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Thank you to those readers who made favorable comments about our story. I was unsure what the reaction was going to be but it appears to be mostly good. In response to those who would like to hear more I thought I might pick things up in 1984 when I started a new job at a shoe store. It was only a part time job working Thursday and Saturday. The Manager of the store was a real sleaze bucket but being a “woman of the world” by that stage of my life his behaviour didn’t worry me at all.

Tony’s favourite ploy was to wait until I was in the storeroom returning stock after closing then he’d block the door and make all sorts of passes at me. He knew I was married and had even met Phillip but he still persisted. This went on and on until one day I’d simply had enough. I judged him as being more talk than action so as he approached and tried his usual number on me I turned and told him that if he wanted to get into my pants he’d have to offer me more than just his dick. You could have seen the look on his face! He was an Italian guy with a lovely dark complexion but I swear he went white.

To my surprise he stammered out a promise to give me a full time job. He had gone from being a macho ladies man to wimp and the fact that the boot was now on my foot was very exciting for me so I unzipped him and pulled out his penis. It was the first time I had seen an uncircumcised penis in the flesh and it amused me to see the hood roll back as it stiffened. I have to say he had quite a good sized erection. It was fat, particularly around the base and it had a real curve just like a banana. That first time was over pretty quick. I had no sooner got my hand into a rhythm and his hand inside my panties than he groaned and spurted this amazing stream of sperm over all the shoe boxes. It really took me by surprise. I think he spurted like that five times before he was down to a dribble and I was really impressed with the force and volume of his ejaculation. Most men spit little gobs of sperm when they ejaculate but this guy sent a real stream like he was peeing.

To that point it had all been a game and I didn’t really intend to let him go all the way with me but seeing him ejaculate got me hot. He fingered me to a so-so climax before I went home. I told Phillip every detail of what had happened and he got very turned on and encouraged me to go further.

Tony was on tender hooks when I went to work the next day. Gone was the earlier confidence he had around me. He seemed concerned that I would say something or Phillip would come barging in. I gave him a wink during the day to assure him that all was OK and was waiting for him in the storeroom after closing. Thinking about what Phillip wanted me to do had me as wet as a sponge. When he came in I was bent over with my skirt up and the gusset of my panties pulled aside. He tore open his zip and took to me like a rabbit.

He hunched over me mauling my breasts though my dress and licking my ear. There was no finesse to his love making but what he lacked in technique he made up for in sheer enthusiasm. He smacked into me so hard he was lifting my feet off the ground and pushing me forward into the storage shelves. I struggled to find a footing and ended up knocking aside all the carefully stacked boxes and clinging to the rack as he pumped me. With something to brace myself with I was able to get my legs spread nice and wide and push my bottom back against him.

His cock felt wonderful but there was angle I wanted him to find so with an acrobatic skill I could only claim in my younger years I was able to get my feet up on the wrung of the next shelf and drop into a semi squat by holding onto the central upright of the shelving system. I was now hanging like a monkey with my bottom pushed out into mid air and my pussy pouting and completely exposed to his upward thrust but with a lot of control over how deep he could go. It was simply delicious and sent me over the moon. He cried out like Tarzan when he ejaculated and I bobbed my pussy up and down on his knob really enjoying the sensation of his spurts.

I slipped my panties back into place over my dripping vulva and couldn’t wait to get home and show Phillip. By the time I arrived home the gusset of my panties looked like someone had poured a cup of egg whites into them and the inside of my thighs were sticky all the way down to my knees. Just describing what I had let Tony do to me had me breathless. Needless to say Phillip and I had a really fun night.

Phillip asked me if I was turned on by Tony and I told him I was quite excited by playing the role of Tony’s slut but I would take it one day at a time because Tony simply wasn’t my type.

Tony lived up to his promise of a full time job which I didn’t really expect from him and in return he made it quite clear what the payback was. He was married to a woman who would have killed him if she knew so it was Tony’s habit to confine all play to the privacy of the storeroom after closing. Love making was never more than a 10 minute affair so it suited me as well. He probably thought me to be really inventive but every session was more or less scripted by Phillip. My favourite was going without panties for the day and giving Tony the odd flash. He actually had to go and have a wank to relieve himself during the day.

