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Now Dave knew everything and had accepted it all partly because he wanted to and partly because I told him to. I could not believe that I now had control over the sex lives of these three people. This gave me a feeling of great power but it also gave me a great deal of responsibility. I had to make sure that I did not destroy the lives of these people to entertain myself.

Over the next two months we stuck to foursomes and occasional threesomes. I was always involved. That was a rule that I set up right from the beginning. Dave and Sue could do as they please when they were alone but Dave was not allowed to have sex with Jan unless I was there but I was allowed to have sex with Sue at times while Dave waited for her at home. I did this because I knew it was part of his fantasies.

A few weeks ago we had plans to have Dave and Sue over on Saturday night. It was Sue’s birthday and Dave was taking her out to dinner then they were coming over to our house for coffee and cake and maybe some fun. That afternoon Jan got a call from Cindy. As you remember, Cindy was the girl from my office that I had thought was a lesbian but turned out to be bi. Jan hadn’t heard from her since the night of the lingerie party.

They chatted for a while then Jan said to me, “Cindy was wondering if she could stop over for a visit tonight.”

I thought about it for a minute and said tell her to be here before Dave and Sue get here. I have an idea.”

Jan told Cindy to come over at 8:00, a half hour before Dave and Sue were to arrive.

Cindy arrived at eight o’clock, I fixed a drink for her and I sat down with Jan and Cindy to explain my idea. I started by saying, “Cindy, I know you had sex with Jan after your lingerie party here.”

She looked a bit surprised by what I said but didn’t comment, so I continued, “My hope is that you might be interested in having a little party tonight.”

Cindy looked at Jan then back and me and said, “What kind of party?”

I said, “Our neighbors Sue and Dave are coming over in a little while. It’s Sue’s birthday and I would like to do something special for her.”

Cindy said, “So what do I have to do with this something special you want to do for your friend?”

I said, “You are the something special.” Then I explained my idea to her.

Cindy said, “Wow, you don’t waste any time with foreplay do you? You just come right out and ask me to have sex with some one I don’t even know?”

I said, “That’s right. I was kind of hoping that the reason you wanted to come over here tonight was that you wanted to have some fun with Jan and me. I just figured that if you were in the mood for sex that this proposition might interest you.”

Cindy giggled and said, “Okay, you’re right. I was hoping to get it on with the two of you, so I may be interested in helping you out. You want me to have sex with Sue, so who is Sue?”

Jan said, “You remember Sue, the beautiful redhead at the lingerie party.”

Cindy said, “Oh yeah. I remember her,” then she licked her lips in a seductive way. “This might not be so bad.”

When Sue and Dave arrived Cindy was hiding in our guestroom. I told Dave and Sue that we had a birthday surprise for Sue and I told Jan to take Sue upstairs and get her ready.

When they left the room I poured Dave a drink and told him what we had planned for Sue and he liked the idea very much.

A few minutes later Jan and Sue came back downstairs. Sue was wearing and oversized bathrobe. The robe hung to her ankles and was very large and blousy. Sue held her arms out and spun around once like a model then said, “Okay, now what do I have to do?”

I said, “Not much,” then I took her by the hand and led her to a corner of the living room. I told her to face the wall and then I placed a silk scarf around her head and over her eyes and tied it in place as a blindfold. Then I positioned Sue about a foot away from the wall and told her to lean against the wall for support. I said, “Are you comfortable?”

Sue said, “I am okay but I am a little nervous.”

I said, “Don’ be nervous, you are going to enjoy this, but until I give you permission you are not to speak or try to see what is going on. I will tell you what to do and all you have to do is follow direction. We will begin now.”

I signaled for Jan to get Cindy and while she went upstairs to get her, Dave and I stood behind Sue and massaged her buttocks and back. I lifted the back of her robe up to expose her panty-covered bottom. Dave slid his hand inside her panties and needed the smooth flesh of Sue’s buttocks. It was obvious that Sue liked what we were doing because she pushed her bottom back to increase the contact with his hands.

When Cindy came downstairs she was wearing only her panties. I signaled for her to be quiet and come over to where we were. I had Cindy get on the floor behind Sue then I slowly lifted Sue’s robe in the back. I held the robe up and said, “Sue, we are going to remove your panties now.”

Then at my direction Cindy pulled Sue’s panties down. She tapped Sue on the left ankle so she would lift her foot out of the panties, then she repeated this with the right foot.

I said, “Sue, I want you to spread your legs apart as far as you can an still be somewhat comfortable.”

