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The thought had crossed my mind before, but here I sit a middle-aged housewife with two children and the perfect suburban home, with a story to tell you. Women like me do not have thoughts like this. Women like me don’t dream about 5-6-7 guys going at her. Filling her pussy with their thick, rock hard cocks and blowing cum all over their pretty little tits but I did! And I decided to do more than think about it. I made a plan, and made it happen.

I had second thoughts, of course, would people find out? What would they think? I wasn’t even sure what I thought of my own feelings. The thought of actually doing it really made me hot, but also made me question myself.

I began chatting online just to feel out the situation. I wanted to see what other people thought about gangbangs, and see where it led me. Well it let me to three guys.

I started talking to three different men that seemed intelligent and interested in me. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot about them. They attached pictures of themselves.

One guy, Chris, was in his early 20’s. He was tall and thin. Kind of a baby face I would say but had nice muscular arms. He said he had been with a handful of woman and loved oral. He had the most enticing blue eyes I had ever seen.

Another guy, Bill, was in his early 30’s. He was married and thought he may be bi. I made sure to keep him in mind for a possible d/p. He was about 5’10 and average weight. He had blue eyes to die for and wavy thinning blonde hair. He was very excited about the possibility of gangbang because his sex life had completely fallen apart sexually and he really wanted more!

Lastly, the 3rd third man, Richard, was in his mid 40’s. He had never been married and always kind of played the field. He was appeared to be a rougher man. He had a beard; which was starting to grey, and several tattoos. He was in great shape but had a rougher exterior. In his messages to me, I found out that it went beyond his exterior as well. He really liked rough sex and wanted to use me “like the slut you are” is how he put it.

I asked him about the possibility of him being one of the two guys in a double penetration, and he said, “Of course I will.” I could tell that he wanted to stretch every one of my holes.

There were many others that responded to my chat room inquiry, but I chose these three men for a reason. I wanted to see the different styles and experience their different ages. Although this idea excited me to no end, and I sincerely wanted this fantasy fulfilled; nevertheless, I asked myself, “What are you doing? I told these men that I really thought this was a good idea, and how much it turned me on. But I didn’t tell them that part of me questioned my own judgment, their skills and my safety. But, I was satisfied that these three were good choices, and that they understood their part in my plan.

After I finished sending the plan to them, I knew that I had gone beyond the point of no return. I had told the men that I would call and make reservations for the coming Friday, and they were to ask for my room at the front desk. I would give them my room number. This would be my fantasy party, and I wanted them to know that I was in control. Little did I know. I would not have as much control in the situation as I had thought.

I told the men to each bring a wrapped gift with a toy of some sort inside it. I didn’t tell them why or give them details on my plan but I instructed them to not get off this week. I wanted all of their cum.

I picked up the receiver to dial…. But my fingers wouldn’t move. I was scared shitless. I shook my head and gave myself a little pep talk. “Come on Kara stop being a child! You want this. Don’t you?”

I decided that YES I did want this and picked up the receiver to call a hotel. Nervously I began to dial and stopped at the last number. “It is now or never,” I told myself and pushed the last key. I waited anxiously as it rang.

“Hello, thank you for calling the La Scala hotel. This is Rachel how may I help you?”

“Hello Rachel, this is Kara. I am calling to make a reservation for this Friday. I need a king room please. Do you have anything available on the top floor with a view?”

“Let me check for you,” she says. I could hear her typing on the computer, and I became more anxious. I wiggled my leg in my chair and couldn’t stop tapping my fingers.

“Yes, we do,” she said startling me after the long silence. We have a king-suite that overlooks the garden out back. The balcony patios are larger on that floor. They are very nice rooms, and the off-season rates are quite reasonable.

“Oh great! Please book it for me. My name is Kara Hunter.”

After she finished getting my information, I hung up the phone, and let out a big sigh since the beginning was finally over.

It was truly going to happen. There was basically no going back. My mind wandered from thought to thought. What if I didn’t like it? What if I changed my mind? What if I get an STD? What if people find out? What if my husband finds out? I worried about all of this, but my fears were overcome when the thought of hard cocks surrounding me entered my mind. I could visualize it, and imagine the feel of their hands moving all over my body. I wanted it so bad.

