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I woke up alone in the bed at nine o’clock Saturday morning. As I came out of my sleepy haze, short scenes from the previous evening played in my head. I wasn’t sure if these events had actually happened or had it all been a dream. As my head cleared so did my thinking and I began remembering everything that had happened. The house was completely quiet which is unusual for a Saturday morning. Jan usually gets up around seven o’clock on Saturdays and by the time I wake up she is either vacuuming floors, doing laundry or has the TV on. The house is never quiet on Saturday mornings.

I began to worry. I didn’t know what would be waiting for me downstairs. Did Jan wake up regretting everything that had happened? Could this possibly have ruined her friendship with Sue? Would she blame me for everything? If she did blame me, could our marriage survive? Maybe the house was quiet because Jan wasn’t home. Maybe she left me. The more I thought about it the more I worried because I knew that I was to blame.

With a knot in my stomach caused by nervous tension, I quietly got out of bed, put on my robe and crept to the top of the stairs. I stood silently for a minute to see if I could hear anything. I heard something very faintly. It wasn’t the television or radio and not one of the appliances. It was the faint sound of papers rustling.

I took a deep breath and headed downstairs to face whatever was waiting for me. I would have to try blaming my behavior on the wine and grass. I wasn’t sure that would work but Jan should know that if it wasn’t for the wine and grass she certainly wouldn’t have done all of those things.

I quietly descended the stairs and walked into the kitchen. I heard the sound of paper again in the family room. When I turned to look in that direction I saw Jan sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. I didn’t know if this was a good or a bad omen.

As I moved farther into the kitchen Jan heard me and looked up. I couldn’t tell if she was angry as she said, “So you finally decided to get up?”

Rather than responding to her I was trying to determine her mood from the look on her face and the sound of her voice. While I was pondering this I heard the door to the hall bathroom open and before I could turn around, Sue appeared in the kitchen wearing the same clothes she had on the night before. Sue walked by me and gave me a strange look as she passed. Sue went into the family room and sat on the sofa and picked up a coffee cup.

“There’s a fresh pot of coffee in the maker and there are fresh bagels on the counter,” Jan said.

The tone of Jan’s voice told me nothing. I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I asked where the bagels came from and Jan said, “Sue and I went out to the store this morning while you were sleeping.” Still no indication of Jan’s mood.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and went into the family room and sat down. I figured that the best thing to do would be to deal with everything head on. I needed to find out what the fall out from last night was going to be. I started, “I’m not sure if you are going to want to talk about this or not but I think we should talk about what happened last night and what we should do about it.”

“Do about it?” Jan asked, “What can you do about it? Sue and I have been talking about it since 5:30 this morning and the only thing we could come up with is that there is nothing that needs to be done about last night. We all got high and sexually excited and ended up having a pretty wild sexual experience.”

I asked, “Really? Any regrets about anything you did last night?”

Jan said, “I don’t know.”

Sue said, “I don’t know what to think. I’ve never done anything like that before and would never have believed that I was capable of behaving that way. I have to admit that I enjoyed it last night. Now…I don’t know what to think. How do you feel about it?”

“I guess I feel pretty much like both of you. I never planned for anything like that to happen, I enjoyed it while it was happening and now I don’t know what to think. So then, where do we go from here? Just try to leave this in the past? Act like it never happened?”

Jan cleared her throat, “Like I said, Sue and I have done a lot of talking about this. Apparently we both got off on the things we did last night and we can’t pretend it never happened. We think that we need to talk about what we all did last night to try to understand it better. So let’s talk. Do you have questions you want to ask us.”

“Well yes there are a few” I said, “Let’s get to the things that I am really concerned about first. The two of you made love to each other last night. I instigated it but neither of you seemed to have any hang-ups about doing it. Is there something special between you two that I should know about?”

“What do you mean?” Jan asked

“What I mean is, were you two already lovers or did you discover something about yourselves last night that will effect our marriage or your love for me?”

Jan responded to this question. “If you are asking if we are lesbians, we are not. Prior to last night the idea of having sex with Sue, or any other woman, had never entered my mind. Sue assured me this morning that she feels the same. I have to tell you that last night when you told me to kiss Sue’s breasts something came over me. I didn’t have a moments concern about doing it because you wanted me to do it and I love Sue enough that I wanted to give her that pleasure. For some reason it just seemed to be the natural thing to do at that moment.”