Without a word Sue moved her feet until they were a little over three feet apart. Cindy then moved in closer. She planted little kisses all over Sue’s cheeks then she stuck her tongue in the very top of her crack at the base of Sue’s spine. Sue jumped a little at this contact but then settled down. Cindy used her hands to separate Sue’s cheeks and moved her tongue down lower and deeper into Sue’s crack.

What I found surprising was that when Cindy had reached Sue’s tight little brown eye she slathered her tongue all over it. Cindy was actually licking and poking the rectum of a woman she didn’t really know and seemed to be enjoying it and I was enjoying watching her do it.

Cindy turned around and sat on the floor and then moved backward until she was sitting on the floor between Sue’s legs. From there Cindy could lick and suck on Sue’s already wet pussy. I watched as Cindy gave it a couple of licks and then her tongue disappeared inside Sue’s honey pot.

After giving us a short show Cindy indicated to me that I should let Sue’s robe drop to cover her. Dave Jan and I moved away and watched. I could no longer see Cindy, because Sue’s robe completely covered her and Sue had her back to us so I could not see her reactions. I didn’t move to far away in case Sue’s legs got weak during orgasm. I didn’t want her to fall on top of Cindy.

It took Cindy about five minutes to bring Sue to orgasm. As soon as she did I lifted the robe so that Cindy could get out then I guided Sue over to the sofa and removed her robe but not the blindfold and had her sit down. Cindy sat on Sue’s left and began kissing Sue on the mouth. Sue responded immediately and was soon swapping tongues with Cindy. Jan sat down to Sue’s right and began sucking on her nipples. I could tell that Sue was a little confused. I know she thought that Jan was the one who had suck her pussy and was now kissing her on the mouth, but I think it was obvious to her that it was a woman that was sucking on her nipples. Sue seemed to stop kissing Cindy for a moment while she consider the possibilities then she seemed to decide that what she was doing was more important than thinking about this little mystery.

I let them play on the sofa for a little while, and then I had Cindy move to the end of the sofa and turn toward Sue putting her legs up on the sofa. Cindy had her knees bent to keep from hitting Sue as she lifted them onto the sofa. When Cindy was in place I motioned for Jan to get off the sofa. I then told Sue to get on her knees on the sofa and I guided her so that her head was between Cindy’s legs. I slowly pushed Sue’s head down until I had her nose pressed against the crotch of Cindy’s panties.

I said, “Sue, I want you to pull the panties aside and give that pussy the same kind of loving that you got earlier.”

Sue reached out with her hands and grabbed hold of Cindy’s thighs for balance. She moved her hands down Cindy’s thighs until she reached her panties and with her right hand she move the panties aside. Sue leaned in and began sucking on Cindy’s pussy.

Cindy put her head back and closed her eyes and began humping her pussy against Sue’s mouth and soon she was having an orgasm. After Cindy’s orgasm I went over and told Sue to sit up and then motioned for Cindy to get off the sofa. I then whispered to Dave to take his cock out and put it into Sue’s mouth.

As Dave did as I instructed him I turned to say something to Cindy and found that she had already decided what she wanted to do. Cindy was busy kissing Jan. It occurred to me then that I was the only person in the room who wasn’t getting any sexual pleasure. I moved over to the sofa and pulled my cock out and made it clear to Dave that I wanted Sue. Dave move away and joined Jan and Cindy while I moved Sue onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. As I pushed my cock inside Sue I looked over to see Jan and Cindy on their knees paying lip service to Dave’s cock.

I pumped my cock into Sue fast and hard until I had an orgasm. When I was able to get up I whispered to Dave that he should take over fucking Sue, which he did immediately. While Sue was thus occupied I escorted Cindy out of the room. I told her that I didn’t want Sue to know who the mystery woman was and asked her to leave. I told Cindy that she would be welcome to come back anytime and we would make it up to her.

Cindy was a very good sport about the whole thing. She said, “That’s okay, I had fun and look forward to spending time with you and Jan another time. By the way, my birthday is coming up next month, can I expect something like this as a gift?” Cindy was laughing when she said this last part.

I said, “I am sure we can think of something special to do for your birthday.”

Cindy dressed quickly kissed Jan and me and quietly left.

When Jan and I went back into the living room Dave was just finishing his orgasm. When he climbed off Sue I reached down and removed her blindfold. Sue looked around the room and then back at us with a puzzled look on her face. She said, “Where is she?”

I said, “Where is who?”

“You know who I mean. The girl who gave me such a wonderful orgasm and whose pussy I tasted.”

“How do you know it wasn’t Jan that did that?”

Sue said, “First of all I know there were two women on the sofa with me. Second, Jan is too tall to be able to have sat on the floor between my legs. And finally, Jan smells different. The pussy I was kissing smelled of a different soap or shampoo and generally had a different scent. I am also sure that I was able to taste a difference.”

