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Monday morning as I got off the elevator and headed to my office John appeared in the hall and fell in step beside me. He didn’t say a word until we were in my office then he asked, “Well, did you do what I told you?”



“And what?”

“Did it work? Did it loosen the two of you up a bit?” John asked

I said, “Actually it did help some. I think we expanded our sexual horizons a little this weekend. Thanks for the advice, and the grass.”

“Your welcome. I guess you don’t want to give me any details.”

“I’d rather not if that’s okay,” I said.

John said, “I understand. I’m just glad I was able to help. You can buy me a drink one night this week. Maybe by then you will be ready to talk about your new experiences.” John was laughing as he left the office. As a matter of fact, so was I.

I had a little trouble getting started that morning. I kept rehashing the events of the weekend in my mind. I couldn’t believe the control I had over Jan and Sue. Was it over? If not, how long would it last? How long could I continue to keep two women happy? I decided not to worry about it. If it was over at least I had the memories of the past weekend to keep me aroused. If it weren’t over I would just play it out as long as I could. I could never go back to the way things were before that weekend.

After an hour I was finally able to put the weekend out of my head and get into my work.

During the next two weeks Jan and I had sex nearly every night but we didn’t talk about our weekend with Sue. Finally on that Friday as we were getting ready for bed Jan told me that Sue had called her earlier in the day to ask if I could help Dave install some stone tiles in their front hall Saturday morning. Jan said that she had already said that I would help.

I asked, “Is that all Sue said?”


“She didn’t say anything about our escapades?”

Jan said, “No, she never mentioned it.”

I asked, “You think maybe she doesn’t want to discuss it? Maybe after Dave came home she regretted that it ever happened?”

Jan said, “I don’t know. I have only talked to her a couple of times since then and she hasn’t mentioned it. Maybe she does regret it.”

“What about you? Do you regret it?”

Jan looked me straight in the eye and said, “No. I have no regrets. What happened was wild and exciting and while I would never have dreamed that I would do anything like that the fact is I enjoyed it and would do it again if you wanted me too.” Then Jan kissed me and slipped her tongue between my lips.

A couple of minutes later I was gently running my tongue over Jan’s vulva. I looked up at her from between her legs and said, “I really enjoy the way you taste. I wonder if I could tell the difference between the taste of your pussy and the taste of Sue’s.”

Jan squeezed my head with her thighs and said, “How dare you talk about Sue’s pussy while you are eating mine.” Jan laughed as she said this so I knew she wasn’t really offended.

I said, “I’m serious. The thought just popped into my head now I am beginning to become obsessed by the idea. If we ever have the opportunity to party with Sue again I want to taste you both to see if I can distinguish a difference.”

Jan looked down at me and said, “You’re a pervert.” Then she pulled my face against her pussy and said, “Just enjoy the taste of the one you have and don’t worry about how Sue tastes.”

After breakfast Saturday morning I headed over to help Dave with his tile project. I actually felt a little nervous about seeing Dave and Sue. I didn’t know quite how to act. I was afraid that I might say or do something stupid that would make Dave suspicious.

Dave answered the door when I rang the bell. I could tell from his demeanor that he had no idea about what had gone on while he was out of town. I felt both relieved and guilty at the same time. Dave and I stood in the front hall while he explained what he wanted to do and showed me the tiles he had bought. While we were talking, Sue came in from the kitchen. Sue smiled at me and said good morning. There was nothing in her greeting that would give away our secret. Sue put her hand on Dave’s shoulder and said, “If you two don’t need me for anything I am going to take my shower, get dressed and go shopping.”

Dave said, “Go ahead” and went back to talking about the project.

As Sue passed us to go upstairs she squeezed my arm and said, “Good to see you. What’s Jan doing today? You think I could talk her into going shopping with me?”

I said, “I don’t know. She would probably like to go. Give her a call.”

Sue said, “I will” and headed up the stairs.

When she had disappeared at the top of the stairs I felt relieved. I though to myself ‘That went well.’ Then I heard Dave say, “Let’s start by pulling up this old flooring.

We had just finished removing the old flooring and Dave had gone out to the garage to get his shop vac to clean the floor when Sue appeared at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a pretty sundress that came to about mid thigh. She asked where Dave was and I told her he just went to the garage. Then Sue asked, “How do you like my new dress?” As she spoke she twirled around causing the hem of the dress to rise up enough to give me a view of her red pubic hair and beautiful ass.

