me as always. As I fixed the drinks, I noticed that their talking stopped for a moment and then resume. I could hear Rachel more clearly as her voice began again, asking Rick if he liked kissing her. I paused my task to listen as I heard Rick’s response to Rachel “Yes, but what about John?” Rachel silenced him with “it will turn him on knowing you want me “. I was listening intently as Rachel asked Rick if he would like to touch her, but did not hear his reply.

I waited a brief moment then moved to the pass-through that opens to the living room to see if Rick had answered Rachel with an action. As I reached the pass through, an erotic sight greeted me. Rachel was leaning in to Rick kissing him while he explored her full breast though the thing material of her top. She was in turn rubbing his crotch and I could hear her soft moans of appreciation. Rachel and I had shared this fantasy many times and she knew how hot the fantasy of my watching her with another man was to me. I felt my cock begin to swell as I watched the woman I loved seduce another man before my eyes.

I stayed at the pass through, unnoticed as I watched them kiss and grow more passionate. I noticed that Rick had moved his hand under Rachel’s top and was touching her amazing beasts. I knew that if he had any skill that Rachel would be getting very wet from his touch. Rachel was definitely getting into Rick but I knew that she had set this up for me. She knew that any pleasure she received would be a huge turn on for me, and I knew that she was about to be pleasured by this man.

From my vantage point, I could see Rachel’s face clearly and watched as she broke her kiss and leaned over Rick to undo his shorts. I met Rachel’s eyes as she used her sexy hands to free Rick’s cock from its straining confines. Her eyes thrilled me as we shared that moment as one sexual being. Her teasing sexy look, her flirting with me as she finally freed what looked to be a very thick and long cock drove me wild with lust. We looked deep into each other as her hand slowly began to caress Rick’s huge cock as he groaned with approval.

At that moment, I knew Rick must have been out of his mind with lust as he experienced Rachel’s skillful hands pumping his very hard cock. I watched as Rachel smiled at me and mouthed the words ‘I love you” before lowering her head to take Rick’s large shaft into her sexy mouth. Watching this scene from 10 feet away as my love began to caress the huge hard cock with her mouth was more erotic than any porno movie I had ever seen.

Rachel brought her mouth off Rick and he moaned his disapproval but then moved to the floor and settled between his legs. Rick’s eyes never left her as he watched my sexy seductress kneel before him, stroking his throbbing cock with both hands. By this time, my own cock was rock-hard and needing some attention. I slowly moved around the counter leading to living room and startled Rick as I approached them. I just smiled as I joined them and kneeled behind Rachel while she continued her hand-job on our very aroused guest. As I reached her, I ran my hands up both sides of her body, reaching around to caress her breasts, feeling her straining nipples confined in her tight top. I reached lower, lifting her top for her as she released Rick’s cock from her erotic grip.

Rachel leaned back into me as she raised her arms, allowing me to remove her top. Rick watched intently as I stripped my love for him, baring her breasts to his excited gaze. I nuzzled Rachel’s neck while cupping her breasts in my hands and whispered that she was the sexiest woman on earth. She moaned at the words as I kissed her neck and caressed her beautiful breasts. As I continued to touch her, Rachel, reached back up to take Rick’s cock in her hands again. I kissed her neck again, and asked her if she liked touching Rick’s huge cock. Rachel moaned a “yes” adding that she wanted to suck it again, and that she wanted him to fuck her with it as well.

My cock twitched against Rachel’s ass as I held her, loving every second of her playing the slut for me. As Rachel bent again to take Rick’s cock into her sexy mouth I reached under her skirt to caress her soaked pussy with my fingers. As I reached her mound, I could feel its wetness through her thong and could feel that it was very swollen and in need of my expert attention.

I pulled her thong aside and caressed her slick, wet lips as she moaned around the huge cock in her mouth. As I slipped my fingers into her hot swollen pussy, she lifted her head from Rick’s cock and turned back to me. We met in a very wet and erotic kiss and she shared her tongue with me. I could taste his cock on her lips as she fucked my mouth with her tongue. My cock was now straining from excitement and ready to burst as we shared an amazing erotic moment.

“You like this baby?” Rachel asked me in a sexy moan as we broke or kiss. I answered with a groan as I felt her pussy throbbing around my fingers. Rachel knew my fantasies and was pushing every erotic button perfectly. She asked if I liked watching her suck cock, adding that she couldn’t wait for him to fuck her and stretch her tight pussy. I could only moan a “yes baby, yes” as she again lowered her mouth to the largest cock I had ever seen.

As she began to suck Rick again, he began to buck his hips, needing desperately to fuck Rachel’s sexy mouth. I knew he was in absolute heaven having Rachel fuck his shaft with her hands and mouth like only she can. Rachel was moaning around Rick’s shaft as she sucked him deeper into her mouth and I watched intently as I undid my shorts and released my hard cock. As I continued watching, I lifted Rachel’s skirt and began to rub her dripping pussy with my rock hard cock. As I slipped into her wet, wonderful pussy, Rachel released Rick momentarily to tell me to fuck her. I had never felt Rachel’s pussy so wet as I buried my thick cock in her tight pussy from behind.

As Rachel resumed her work on the huge cock before her, I held her hips in my hands and began to slowly fuck her deeply. I savored every emotion and every sense as I slowly fucked in and out of Rachel’s tight pussy, marveling at this woman I loved so deeply. As I slid again into her dripping pussy, I held my twitching cock deep inside her, watching her suck Rick, seeing the lust in his eyes as the sexy woman before him gave him the blow job of his life. As I resumed fucking her, Rachel again turned to kiss me, her mouth was hot, wet and sexier than I could have ever imagined. Tasting her, fucking her, and knowing that her mouth was hot from having another man’s cock in it almost made me come at that moment.