After getting off the phone with the hotel my mind fixed on the goal, I emailed all the guys to reaffirm that our plan was indeed in action. I told them we would meet at the La Scala hotel. I chose this one because it is older and classier than the new hotels by the airport or any motel. It isn’t too expensive, but very nice and more “up scale.”

Somehow the choice of this hotel made me feel a little better about what I was doing. As I typed to each of the guys, I began to feel really excited. I remembered past chats with them all. I remembered reading how much they wanted to fuck me, and I pictured them wanting to lay me down and fuck my pussy as they watched me suck another man off; and to hear my muffled moans.

I felt myself reaching down into my silk panties and touching the smooth mound above my pussy. I slowly slid one finger along the slit of my pussy and felt how wet and excited I was. I began to rub my clit lightly and then stopped myself. I wanted to keep myself prepared and excited.

I hoped that each of the men would follow my instruction to do the same. I wanted their balls nice and full of cum for me. I wanted it saved up so that I could enjoy all their juices showering over my body. I made sure to put in my closing emails that this would be the last time they would hear from me until Friday. I did not want to do phone, or cyber, or any kind of sex until I could actually have them in person. I wanted us all to save it for the big day!

As the Friday grew closer I found that all I could think about was the plan. I thought of both the positives and the negatives, but I didn’t change my mind. In fact, my resolve grew stronger.

Friday evening finally arrived, and I hopped in the shower to prepare for my long anticipated night. My husband was out with some friends, and my kids were on a sleep over, so I didn’t have to deal with questions from them–but I knew that my husband would be home by midnight. So I needed to be home before or just shortly after that.

I knew that this was only going to be a onetime thing. Or at least, that was my plan. But there was another thought that created some tension in my mind as well: What if I really enjoy it? What if I want more?

I turned the water on and made it nice and hot. I watched myself in the mirror as I unbuttoned my blouse and exposed my lacy black bra. I reached around and unsnapped my bra and threw that to the floor. I unzipped the side of my knee length skirt and pulled it off. I slid my panties down over my hips and let them drop to the floor. They were just basic cotton panties for comfort while working. I had picked out something special from Victoria’s Secret to wear for this evening.

I turned around looking in the mirror as I ran my hands over my firm, full D breasts and noticed as my dark nipples hardened from my touching. I slid my hand over my flat stomach and tapped it hearing the smacking sound of my hand meeting my skin. I let out a slight moan and stepped into the shower. The water hit my painted toes, and I realized it was a little too hot. I turned the cold on a little more. Soon I had eased my body under the full force of the water and let it warm and relax me. I washed my hair with Treseme shampoo to make my hair nice and soft. Next I soaped up my sponge to wash my body. I ran the sponge vigorously over my body giving myself a pink glow. When I reached down to wash my pussy, I noticed that I needed to shave and used my razor to make my pussy nice and smooth again. I paid close attention to every inch of my pussy to make sure not to miss an inch. I spread my lips and exposed my pink insides and ran the razor over it very carefully. I moved my razor right up to my ass hole to make sure there was nothing there as well. I wanted everything smooth.

When I had finished shaving my pussy, legs and underarms I washed my ass really good. I didn’t know if there would be anal. I didn’t know if I even wanted it because I had never done it before–but I thought I should be well prepared, and so I made sure my tight and dark hole was nice and clean.

I jumped out of the shower and toweled off. I put on some baby lotion. This made my skin extra soft. I rubbed it all over my body. I dried my hair and let it fall over my bare shoulders. It would stay straight and long tonight.

I proceeded to walk nude through the house watching this sultry woman I barely knew, but welcomed, parade past our mirrors and back to my room. I even grew brave and walked in front of a window with no shades. I found a black lace top and grabbed my new black plunge bra and put it on. This bra was perfect because it pushed up my boobs exposing maximum cleavage. I knew that the way I was dressing would draw attention to me while registering at the hotel, but I didn’t care.

I found a nice short dark purple, tight, just below the ass skirt. I decided to go panty-less for the night–What a surprise that might be for the boys. I slipped my feet into a sexy pair of heels. They were stiletto heels. They definitely said “Fuck me”! To top it all off I squirted Channel #5 all over my neck and wrists.

