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I ordered another beer and as I waited I thought about the planned get together of Jan, Sue and Dave. The plan was to invite Dave and Sue over for dinner and then when they arrived Jan would tell them she was sorry but that I had to go out of town but she still wanted them to come for dinner. After dinner Jan would light up a joint and pass it around and when they had Dave feeling good Jan would suggest watching an x-rated video. Jan and Sue would then use the combination of wine, grass and the video to seduce Dave into a threesome.

Of course the long-range plan was for us to become a foursome. We hadn’t figured out how we would jump from Dave having a threesome with Jan and Sue to the four of us having sex together. We would have to just take it one step at a time.

Sue, of course, was in on the plan from the start. As soon as we told her what we wanted to do she agreed to cooperate. Of course I didn’t ask her, I told her it is what I wanted and she said she would be glad to do it.

We set it up for a Friday night and it was all I could think about all that week. At first I was excited about the idea of watching the three of them having sex but then some doubts started to enter my thoughts.

I had no doubt the girls would be able to seduce Dave. After all, Jan had suggested the idea of a threesome to Dave and he said he would love it. Besides, what man could resist the temptation of two women wanting to have sex with him?

I guess what began to worry me was what would happen afterward. After all, Jan and Sue began this sexual adventure because they got off on being told what to do. Now if Dave got control of them in the same way, would he have Jan doing things behind my back or that I didn’t approve of? Could I handle having another man have that kind of control over my wife? I was beginning to think that I would cancel the whole thing.

On Thursday I got the answer to my problem. My boss called me into his office and told me that they were opening a new sales office in San Diego and that he wanted to offer me the position of sales manager of that office. It would mean a move, but it would also mean a little more money. I told my boss I would have to think it over and he told me to take my time. He said there was no rush and that I could take three weeks to think it over.

That night I told Jan about the job and asked her what she thought. She said, “It sounds like a good opportunity. If it’s what you want let’s do it.”

I said, “What about Sue and Dave. Won’t you miss them?”

“Of course I’ll miss them but they will still be our friends and we can make new friends in San Diego.”

I said, “So, does that mean you want to go?”

She said, “No. It means that I love you and I will go wherever you go.”

It made me feel better to know that whatever I decided about the job, Jan would support me. It also gave me some comfort about what might happen with Sue and Dave after their threesome with Jan. If things work out the way I hoped then we would become a happy foursome, if not, I would take the job in San Diego and Jan and I could get a fresh start in a new city.

Friday I parked my car in a shopping center parking lot about three blocks from our house and I walked home being careful to make sure that Dave would not see me. Jan had fixed me something to eat and I went upstairs to wait till the festivities to begin.

Sue and Dave arrived about a half hour later. I knew nothing would start till after dinner so I stayed in my room with the door just slightly open so I could hear some of what was being said downstairs.

I heard Jan explaining my absence as Sue and Dave came into the house. After that it was just a lot of chatter as they had some wine and Jan began to put dinner on the table. This was torture for me. The minutes seemed like hours as I waited for them to finish dinner and move into the living room.

When they did finally finish dinner and move into the living room I could feel my heart starting to pound harder in my chest. I wasn’t sure if it was nerves or excitement. I waited another fifteen minutes before I dare to venture into the hallway. From there I crawled to the edge of the loft over the family room and peaked down. I got there just in time to see Jan take a box off the bookshelf and say, “Look what I found.”

She opened the box and pulled out two joints and said, “I found these joints that George had hidden. Should we light up?”

Sue immediately said, “Yes.”

Dave said, “If you two want to I guess we can.”

I was a little surprised that Dave wasn’t a little more enthusiastic but at least he agreed to go along.

I watched as Jan lit one joint took a couple of hits on it then passed it on to Dave. They continued to pass the joint around until it was gone then Jan lit the second joint and repeated the routine.

By the time they had finished the second joint the three of them were giggling uncontrollably. Everything that was said seemed to strike all of them as being extremely funny. So, when Jan suggesting watching an x-rated video they all laughed and agreed it sounded like a good idea.