When she said that she looked at me and winked.

Cindy then repeated her question, “Where is she?”

I said, “She’s gone.”

“Who was she?”

I said, “Sorry, but I can’t tell you. I want you to wonder about all the women you come into contact with if one of them is the one. Maybe one day you will find out. Maybe next year on your birthday.”

Sue said, “At least tell me if I know her.”

Jan said, “You have met before.”

“So you are not going to tell me.”

We all said, “No.”

Since that night Jan and I have gotten together a couple of times with Cindy and have had several pleasurable nights with Sue and Dave. We even went on a vacation to Las Vegas with them and took turns spending the nights with each other’s wives.

That pretty much brings things up to date. Now let me explain why I am sitting her downing beers and reminiscing.

Earlier this week I got a call at work with a request that I really wanted to take care of but I would need help. When I got home from work that night I called Dave and told him I needed to talk to him and asked him to come over after dinner. He asked me if Sue should come and I told him she was welcome to come with him but I needed to talk to him alone for a few minutes.

Dave and Sue arrived around eight and I took Dave into my study and closed the door. He looked at me kind of strange and said, “This must be serious. To bring me into your inner sanctum for a private meeting.” Then Dave laughed and so did I.

I said, “Dave, you remember when I told you about that guy that Sue almost had to have sex with?

Dave said, “You mean the guy that Jan ended up with.”

“That’s the one. What I didn’t tell you about that night was that Bob Jenson told me the next day that he thought that Sue and Jan were actually high priced hookers,”

Dave laughed and said, “You’re kidding.”

“No. I am serious.”

“That’s funny that he got that impression.”

I said, “If you think that is funny you’ll love this, Bob called me today. He said he was coming to town on business and his boss is coming with him. He said he wants to hire the two hookers for Saturday evening.”

“You mean he wants to hire Sue and Jan to have sex with them?”

“That’s exactly what he wants. And here is the problem, I told him I would arrange it for him.”

Dave looked at me and said, “So what are you saying?”

“I am saying that I want to send Sue out to fuck Bob’s boss while Jan is fucking Bob.”

Dave said, “And you expect me to go alone with this?”

I said, “Well, yes, I do. Isn’t this part of your fantasy, Sue goes out with a man and you know she is going to fuck him. Just think of the divine agony of waiting for her to come home.”

Dave said, “I don’t know if I am to crazy about this idea.”

“I said, “Think about it. You help Sue get ready for the date. You watch her shower and shave her legs. You help her pick out the bra and panties she will wear. You watch as she dresses and when she is ready to go you give her a kiss, tell her you love her and send her out to fuck a stranger. Now doesn’t that thought give you a bulge in your pants?”

Dave was quiet for a minute. When Dave finally spoke he managed to surprise me. He said, “How much will the girls get paid for this?”

I said, “They will get $500 each. On top of that they will get a nice meal at a first class restaurant. And when it is over they get serviced by their horny husbands.”

Dave was quiet for a moment more and then said, “Okay, if Sue is willing I will go along with it?”

I said, “Good, lets talk to the girls.”

Dave and I went back to the living room where Jan and Sue were waiting. I told them about the phone call I got from Bob and his request that I fix him up with the two hookers from his last visit. I said, “Dave and I have talked this over and decided that you should go out with them.”

Jan said, “You want us to go out with Bob and his boss?”

I said, “Yes.”

Jan looked at Sue and then said, “Okay.”

I looked at Sue and said, “What about you?”

Sue said, “If Jan is going to do it I will too.”

On Saturday evening I watched, as Jan got ready for her Date with Bob. I was a little surprised that I had an erection as I contemplated what Jan was going to be doing. I guess the fact that I was the one sending her out to do this made it erotic to me. When she was ready to go I called over to Dave and Sue’s to see if Sue was ready.

Sue was ready so Jan and I got in the car and I swung by and picked up Sue. It was agreed that Dave would not go with me to drop the girls off at the hotel. I didn’t want to take a chance of having Bob see Dave and become suspicious. Dave and I had made other arrangements on how we would spend the time while we waited for the girls to finish their work.

Oh, here he comes now.

“Hi George. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Have you been waiting long?”

“I am on my third beer. Why don’t you get yourself a drink? We have about another two hours to kill before we can pick up the girls.”

“George, do you regret the decision to do this?”

“No. If I regretted it I would not have let the girls go upstairs to Bob’s room.”

“I don’t regret it either. As a matter of fact, I have been excited all day just thinking about this.”

“Me too.”

Well, Dave has gone to the bar to get a drink and as there is nothing more to tell you, so I guess I will end the story of my new life here.


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