Then Sue said “And that is exactly how I felt about it. It wasn’t about my wanting to have sex with Jan it was about being extremely horny and having you tell us what you wanted us to do. I wasn’t thinking about making love to Jan, I was thinking about giving her pleasure while giving you, what you wanted. At first this morning we tried to blame everything on the wine and pot but we realized that as we talked about last night we were getting aroused. We had no excuses this morning. The wine and grass had worn off. The only answer was that Jan and I were sexual turned on by the same thing. It turns out the turn on was having you tell us what to do. I can’t explain why, but that’s it. We came to this conclusion this morning as we were talking about that porno movie we watched last night and how most of the movie was a waste of time until the part where the husband forced his wife to give him oral sex then he made her have sex with the other woman. It’s funny but we both got very turned on by that part of the movie. So when you told Jan to show me her breasts I felt my panties getting wet.”

Before I could respond to what Sue was telling me, Jan said, “Do you want to know what Sue and I have decided?” I nodded yes. “We have decided that we both enjoyed last night’s experience but we don’t know what to do now. We don’t know if we should do this again sometime or if we should make sure that it never happens again. What ever we do we will have to be careful so that Dave never finds out. So George, what do you think? ”

I said, “What do I think? What do you think I think? If you leave it up to me, my friend here will decide for us. ” As I said this I stood up and opened my robe to show them my erection.

Sue laughed and said, “We thought you would say something like that. Well, I have to go home and take a shower and do my cleaning. Dave will be calling soon and I want to be there for his call Besides, I think we need to spend time apart to think this over and talk again later about what we should do.”

I said, “I guess that’s a good idea. Will you be coming back tonight?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Sue replied.

I looked at Jan and she just smiled. I said, “Be here at 6:30 this evening. Tonight I am taking both of you out to dinner then we’ll come back here and talk some more.”

Sue looked and Jan then at me and said, “I’ll be here at 6:30.” As Sue passed me on her way to the front door she looked at me and said, “You’re not going to try and stuff the ballot box with that thing are you?” Then she reached inside my robe and squeezed my cock. As she went out the door she turned and said, “I’ll see you both later.”

When Sue had left I turned to Jan and asked, “Is there anything else you want to say to me about last night?”

“I know it must be a shock to you” she said, “to see your prissy wife turn into a sexually depraved woman. It sure as hell surprised me too. It just never occurred to me that sex could be like this. We should have been more adventuresome in bed before now.”

I went over and sat next to Jan on the sofa and said, “I still don’t understand something about last night. I still find it hard to believe that you actually made love to Sue just because I told you to do it. Most women, if you ask them about the idea of making love to another woman would say that the idea disgusts them and they could never do that. It didn’t seem to bother you then or now. Can you explain that to me?”

Jan said, “Well it’s just something that I had never discussed with anyone or even thought about before. I had never seen two women making love to each other in a movie before last night. I knew what lesbians were but I guess I just never thought about what they did in bed together. The only women I have ever known were lesbians were so butch that they looked and acted more like men than some men I know. Seeing them I just couldn’t understand how another woman could be attracted to them. Then in the movie last night the two women were so beautiful and sexy and seeing them make love was very erotic. I guess that scene broke down any resistance I had to the idea of making love to another woman. Now that I have done it and enjoyed it, I don’t feel bad about myself.”

Jan started to get up to leave the room and I asked her where she was going. “To take a shower,” she said.

I held her arm and said, “You can’t go off and leave me here with this erection. I need a blowjob.”

I wasn’t sure how Jan would respond to this but I had to see how far I could go. Jan just dropped to her knees in front of me, opened my robe and took my cock into her mouth. What Jan lacked in experience in oral sex she more than made up for in enthusiasm. As I watched my cock disappear into her mouth I began to think about what had happened over the last twenty-four hours. Although the previous night had been the greatest sexual experience of my life I realized that to continue that behavior could possibly destroy two marriages but as I neared orgasm I decided I didn’t care, I had to have more. My climax left my legs week and my cum running down Jan’s chin. Jan stood up and wiped the cum off her face with the tee shirt she was wearing, then she kissed me and went upstairs to take her shower.