As time went buy Tony became increasingly familiar with me and he finally invited me to go with him to Sydney to attend a training seminar. I wasn’t sure about it but as Phillip was traveling away quite a bit himself he said I should go and report back to him everything that happened. Tony and I attended some company training sessions on the Thursday and Friday then we stayed on for the weekend at the Gazebo Hotel at Kings Cross which is right next to Sydney’s red-light district and strip clubs. He bought me a very revealing outfit to wear and we went out to some of the clubs. It was the first time I had been to see a live show. That; coupled with the fact that a lot of men were looking at me because of the ultra skimpy dress I had on proved to be very exciting. It was more than coincidence however that we bumped into Tony’s cousin, Silvio.

I felt that Tony was showing me off and I was half expecting him to ask me to have sex with Silvio but as it turned out it was all about big-noting himself and letting him know that he was fucking me. I enjoyed some very good sex that weekend including a brief encounter on the dance floor of a club with a very drunk Japanese man who felt my tits and told me he wanted to take me back to Japan with him.

Tony engineered another “training trip” two months later and again we stayed at the Gazebo. It was now summer and quite hot in Sydney. Tony had bought me a very short red dress and after a few scotch and cokes from the mini-bar I didn’t need much convincing to venture out without panties on.

We did a round of the adult shops then went to a strip club. The bouncer let us in without paying a cover charge because of my outfit and he gave me a wolf whistle as I walked up the steps into the club which made me feel fantastic. Tony’s cousin Silvio was waiting for us inside plus another short older guy who had just arrived from Italy and couldn’t speak a word of English. The guys were definitely out for a good time and plied me with drinks so it wasn’t long before I had three leering Italians all over me. Tony wasn’t as protective as he was the first time and must have told them at some stage that I wasn’t wearing any panties because they all suddenly became very interested in running their hands up my thighs.

The combination of the seedy club environment, alcohol and the attention I was getting had me very hot. Casting caution to the wind I opened my legs and let them do what they wanted. Tony lifted the hem of my dress up so they could watch each other fingering me. It didn’t take long before I was agreeing to go back to the Hotel.

They stripped me as soon as we walked in the room and sorted out the order of events. The short guy was first because he was a visitor and had never had an English woman before. He didn’t have a long penis but it was incredibly thick. He loosened me up with a couple of fingers then used his thumbs to spread me open. He had me gasping as his penis wedged me wide open. He thrust for a few moments then held me down tight and ejaculated. I remember whimpering like a little puppy. It felt like I had the head of a garden gnome stuffed inside me.

Tony let Silvio go next before having his turn. I have to admit they made me feel very yummy and never seemed to take their hands or mouths off my body. The older guy was particularly enthusiastic and took me several times.

My job at the shoe store finished shortly after due to Tony’s wife becoming highly suspicious of her husband. I also wonder if it might have been his cousin spilling the beans on our Sydney trip.

My next job was the bookkeeper of a large electrical firm. I enjoyed being around all those men but I felt it was just too risky to start anything. One of the owners was a real pig of a man and initially I was scared of him (the earlier book keeper had left because of stress I later found out). He insisted on calling me “Girl” which I hated but I liked the work and the money was good so I tried to take things in my stride.

As part of my job one of the partners gave me access to the safe and sorting through some stuff one day I came across a large envelope stuffed with pornography. I’m no prude; in fact I love erotic photography so I riffled through it before carefully putting it back. What really intrigued me was who owned it. A few days later Robert (I nicknamed him Mr. Piggy) discovered I had access to the safe. I presumed he knew about it and it immediately struck me that he seemed really uptight about “not knowing earlier” when I heard him speaking to the partner who had given me the combination. Andrew didn’t say a word about it to me but I noticed the envelope was gone next time I went to the safe.