I think Rachel knew that I was close from the intense erotic stimulation and rose to change positions. Rachel took me first by the hand and brought me to my feet then did the same to Rick. As he rose and joined us, Rachel stood between us and with a hard cock in each hand she kissed us both in turn. Rachel then motioned me to the couch, pushing me down as she climbed over me, straddling my face. As she lowered her very wet and swollen pussy to my eager mouth, she took my straining cock into her hands.

As I began to lick and suck Rachel’s dripping pussy, I heard Rachel tell Rick to get behind her and fuck her with his big cock. I watched as Rick settled above me, his cock, long, thick and very hard. As Rachel moved back, eager for his huge shaft, I watched as Rick began to rub the massive head up and down Rachel’s slit while I licked her hard, throbbing clit.

I was so turned on and wanted my baby to receive the pleasure of the big cock poised at the entrance of her hot, wet pussy. We had talked about this moment and I knew what Rachel wanted. Just like our toy play, she wanted me to give her this strange cock, she wanted me to be the one to fill her pussy with Rick’s massive cock.

With one hand, I reached up and grasped the huge, throbbing shaft that was teasing my lover’s dripping cunt lips. Rick’s cock felt massively thick in my hand as I stroked him, getting him harder for my lover’s pleasure. I rubbed the huge head up and down Rachel’s slit and felt Rick get harder as my Loves pussy got wetter and wetter. Oh, Baby, put his big cock in me, I want to be your slut, I want you to watch him fuck me deep”.

Rachel was moaning, begging for Rick’s thick cock as I eased his thick, hungry cock into the pussy I love so much. Then as I resumed licking Rachel’s clit, I held her while reaching around her hips to open her warm, wet pussy for the huge cock that was entering her, stretching her.

With a groan, Rick began slowly entering Rachel’s tight pussy right before my eyes. I had stopped licking her to watch as his giant shaft slowly penetrated her. I could hear Rachel moaning, and she gripped my cock harder as he stretched her, filling her with his cock. As he got deeper, finally burying his huge shaft in her swollen excited pussy, I heard Rachel tell me that he was huge, that he was fucking her so deep. My cock was twitching at her words and at the sight before me as he began to slowly fuck his huge cock in and out of Rachel’s willing pussy.

As Rick began to fuck Rachel in earnest, she was moaning to me while jerking my cock in her sexy hands. “God baby, he is fucking me so deep”, “do you like watching him fuck me?” “lick my clit while he fucks me with that huge cock”. I was ready to come from just her words, but was determined to make this last, and give her every pleasure I could with my tongue while that huge cock filled her.

I resumed licking Rachel’s clit as Rick began to pound her harder, fucking her deep and stretching her beautiful pussy. I could taste her juices running out of her as Rick fucked her harder, deeper, and faster. Her legs began to tremble as her moans became more urgent.

Rachel was moaning that she was going to come on his cock and I could feel her clit begin to throb on my tongue. As Rick’s thrusts got faster and more desperate, I felt Rachel’s hot mouth plunge down onto my cock as she continued fucking my thick cock with her lovely hands. I felt Rachel stiffen as she removed my straining cock for her mouth and moaned that she was coming. “Oh God, I’m coming baby, I am coming all over his huge cock”, her words also sent Rick over the edge as he plunged deeply into Rachel’s contracting pussy, and filled her with his hot come. I could feel Rachel’s clit throbbing as her pussy accepted the hot come from Rick’s giant cock.

It seemed that their orgasms lasted forever, twitching, shaking, moaning and feeling wave after wave of bliss wash over them in a sexual high. As Rachel, began to calm and as I felt her convulsions begin to subside against my lips, I felt her begin to pump my cock again. I held her clit between my lips; comforting her with my mouth as I reveled in the erotic moment I had just been a part of. I then felt Rachel take my hard thick cock into her mouth again, and could feel that she wanted me to come for her, wanted my pleasure and wanted my release. As she began to suck me harder, fucking me with her mouth and hands, Rick slowly eased his giant cock from Rachel’s well-fucked pussy.

As Rick withdrew from Rachel; she leaned back against me and covered my mouth and face with her hot, wet pussy. I knew what she wanted and accepted her wishes eagerly, hungrily. She rotated her hips, rubbing her come-filled pussy all over my face as I feasted on her naughty, come-filled pussy. I could taste her and him in my mouth, the evidence of her hot fuck with this stranger poured out of her gaping hot pussy into my mouth and coated my lips.

She then released my cock from her hot mouth and turned around to face me. Leaning over me she met my eyes, while reaching between her legs and guiding my hard cock into her. I had never felt her pussy so wet and slick as she eased down on me. She came closer and kissed me, tasting her erotic fuck on my lips as she began to fuck me towards climax.

As we grasped each other, I broke our kiss to thank her and tell her I loved her, which she returned in a breathless moan. She asked me if I liked watching her get fucked and if I could feel another man’s come coating her pussy. I could only moan a yes, as I felt the heat of her used pussy around my cock. As she told me how hot she felt playing the slut for me and how big Rick’s cock felt in her pussy, my cock exploded in her. We kissed as the pleasure ran through me; wave after wave left me shaking in Rachel’s loving arms. As we shared another kiss, oblivious of all else, we both heard the door open and then close, leaving us alone to hold each other and share this moment together.

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