I could not see the television from where I was watching so I had to entertain myself by watching their expressions as they watched the movie.

For the first half hour of the movie the three of them kept giggling about the action on the screen but gradually they became more quiet and more focused on the movie. I saw Dave shift in his seat, a move that I recognized as an attempt to adjust his growing erection to make himself more comfortable.

Like I said, I could not see the movie, but I could hear it. I recognized the part of the movie where the man forced his wife to have sex with the other woman. I was watching Jan and Sue during this part and they were both completely engrossed in the scene. At one point I noticed Sue give a quick look over at Jan. I think she may even have winked at her but I couldn’t be sure about it.

When the movie ended Jan got up and turned the VCR off and then looked at Sue and Dave and said, “Wow. That was really something wasn’t it?”

Sue said, Yeah, especially that last part. I’ll bet you loved that part didn’t you Dave?”

Dave said, “What? Loved what part?”

Sue said, “Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. You loved watching those two women making love didn’t you?”

Dave laughed then said, “Well, as a matter of fact that was pretty hot. Any guy would love to watch two beautiful women make love.”

Sue said, “Why is it men like to watch lesbians having sex? It’s is not as thought the lesbians would have any interest in having sex with you.”

Dave said, “Those girls in the movie aren’t lesbians.”

Sue said, “What do you mean they are not lesbians? They had sex together didn’t they?”

Then Jan said, “Dave’s right. A lot of women have sex with other women just for the fun of it and they aren’t lesbians.”

Sue looked over at Jan and said, “Oh, have you ever done it?”

Jan said, “I have always been a little curious about it. Aren’t you a little curious?”

Sue said, “I never really thought about it.”

Jan said, “You want to give it a try and see how far we go?”

Sue said, “I don’t know.”

Sue looked over at Dave but didn’t say anything. Dave didn’t say anything either. I thought to myself, ‘Dave old boy you just missed your opening.’

Jan said, “Dave, you don’t mind if I kiss your wife do you?”

Dave shook his head no but didn’t say a word. Jan walked over to Sue, took her hand and pulled her to her feet. The two women stood facing each other for a moment and then Jan kissed Sue gently on the mouth. After a few more similar kisses Sue started to kiss back with some passion.

At one point Jan turned to Dave and asked, “Would you like to see me suck on your wife’s breasts?”

Dave said, “Yes.” Then he put his hand in his crotch and seemed to be repositioning his equipment.

Jan opened Sue’s blouse and slid it off her shoulders and then she removed Sue’s bra. Dave seemed to be mesmerized by this and watched intently as Jan began to suck on Sue’s nipples. Sue put her head back and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations she was feeling.

Jan stopped what she was doing long enough to ask Dave, “Do you think Sue is enjoying this?”

I couldn’t hear his answer but Jan seemed to be satisfied with whatever he said. Then Jan said, “Sue, I bet Dave would like to see you suck on my breasts now.”

Jan removed her blouse and bra and pulled Sue’s head to her breast. Sue began to suck on Jan’s nipples and I saw Dave begin to stroke his cock through his pants.

After several minutes of enjoying the attention Sue was giving to her breasts, Jan pulled away from Sue and said, “Let’s take the rest of our clothes off. I know Dave wants to see me lick your pussy and I have to admit I want to taste you.”

Dave didn’t say a word as the girls quickly stripped out of their clothes. Jan told Sue to lie down on the floor then she got between her knees and bent down and pressed her mouth against Sue’s pussy.

I was so aroused at that point that I had to open my pants and take my cock out. It was very obvious that Dave was as aroused as I was by the scene in front of him but he still seemed to be content to just watch.

Jan turned herself around so that her pussy was now above Sue’s face then she said, “Sue, are you ready to taste my pussy?”

Sue said, “I guess so.”

Jan lowered her hips and pressed her pussy down on Sue’s mouth. As Sue began to suck on Jan’s clit, Jan looked over at Dave and said, “Why don’t you let your cock come out and play. Take you clothes off and join us. There are two hot pussies her for you to choose from. Come and shove that big cock of yours into one of these pussies.”