I said, “That dress looks wonderful on you. You also look wonderful underneath that dress.”

Sue replied, “Oh my, did I forget to put my panties on?” Then she giggled as she spun around again. When we heard the garage door open Sue disappeared into her bedroom.

While Dave and I were cleaning up the floor Sue came downstairs. As she gave Dave a kiss I noticed that she was now wearing panty hose. As she headed through the kitchen to the garage Sue called back to me, “If you are looking for Jan, she will be with me.”

When Sue had gone Dave and I got busy putting the new tile on the floor. We finished the project late that afternoon.

After that I didn’t see Dave or Sue again till late the following week. Thursday evening Jan and I had sat down to dinner when Jan said, “I talked to Sue today and she told me that Dave is flying to Chicago tonight for a meeting tomorrow morning. He will fly home tomorrow after the meeting.”

Being the concerned neighbor that I am I asked, “Do you think Sue would like to spend the evening with us?”

Jan responded, “Not tonight Mr. Horny. Sue is going to stop over for coffee after Dave leaves then she has to go over to her mother’s house. So put your tongue back in your mouth.”

“I just thought that maybe I could do my taste test tonight.”

“Are you still going on about that?”

I was only half serious about the taste test thing but I was still disappointed.

I was upstairs in my study checking my e-mail when I heard Sue come in. I could hear Jan and Sue talking but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. One of them must have said something very funny because they both burst in to laughter. I headed downstairs and when I entered the kitchen the two of them started giggling again. I asked them what was so funny and Jan said “Just girl talk.”

Jan poured us each a cup of coffee and we went into the family room with it. Jan and Sue sat next to each other on the sofa and I sat in the lounge chair across the room from them. I was just taking a sip of my coffee when Jan said, “Sue likes your idea of doing a taste test.”

I almost choked on my coffee. I said, “What did you say?”

Jan answered, “I told Sue about how you want to have a taste test to see if you could taste a difference between us and she thought that it was a good idea or at least a fun idea.”

By this time Sue was laughing almost hysterically. I said, “You really like the idea or do you just think it’s funny?”

Sue managed to stop laughing long enough to say, “Really, I love the idea. Let’s do it.” With that Sue spread her knees far enough that I could clearly see the white panties she was wearing under her skirt. “I have to leave in twenty minutes but that should be enough time for you to run your test.”

I said, “Okay, who’s first?”

Jan said, “I’m your wife so I go first.”

I got up and walked over to Jan and pulled her to her feet. Then I unhook, unzipped and pulled her pants down and helped her off with them. After that I pulled her panties off and she sat back down.

As I got on my knees between Jan’s legs both girls began to giggle again. I moved in close to Jan’s pussy and inhaled deeply filling my senses with her scent. In the scent I noted the smell of the shampoo Jan uses and a slight musk scent that was both sweet and pungent. Then I began flicking my tongue across her closed lips. As her lips began to uncurl Jan stopped giggling and began breathing harder. As my tongue penetrated her vulva I could taste the juices that had just begun to flow. I tried to concentrate on everything I was sensing; the smell, the taste, and the texture. Surprisingly Jan climaxed quickly. She must have been more excited by the idea of what we were doing than she let on. Perhaps she had been laughing because she was trying to cover up her excitement.

Playing the taste test thing to the hilt, when I was done with Jan, I got up and went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and washed Jan’s scent off my face so that Jan’s taste and scent wouldn’t interfere with my appreciation of Sue. When I came back into the room I stood in front of Sue and asked her to stand. When she did I lifted the hem of her skirt up and hooked my thumbs on the top of her panties and pushed them down to her ankles. Then I helped Sue step out of her panties. Sue sat down and I kneeled on the floor in front of her. As I pushed her skirt up over her hips and then spread her legs with my hands both girls began giggling again. I wondered if Sue was as excited as Jan had been. I moved my head up between her legs and inhaled just as I had with Jan. I immediately noticed a distinct difference in the scent of the two women. Sue obviously used a different soap or shampoo and there was the musk smell but there was also another scent. More pungent and not as sweet as Jan’s. The scent reminded me of freshly mowed grass on a hot summer day. As I began flicking my tongue across Sue’s vulva I suddenly realized why the girls had been laughing. I opened Sue’s lips with my tongue and pushed my tongue inside. Sue’s pussy was much wetter that Jan’s and the taste was much different but not unpleasant. I began licking and sucking on Sue’s clit and this soon had the desired result. Sue began to push her hips down to get more pressure on her clit and shortly after that she began her orgasm.