I now knew that Andrew was into some pretty kinky stuff like bondage, lingerie and very close up shots of shaved vulvas. The idea of playing up to Andrew crossed my mind just to see if I could get around him. Phillip and I discussed it and he thought it would be fun to tease him a little. The first ploy was really innocent, simply a mail order lingerie catalogue left on my desk where I knew he would see it. I wasn’t completely sure if he’d noticed but I felt there was a good chance.

My second tactic was getting into the habit of changing at work before going out on Friday evenings “to save a trip home”. I asked Andrew if it would be OK to store a shopping bag containing my things in his office so they wouldn’t get dirty. I was careful to place some nice sexy underwear right on top of my dress along with my cosmetic bag and shaver.

Bingo…the first Friday afternoon I went into his office to collect my stuff before going to the ladies to change I noticed my panties had been moved and refolded. Knowing that he’d touched my panties and probably got excited himself pleased me no end. Each week for the next month I took him through a tour of my lingerie draw ending with bra, suspenders, stockings and NO PANTIES.

All of a sudden Andrew’s attitude took a turn. He was lingering around shuffling papers when I returned from the ladies loo and asked me into his office for a chat. He pulled out a chair – a long way from his desk and invited me to sit. It was pretty clear he was making this up as he went along. He told me what a good job I was doing. How I was fitting in very well and that I had good prospects for a long career with the company.

As I sat there it became patently obvious that his eyes were spending most of their time focused on my knees. I knew what he was hoping for and I might have indulged him except I was not the clean shaven “girly” he thought I was. In fact I was sporting a real Mohawk down below at the time and the last thing I was going to do was spoil his fantasy at this stage. I kept my knees firmly locked together and practiced all my private school etiquette when standing much to his disappointment, however I knew I had him hooked. I just had to work out what to do next.

Phillip was enjoying orchestrating our game and I was positively excited by playing the tease. Phillip wanted me to shave. I often gave myself a crew cut from time to time but a complete shave or wax was a real pain in more ways than one. Regardless Phillip convinced me and a week later my bush was gone and I was as smooth and pink as a baby’s behind. My slit looked very “girly” indeed much to Phillip’s delight.

I was more turned on by the idea of flashing my little split peach (as Phillip called it) than actually having any sex. Having sex with Andrew was not my intention.

I came to work that Friday with great anticipation and was very disappointed to discover that Andrew had been called away on business. When checking the safe however, I discovered that Andrew had replaced his porn envelope with a folder containing even more magazines.

The first magazine on top had been folded back to show the picture of a woman sitting on a chair with her legs spread. My heart began to race. It appeared Andrew was playing a game himself. I flicked through the magazines until I found a picture of a man being masturbated by a woman in lingerie and put my photo on top of his.

If Andrew had noticed my picture choice he certainly kept it well hidden during the week. On Friday I packed my outfit which included a black dress, suspenders, stockings, bra and again no panties.

To my absolute delight Andrew was waiting to engage me in conversation after I had changed. This time he said he wanted to get to know me better. I sat on the offered chair and watched Andrew take up his strategic position designed to capture me if my knees drifted apart. He enquired about my interests but I found it difficult to focus because all I could think about was whether it was a good or bad idea to open my legs. Andrew was almost salivating for me to flash him but I just couldn’t do it. I decided it was too obvious and would spoil the game.

We quickly ran out of things to talk about so I stood and went to leave, however Andrew wasn’t going to let me off the hook that easy. He now asked me for my opinion on a painting he had on his wall. This time he directed me into position by placing his hand gently on my bottom. I pretended not to notice his hand and stood talking about his boring painting in order to give him time to check out my bottom and confirm I was indeed without panties.

Again I went to leave and then almost in exasperation he asked me to stay a little longer. I was now really intrigued as I watched him open the top draw of his desk and take out his porn folder. My heart was beating fast and Andrew was red faced. He opened the folder and took out the magazine with the photo of the woman sitting on the chair and asked me if I liked it. I said I liked it very much. He looked at the chair where I’d been sitting earlier for a moment and then sat down behind his desk.