Dave slowly got up and removed his clothes. He seem to be a little tentative but he did get naked and he positioned himself behind Jan and then lifted her hips up so that he could penetrate her from behind. Sue stayed on the floor under them and began licking Dave’s balls and his shaft as he pumped Jan’s pussy.

As I watched what was going on below me I began to sense a growing feeling of frustration. Something wasn’t right. As I tried to analyze the situation it occurred to me that maybe I had pushed things to far. We had Dave believing that Jan and Sue were having sex together for the first time and that the idea for this threesome was just between Jan and Dave. I began to feel guilty that we were manipulating him. Putting him in a position where he would feel guilty for fucking my wife so that I could get him to let me fuck his wife.

One thing I had never considered is that he may never agree to a foursome with Jan, Sue and me, never agree to let me have sex with Sue under any circumstances. What would happen if he ever found out what we were really up to? I thought about how I would feel if Dave, Sue and Jan had done this to me and I knew I would not be happy about it.

I tried to take my mind off of these thoughts by concentrating on the action below. I saw Dave climax inside Jan and pull out. His semen was leaking from Jan and dripping down onto Sue’s face. Dave sat on the floor and watch as Jan told Sue to clean her pussy for her. Sue seemed to be reluctant at first but Jan whispered something to her and Sue did as Jan told her.

Something was definitely missing and it took me a few more minutes to realize what it was. It was the passion the girls showed when I told them what I wanted them to do.

That wasn’t happening here. When Jan told Sue to clean her pussy, Sue didn’t want to do it but after Jan whispered something to her she did it. I am pretty sure I know what Jan told her. Although I could not hear what she said I did see Jan point discretely toward me. I believe that Jan told Sue something like, “George is watching and he wants you to clean my pussy.”

So now I knew what the problem was. Dave was not taking charge. He was content to follow, let the girls decide what to do and go along with them. In a way I was glad to see this because I really didn’t want my control of Jan and Sue to be challenged, but now I felt even more guilt about Dave. We had set him up for something he could not handle.

I wasn’t aware that I was even thinking about what I should do but suddenly I knew what I had to do. I slipped quietly down the stairs and out of the house. I waited for a minute, took a deep breath and walked into the house as if I was returning home unexpectedly.

When I walked into the living room Dave was the first to notice me. He was sitting naked on the floor stroking his semi-erect cock when he spotted me. His jaw dropped open and all he could manage to say was, “Oh God, George.”

Jan and Sue turned and looked at me, not in fear as Dave was, but in puzzlement. They wondered why I had changed the plans.

I walked into the room and said, “What is going on here?”

Dave still couldn’t speak. So rather than waiting for him to answer I stripped out of my clothes and mounted Sue. As I pushed my cock into Sue I said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that we were going to swap partners tonight? If I had known I would have stayed home tonight.

I looked at Dave to see how he was reacting to my fucking his wife in front of him. To my surprise his cock was fully erect and he was stroking it as he watch me pumping Sue’s pussy. I said, “Dave, why don’t you take care of Jan while I am fucking your wife?”

Dave didn’t hesitate. He immediately moved over to Jan and started making love to her.

For the next hour I found myself directing the action. The girls both seemed to be more into what they were doing then they had been before I joined them and Dave was following my directions and seemed to be enjoying himself.

When we were all exhausted we got dressed and I told Jan and Sue to go up stairs and wait for us. I said I wanted to talk to Dave. Jan and Sue did as I requested and I got a couple of beers and sat down with Dave and said we have to talk.

Dave started to say something but couldn’t get the words out but it sounded as thought he was going to try and apologize for fucking Jan behind my back.

I stopped him. I said, Dave, I want you to just listen for now then you can ask any questions you might have. Okay?”

Dave said, “Okay.”

I said, “What happened tonight was planned weeks ago.”

Dave started to say something but I held my hand up. “Let me explain.” I took a deep breath then told him in detail exactly how this all started.

Dave was no fool, he saw the connection between my first night with Jan and Sue and what had just gone on, the wine, the grass, and the movie. I didn’t wait to see if Dave would say anything I just pressed on.