When Sue’s orgasm subsided I got up, handed Sue her panties and went back to my chair and sat down. I didn’t say a word. I wanted to make one of them speak first. Jan finally broke down, “Well?”

I said, “Well what?”

“You know. Could you tell the difference between us?”

“Oh yes. There was a big difference.”

“Well, who tasted the best?” Jan asked.

I said, “You were both great but very different. “

The Sue asked, “But who tasted best?”

“Well, to be honest Jan tasted best to me.”

Sue asked, “Why?”

“Jan’s scent was like apples and early morning dew and she tasted like milk and honey. Sue’s scent was more like strawberries and fresh cut grass and the taste was more like honey with a touch of salt and bitters. While both of you tasted great Sue just tasted a little too much like Dave.”

Jan and Sue started laughing again. Jan said, “I told you he would know.”

I said, “So you two were playing a trick on me?”

Jan said, “I’m sorry we just couldn’t help ourselves. When Sue came over I told her about your obsession about doing a taste test. Then Sue told me that Dave made love to her just before he left for the airport. She asked me if I thought that you would be able to tell and if you could, would you actually lick her pussy? I told her I thought that you would be able to tell that she and Dave had sex but I didn’t know what you would do once you figured that out.”

“I guess we all know now. It wouldn’t stop me.”

The two of them teased me about their little trick for a while but then Sue had to leave. As she was leaving she asked me if she could come over for a cleaning the next time she has sex with Dave. As she walked out the door she was laughing. Before Sue could get across the street and into her car Jan and I were in bed with my cock buried in her pussy.

Almost a month went by before another opportunity to party with Jan and Sue came along. On Monday Sue told Jan that Dave was going out of town on Wednesday and would return Thursday evening. Jan called me at work to tell me. I asked her to call Sue and invite her over for dinner Wednesday night and she said, “I already did. I knew that’s what you would want me to do.”

When I hung up the phone I already had an erection from just thinking about what we would be doing Wednesday night. By the time Tuesday afternoon came around I had already planned out everything I wanted the girls to do and what I was going to do. Then I got the phone call.

The call was from Bob Jenson. He was a buyer from one of my customers on the west coast. He came to town about twice a year to meet with me and talk about his purchasing plans for the next six months. Our meetings usually lasted all day then I would take him out to dinner. Bob was calling to tell me he would be in town on Wednesday and wanted to meet with me. Of course I told him I would be happy to meet with him and dinner of course was on me. Usually I am happy when Bob is coming to town. He always buys a lot from me and we have a good time together. He is a lot of fun to be around. Unfortunately, this trip was going to ruin my plans for Wednesday night.

I was feeling sorry for myself when I suddenly had an idea. I didn’t know if the girls would go along with me but it was worth a try. When I got home I asked Jan if she could call Sue and ask her to come over after dinner for a few minutes. I said, “Tell her it’s about some charity work you are doing.” I hadn’t told Jan about Bob coming to town yet. I wanted to wait till Sue was there and tell them both.

Sue came over around 7:30. When she came in she looked at Jan and asked, “So, what’s up?”

Jan said, “You’ll have to ask him. He called this meeting,” as she pointed at me.

We all went into the family room and sat down. Then I told them about Bob coming to town and how that ruined our plans for dinner and whatever for Wednesday night. The girls did actually look disappointed. Then I started laying out my plan. I explained how in the past, every time Bob came to town I would take him to dinner then after dinner he would suggest that we go somewhere, have a few drinks and pick up a couple of women and get laid. I always turned him down telling him I had to get home to the wife. When I would see him in my office the next morning and ask him if he found a woman he would say ‘No. I just went back to my room and read a book.’ Then I said, “What I was thinking is that tomorrow night when he suggests that we go out looking for women I will agree to go and if he doesn’t bring it up I will suggest it.”