The rest of the day Jan and I went about our usual Saturday routines without another word about our sexual escapade the previous night. At 5:30 that evening Jan and I went upstairs to get ready for dinner. I was ready by 6:15 and was sitting in the family room drinking a beer when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Sue standing there in a red cocktail dress. The dress was low cut in the front, exposing a lot of cleavage, and the hem ended just above mid thigh. She looked so sexy my mouth began to water. As I followed Sue back into the family room I watched her ass swaying back and forth inside her dress and I began to get aroused.

I got Sue a glass of wine and we sat down to wait for Jan. We managed to avoid the subject of sex and just talked about the things we had done during the day. Ten minutes later Jan came down dressed in a black cocktail dress exposing only slightly more breast than Sue but her dress was just a little longer. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there with these two beautiful women and that I may very well get to have sex with both of them later. I got up and poured a glass of wine for Jan and we sat and talked about everything, that is everything except sex, until we finished our drinks. Then we headed for the car.

Jan got into the front seat of the car with me and Sue sat in back. In order to talk to us more easily, Sue moved over to the middle of the back seat. When I looked in the rear view mirror all I could see was that beautiful face with those sexy green eyes. I adjusted the mirror so that I could see Sue’s legs. I don’t know if she knew what I was doing or not but when she sat back she let her knees separate far enough that I knew that she wasn’t wearing pantyhose. She was wearing black thigh high stockings and black panties and I was wearing an enormous erection. By the time we got to the restaurant I had a small wet spot in my underwear. When we pulled up in front of the restaurant I got out of the car and went around and opened Jan’s door. As I helped her out of the car I learned that she also was not wearing pantyhose and her panties were also black. When I assisted Sue out of the back seat and she made doubly sure I knew about her hosiery situation.

As we walked into the restaurant I could see that many of the men in the place were turning their heads to check out the two lovely ladies I was with. I could tell that they were jealous that I might be having sex with one of these sexy women. I wonder how they would have felt if they knew that I was really having sex with both of them.

We had an excellent dinner in spite of the fact that I had an erection that was making it difficult for me to sit comfortably. When we finished eating we slipped into the bar for a drink. As we sat with our drinks the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to shove my tongue down both of their throats. I could have done that to Jan without any problems but I couldn’t do it to Sue in public. If anyone in the place knew Sue and/or Dave word could easily get back to him. Other than the sexy way she was dressed Sue had done nothing that wouldn’t look innocent to anyone watching.

When we had finished our drinks and were getting ready to leave the two girls said that they had to go to the lady’s room. Before they left I pulled Jan to me and whispered into her ear “Tell Sue that I want to have sex with the two of you again tonight. Tell her that if she is in agreement that she should get in the front seat of the car for the ride home.”

As they walked away from me I could see Jan leaning close to Sue and saying something to her. Neither of them turned around, they just went into the lady’s room.

When the girls came back from the lady’s room I was waiting for them by the door. We went outside and I handed the valet the ticket for my car. When the car arrived the valet held the door open for me then opened both doors on the passenger side. Sue got into the front seat with me and Jan sat in the back.

As we drove out of the parking lot I asked the girls if they had enjoyed their dinners. Both said that they had enjoyed the meal. I said, “Well, if you enjoyed the dinner that I paid for maybe one of you would be kind enough to show me your appreciation.” Then I looked at Jan and said, “Don’t you think it would be a nice jester if Sue sucked my cock for me while we drive home.”

“I would love to watch her do that” was Jan’s response.

I held my breath for a second waiting to see how Sue would react. I didn’t have to wait long. As we rolled to a stop at a traffic light Sue leaned over and unfastened my belt, pulled down the zipper and pushed my pants down far enough that she could get my cock out. I tipped the steering wheel up to give her more room as Sue laid her head in my lap and began kissing the head of my cock. As Sue let my cock slid into her mouth I almost came. I had to concentrate very hard on my driving and not on the sensations I was feeling in my cock and balls to keep control of the car and to keep from losing control of my orgasm.