I walked back through the house and to the bathroom. I don’t wear much make up, but I put a little on. I put some nice eyeliner on and lots of mascara. I made my eyes nice and sultry with some dark purple eye shadow. I put lip-gloss on my lips and made sure to bring that with me. I couldn’t believe the woman that was in the mirror. She was sexy and looked so desirable. Who was she?

As I was walking to the door, the phone rang. It startled me, and I stood in front of the phone just staring at it while it rang. When I snapped out of it, I picked up the phone. It was my husband.

“Hi Hunny how are you?” he asked.

“Oh fine, I am going out with the girls from work for awhile like I told you. I should be back by midnight or just after at the latest. Enjoy your time with the boys, Hunny.”

“You okay? You sound rushed.”

“Yeah I am fine I’m just need to go. I am little late to meet Jane to eat. We are going to have dinner at Chesterfields then meet the others for a few drinks at the Piano Lounge. Talk later ok? I love you!”

“Ok sweetie. Love you too bye.”

“Bye Ben”

My heart was racing a million miles a minute. I couldn’t believe I had pulled that off. My adrenaline was pumping adding to my excitement as I got into my silver Honda. I started the car, but had to take a deep breath before I could drive.

I drove down my perfectly manicured suburban streets to the downtown area. I watched the trees pass and my mind started to wander. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I glanced down at my outfit and thought I looked good. Did I look desperate?

It was just about 6 o’clock. I wanted to get there a little early and allowed myself about 20 minutes for the drive. I didn’t rush my way through traffic. Slow and steady.

I thought back to my close encounter with Ben on the phone. I couldn’t believe how fast my heart was beating within my chest. It was a reminder of what I was really doing. I had considered the consequences of this before; perhaps it was just all the excitement, but I was going to be unfaithful and enjoy it.

My marriage with Ben had some rocky periods and our sex life, after 12 years of marriage, had really slowed down. Why did I not feel guilty? Was he doing the same thing, or at least similar, and I just didn’t know? At this point I didn’t care. I wanted my needs met right now, even if my needs were taboo and risky.

I arrived at the La Scala and parked. I just then realized how odd it might seem that I was coming in with no luggage. I grabbed my brief case from the back seat to make it look a little less suspicious, and I walked nervously into the lobby. I became intensely aware of my outfit when I walked in to the cool formal lobby. I was embarrassed, so I took a deep breath and told myself to calm down. I walked confidently up to the front desk. The marble floors in the lobby made my heels click noisily causing several men to look up at me. One older gentleman in the corner winked at me. I smiled and looked away.

“Hello I am here to check in. My name is Kara Hunter.”

“Ok Miss Hunter your room is ready. You will be in room 1074. It is on the top floor, way in the back of the hotel overlooking the gardens. I hope you will be pleased.”

Little did she know: It was exactly what I wanted. I can be a bit vocal in bed, and tonight I would hold nothing back.

“There will be three gentlemen asking for my room number. Please make sure to give that information to them. I am having a meeting with them before we head out for some dinner.”

“Ok Miss Hunter, no problem at all. Please enjoy your stay. The elevators are to your right.”

I smiled at her and took the key.

I had a bit of a walk down the long corridor to my room, but I walked quickly. I glanced at the clock on the wall at the end of the hallway. 6:40 it read. OK about 20 minutes until they start arriving. I took a deep breath and continued the walk to my room. My heels were muffled in the ornate carpeting of the hallway, and I was less noticeable. 1070, 1071, 1072, 1073, 1074 here it is.

I put the key in the lock and turned the handle.

Opening the door, I saw a place for coats a door to the bathroom, a dresser and a large king sized bed. Across the room, next to the large patio doors was a small table with two upholstered chairs. I couldn’t help but picture myself bent over one of those chairs.

There was a flat screen TV on the wall and a large mirror next to that. The pictures on the wall were kind of tacky. There was a living room set in a nice maroon color. I put my useless brief case next to the dresser and checked my make up in the mirror. It was all still as it should be. I went to the chairs next to the table, sat down and waited.

I looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It read 6:49. I got up and walked, more like paced, the room. I was nervous and didn’t know what to do with myself. I went to the phone and ordered some room service. I told the man on the phone I wanted a nice bottle of wine and five glasses. I asked if they had Moscoto di’ Asti as this is my favorite. They did and someone would bring it up in a bit. I thank him and hung up the phone.


I jumped and my heart started racing again. I looked down at the clock and it was only 6:52pm. He was early. Which one was this? The younger guy; The 30 something; The 40 something? I didn’t know, but the only way to find out was to answer the door. I slowly walked over to the door, pausing for a second to check my hair, and then opened it slowly.

There stood two tall young men. They looked alike and I couldn’t tell at first which was the man I had been talking to. I was stunned to see two eager young men standing before me.

I then recognized Chris by his blue, blue eyes. The other looked even younger, was about the same build, but with curly brown hair and brown eyes. They both had big grins showing lots of healthy teeth. They both looked like they wanted to eat me alive.

“Umm Hi,” I stuttered.

“Hello Kara. I am Chris and this is Eric. I thought I’d bring a friend,” the blue-eyed man said, “I couldn’t wrap him so I brought this and him. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Ah, No please come in and put the gift on the table.”

I hugged them both and gestured for them to come in. I immediately admired their hard slender bodies. They smelled of mint like drugstore cologne. They were both young and that really excited me. I wasn’t old at 35 by any means but they looked much younger than I. Both butts were tight and firm. I wanted them in me first.

I no longer had the door closed, when I heard another knock. I guessed this would be Richard. I was most nervous about him because he sounded rough around the edges and a tough kind of man. I slowly opened the door and once again I see two men standing in front of me. I was blown away. I totally felt like I had no control. I really started second guessing my decision to do this. Perhaps I wasn’t prepared?

“Hello,” I said as I turned to the shorter, bearded man on the left,” you must be Richard. And you are?” I said as I turned to the man on the right.

“I am Tyler. It is nice to meet you.”

I held out my hand. Richard’s hand was rough. He was a workingman, for sure. Tyler’s hands were smooth—an office worker, I guessed. I pulled them each close for a hug. Tyler’s cologne smelled like expensive musk, while Richard just smelled like a natural man.

“Thank you. You too. It seems you men have more in store for me than I bargained for. Please come in and have a seat. Did you both bring a gift?”

“Yes, I told Tyler he needed to bring something.”

“Good, now come on in.”

They walked past me and looked around just as I had a bit earlier. They set the nicely wrapped gift on the table near the chairs. I smiled and made small talk for a few minutes until there was another knock on the door.

“Looks like we have another visitor, boys,” I said.

“Hello Kara, I am Bill.”

“Hello Bill,” I said nervously. He looked just as he did in his picture, but without the necktie. His blush showed that he was also seemed nervous. His hairline was receding slightly, he wore rimless glasses, and his proper bearing made me think he might be a teacher.

“Here is the gift you asked for.”

“Thank you Bill. Please come in and put it on the table.” When I hugged him, he kissed both cheeks like a European. I could not recognize his cologne, but it definitely had the bouquet of a crafted and expensive aroma.

I followed him into the room and threw the dead bolt with finality. I sat on the bed. Chris and Eric were at the table while Tyler and Richard were sitting on either side of me.

“So here is the deal, boys. I wanted you all to bring a gift with a toy inside of it. I do hope you followed instructions well. Now I would like you to pass the gifts between you and stop when I say stop. Don’t just go in a circle. The toy you end up with you have to use on me.”

I got nods all around, and when I said to start, they passed the gifts around in no particular order. I waited a few seconds and then told them to stop.

“Now we will start in the order you all arrived, but first I need to get these clothes off. How about a little dance for you?”

Before I could start dancing I heard a knock on the door. My first thought was “Oh boy another man,” but then I remembered my room service order.

I opened the door where I saw a short girl with long brown hair and very perky breasts. I smiled as I looked at her. It took me a minute to notice that she was standing in front of a linen lined cart with a chilled bottle of wine, five glasses. I asked her for two more glasses as I had two unexpected guests. She gave me an odd look but handed them to me.

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