Jan looked at me in shock. “If you think I am going to let you go out and have sex with another woman, you’re crazy.”

I said, “Hold on. That is not what I have in mind at all. What I am thinking is that I will suggest to Bob that we go to that new bar out by the mall. The Southern Star. Then before we leave the restaurant I will call you. The bar is all the way across town from the restaurant where we will have dinner. That will give you plenty of time to get to the bar before Bob and I do. When we get to the bar we’ll have a drink and wander around until we bump into you two. I will ask you to dance Jan and I am sure that Bob will do the same with Sue. Then after a dance or two I will ask if we can join you at your table.”

“Are you suggesting that Sue let this guy pick her up? Then what? Is she supposed to have sex with him?”

I said, Well, that is kind of what I was thinking. Sue, it would be a big favor to me. If you will at least be at the bar. If you can’t go through with it you can make an excuse and the two of you can go home. Otherwise I will eventually suggest that we all go to Bob’s hotel room to continue the party. Then we’ll just see what happens from there.”

Jan still looked a little incredulous. “Sue, don’t you have a problem with this plan?”

Sue was quiet for a minute then said, “I think I can do this, but only if George is with me. I can’t go off with this guy by myself. I have sex with my husband because I love him and I enjoy sex with him. I had sex with you two because for some reason I don’t understand I really enjoy doing sexual things in front of George, either to him or for him. If we go to that hotel room and George tells me to have sex with this guy, I’ll do it. That’s the only way I can do it.”

Jan still didn’t look convinced. “What if this guy recognizes me?”

“Bob has never met you or even seen a picture of you. He may have heard me talk about you so he might make a connection with the name so you introduce yourself as Janet.”

Jan said, “Why don’t you let Sue and I discuss this for a moment then we’ll let you know what we decide.”

I said, “Okay” and left the room.

Jan called me back into the room about ten minutes later and said, “We decided to go along with you on this plan. If you or Bob tries to split us up the deal is off. Sue will only do this if you promise that we will be with her the whole time.”

Sue said that she had to get back home before Dave comes looking for her. As she passed me Sue said, “I think this might be fun.”

After Sue left I asked Jan how they came to their decision. Jan said, “I told Sue that it was up to her. She was the one who had to have sex with this guy. Then Sue told me that the idea of having sex with a man while the two of us watched her got her excited and that as long as we would be with her she wanted to do it.”

Later that night as I lay waiting for sleep to over take me, I kept thinking about watching Sue having sex with Bob. I imagined what her beautiful red haired pussy would look like with a big cock pumping in and out of it. Then I though that maybe I could get the girls to perform together to add a little more heat to the evening.

On Wednesday I meet with Bob Jenson as planned. By six o’clock we had established most of what Bob would need to order for the next six months so we decided to go out to dinner and finish his order the following morning.

As we headed for the restaurant I could feel my excitement build. I just hoped that Bob wouldn’t decide he was too tired to go out after dinner. Well, I needn’t have worried. Bob fell right into my plan. As we waited for the waiter to bring the check Bob said, “Why don’t we go out and have a couple of drinks and maybe pick up a couple of women and get laid?”

I pretended to be reluctant but finally agreed. When Bob asked where we should go I said “There is a new place called the Southern Star over by the mall that is supposed to be a good place to meet women.”

Bob said, “Sound great to me. Let’s go.”

As we got ready to leave Bob said he had to go to the men’s room. What luck. I had been wondering how I was going to be able to get away from him to call Jan. As soon as Bob went into the men’s room I ran to the phone and called Jan. She answered on the first ring. I said, “We are leaving the restaurant now. See you in twenty minutes.”

When Bob came back we headed out to the car with me wishing that I had gone to the men’s room also.

When we got to the Star the parking lot was about three quarters full and more cars were arriving. I took a quick look around and spotted Jan’s car in the parking lot. When we entered the Star we were standing near the bar. To the left was the hallway leading to the rest rooms and to the right was a large room full of tables with booths around the outside. In the front of the room were a bandstand and a dance floor. As I looked around the tables I spotted Jan and Sue sitting at a table in the back of the room. I would have spotted them sooner except that there were a couple of guys talking to them. I don’t know why but that made me a little nervous. I watched for a minute then the two guys left.

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