Somehow I managed to keep it together until we got to the house. Then I sat back in my seat and let Sue finish me off. When I felt the first pulse of hot semen erupt from my cock into Sue’s mouth I closed my eyes and road the wave of ecstasy until I felt my cock begin to go flaccid. As Sue let my now limp cock slip from her mouth I turned to Jan and said, “I think Sue needs a kiss.” Jan didn’t hesitate. She leaned between the seats and gave Sue a long slow deep tongue kiss as they shared the product of my orgasm. As I watched the two of them kissing I began to feel the power that they had bestowed on me. It seemed that whatever I wanted, all I had to do was tell them and they would do it for me. You can’t imagine the feeling of power having two beautiful women under your control gives you. I knew that this couldn’t last forever but I was going to enjoy this situation as much as I could for as long as I could.

When Jan and Sue finally broke from their kiss I suggested we go in the house.

Once inside the house I fixed us all a drink then we settled into the family room. I figured after having received a blowjob in the car on the way home from the restaurant there was no need to be coy about what I wanted now. I said, “While my cock is recovering from Sue’s attention I’d like to watch you two making out for a while. Jan, why don’t you start things off?”

Without a word, Jan moved and sat next to Sue on the sofa. She took the drink that Sue was holding and set it down on the coffee table, and then she gently cradled Sue’s face in her hands and gave her a very gentle kiss on the lips. Jan immediately followed the kiss by running her tongue over Sue’s lips. Then the kissing started. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other passionately. After a short time Jan began massaging Sue’s breasts through her clothes.

At this point my cock started to recover and as my passion began to build so did my desire to see my two beautiful ladies make love to each other. I got up and went over and sat next to the girls on the sofa. When I sat down I told Sue that I wanted to see her suck on Jan’s nipples. Without breaking the kiss they were sharing at the time, Sue reached behind Jan’s back and unzipped her dress. Sue then began kissing Jan’s neck as she pulled Jan’s dress off her shoulders and helped Jan get her arms out of the small straps. Sue kissed her way down to the top of Jan’s strapless bra. Sue undid the clasp on the front of the bra and released Jan’s lovely breasts. I could feel my excitement build as Sue bent down and took Jan’s left nipple between her lips. Jan let out a soft moan as Sue sucked, kissed and licked her nipples as she massaged her breasts with her hands.

As Jan laid her head back on the sofa with her eyes closed I had to open my pants to make my stiff cock more comfortable. As I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it I said, “Sue, I want to watch you run your tongue up and down Jan’s pussy then I want to see you push your tongue inside her.”

Sue slipped off of the sofa and onto the floor as I moved the coffee table out of the way. She positioned herself on her knees in front of Jan. As Jan continued to lie back with her eyes closed, Sue began sliding her hands up and down the outside of Jan’s legs each time going a little higher up. When her hands reached the hem of Jan’s dress, Sue moved her hands to the top of Jan’s thighs and slid them up under the dress about three or four inches. As she began to pull her hands back out Sue moved her hands between Jan’s thighs. Sue kept her hands between Jan’s thighs as she started to slide them up again. This time as she passed the hem of Jan’s dress, Jan spread her legs apart to give Sue easy access to her upper thighs and the magic area at the junction of her legs that was covered by a thin layer of black satin. Sue leaned forward and began kissing the inside of Jan’s thighs. As she moved her kisses higher up Jan’s thighs she began to push Jan’s dress up with her hands. When Sue had the dress up to Jan’s ass, Jan raised herself up so that Sue could push the dress up over her hips. With both hands Sue pulled Jan’s hips to the edge of the sofa. At this point Sue looked at me then back at Jan’s panty covered pussy. I followed Sue’s stare to discover that Jan’s panties had a wet spot over her pussy. I watched as Sue ran her tongue over the wet spot and then she gave Jan’s pussy a small bite through her panties. Sue then reached up to the waist of Jan’s panties and began pulling them down. Once again Jan assisted by lifting her ass off the sofa. Now I watched from no more than a foot away as Sue placed her tongue at the bottom of Jan’s vulva. While just barley making contact with the closed lips of Jan’s pussy, Sue ran her tongue up the seam in Jan’s vulva and off into her pubic mound. Sue did this several more times until Jan’s lips began to open by themselves, as if in invitation for Sue’s tongue to enter. By this time Jan was slowly rolling her head from side to side and letting little sounds of enjoyment escape from her mouth.

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