“I never set out to seduce your wife and to start any of this, it was just my attempt to improve my sex life with Jan. For my part I can’t say that I am sorry it happened, I am only sorry that I may have hurt you. That was never my intention. Okay now you can ask anything you want.”

Dave said, “I should have known something was going on. Sue has been more horny over the last several months than any other time since I met her.”

I said, “How do you feel about this? Are you angry? What are you going to do?”

Dave said, “Can I tell you a secret? I mean I want to tell you something that you can never tell anyone else including Jan and Sue?”

I said, “u can tell me, I won’t say a word.”

Dave said, “For the last few years I have had this fantasy about Sue having sex with other men. Sometimes I watch, sometimes I find out about it afterward but I always have to masturbate when I think about these fantasies. Now my fantasy has come true. Tonight I watched you fucking Sue and I now know that you and Jan have been fucking her for some time. I just wish I had known all along.

“I can’t say for sure that I won’t be upset when I have more time to think about this but right now the whole thing has me somewhat excited.”

I said, “How did you feel about tonight, I mean before I came in? Watching your wife having sex with another woman must have been a shock.”

“Based on what you have told me so far you already know about me having sex with Jan a few weeks ago.”

“Yes, I was there.”

“Well, Jan suggested getting together with me and Sue that day and ever since then I kind of hoped that I would get to see them have sex even though I never really believed they would do it.”

I said, “Is there anything else you want to ask me?”

“Yes. Has Sue had sex with any other men?”

“No, but she almost did.”

“What do you mean almost?”

I told Dave about how I had asked Sue to help me out with Bob and she was going to do it but that things got screwed up and Bob ended up with Jan.

“You were going to set her up to have sex with another man?”


Dave shook his head and said, “Wow. How did you get her to go along with that?”

I said, “I told Sue I wanted her to do it for me.”

“You just told her and she was ready to do it? How does that work? I have always wanted to be able to tell her about my fantasy and ask her to have sex with another man while I watched but could never bring myself to actually tell her. I was sure if I did I would lose her.”

I said, “I don’t completely understand this myself, but I seem to have some kind of control over Jan and Sue. I am able to get them to do what ever I want.”

Dave said, “I don’t understand why you are telling me all this. Weren’t you afraid of how I might react?”

“Yes, a little. But I also had a feeling about you from what I saw while I watched you with Jan and Sue. I suspect that you would rather be controlled in sex than to be in control. I think that this can work for all of us.”


I said, “If I told you right now I wanted you to go up stairs and fuck Jan, what would you do?”

“I don’t know. I guess I would ask you…”

“Wrong answer. If I tell you to go upstairs and fuck Jan, that is what you will do? And if I tell you to send Sue down here to suck my cock you will do that too. Do you understand?”

Dave began to smile and said, “Yes, I think I understand what you are saying now. If I submit to your control then I will get to live my fantasies and get to have sex with Sue and Jan.”

“You catch on quickly.”

“Okay, what do I do?”

I decided to test him a little so I said, “Go upstairs and get Sue and bring her back here. I want to have her suck my cock while you watch.”

Dave said, “Okay,” and left the room. He returned a few minutes later with Sue.

While he was gone I opened my pants and got my cock out. I was slowly stoking myself when they came back into the room. Sue came directly over to me and began sucking my cock and Dave just sat down and watched.

I told Dave that if what he was watching excited him he could take his cock out and masturbate. Dave did just that. When I figured that Dave couldn’t take much more I told him he could go get Jan and bring her down. I said, “You can fuck her while Sue finishes me off.

The sex went on for another hour and then Dave and Sue went home. When we got into bed Jan asked me why I came in and what I told Dave during my chat with him.

I told Jan that I felt that something was missing from their little party and that I decided that it was my guidance. Then I told her everything that I talk about with Dave except the things I had promised I would not repeat.

Jan said, “That was a pretty big risk wasn’t it?”

I said, “Yes, but I sensed something in Dave that told me that it was the correct course of action. Besides, if it didn’t work we can always move to San Diego.”

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