I knew what he wanted and I was excited by his proposed game. I locked the door to his office, sat down and slowly opened my legs while he started fumbling with his trousers. I couldn’t see his penis but I could see his arm moving and hear the slap of skin on skin. I lifted my knees up and gave him the best view I could. I wasn’t able to see myself but if I was as swollen and wet as I felt he wasn’t going to be disappointed.

Andrew groaned and leaned forward with his eyes bulging. The veins stood out on his temples as he ejaculated then he slumped forward gasping. I was very aroused and fingering myself by now. I returned his stare as I climaxed. It had not been penile sex but it had been very satisfying.

Andrew asked if I minded giving him some privacy and I left the room to go and wash my hands. I waited outside his office for a good 15 minutes but he never came out so I went home and told Phillip of my unusual experience.

The following week was very strange. It was as though nothing had happened the previous Friday. Andrew was back to his usual obnoxious self but he had changed the photo featured at the top of his porn folder to one showing a woman sitting on a toilet peeing. It made me blush and reminded me of the night Terry had watched me pee on the beach. When Friday came around I repeated my dress up routine and was not surprised when Andrew finally got around to suggesting improvements to the ladies toilet.

I sat down opened my legs and let out what pee I had. He told me not to wipe and kept his eyes focused on my vulva as he unzipped himself and placed his hand inside his trousers. He jiggled and tugged himself for quite a long time before he scurried off back to his office leaving me wandering what was going on.

Phillip and I spoke about Andrew and we determined he was into fetishes but not necessarily interested into fucking me. I was quite happy about this and became very interested in what his fantasy was going to be the following week. I received a small pay rise on Thursday and before I left Andrew’s office he asked me very softly if he could have my panties after changing on Friday. I told him I would be happy to give him some nice new lace panties but he was very insistent that he wanted my normal panties after I’d been wearing them all day. On Friday afternoon I did as he requested after which he asked me for some privacy. That was the last time I saw him that day. I went home and Phillip and I found it very arousing to talk about what Andrew was doing with my panties. Phillip said he was wanking into them and I agreed this was the most likely thing.

I did the panty routine with Andrew for a good month then one Friday he invited me into his office and asked if I would look at some pictures with him. I was now feeling very comfortable with him and as we looked at the pictures I could tell he had an erection in his trousers. I was compelled to do more for him and bent right over so if he’d wanted to he could have taken me. Instead, he pulled up a chair right behind me, opened his fly and started masturbating. His face was so close I could feel his breath on my pussy lips which drove me crazy. I was now starting to feel I was getting the short end of the stick in this game and tried to sit on him but he simply stood up, tucked himself away and said it might be best if I left.

Andrew was a much more complex person than I had ever encountered. I was starting to wonder what I was mixed up in and decided that I couldn’t push him. I wasn’t sure where this little adventure was leading but I felt I needed to see it through.

I recall Andrew being a bit standoffish the next week. I decided to warm things up by wearing the same panties Thursday and Friday and even giving myself a good fingering through the material before I took them off. I left my panties in the usual place for Andrew and went home. When I arrived Phillip told me that Andrew had called passing on the message that he required my help in finding some important documents. Phillip had a big smile on his face and wished me well as I got back in the car. Andrew was waiting for me when I arrived.

His important document ended up being a magazine about bondage. He laid it out on the table for me and turned the pages asking my opinion until he finally came to a picture of a woman completely bound with rope, her breasts looking like they would burst and the hand of a man touching her vagina. It was an extremely erotic photograph so when he asked me if I liked it I told him the truth. He then asked me if I would like to be tied up like the woman in the picture. I told him I would love to be tied up in such a way.

Andrew was a big man with a fat paunch of a stomach. He was twice my age and the most singularly unappealing man I had ever been close to but at that moment I was so hot I could have sucked his dick. I trembled as he gently lifted my dress up around my waste and asked if I would mind taking all my clothes off. I did as he asked fully expecting him to take me but instead he just looked and then told me I had a very pretty vulva.

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