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My story begins several years ago, Parts of the story has been added to help in keeping the story going. My wife was in her early 30s about 5′ 110 pounds. Her body was fantastic, for bearing two kids. Her pussy was tight and I loved to look. We never had discussed doing anything like this that you’re about to read. This happen in the late 80s, my wife Pam and I had been married for 15 years. I had gone to work, which I worked a shift that combines both second and third. Later that night I made an excuse that I was sick and went home. It was one of those early pre-summer nights when after a long winter you looked forward to these days. I guess I also had spring fever.

As I pulled into my driveway and entered the house my wife was very surprise to see me home. I could tell she was nervous about something. My wife had changed cloths since I went to work and was wearing a button up shirt and pair of loose shorts; similar to gym shorts. After a few minutes of prying the info out of her my question was answered. She had invited her sister’s husband over, his wife been out of town visiting a friend for two weeks now. She felt sorry for him being alone this long and told me she wonted to try some pot that him and her sister used often. Knowing how I felt about it she thought it was better for me not to know. I was a bit mad and hurt at the same time. I went and sat down and turned the TV on trying to forget what my wife informed me of. She came in and sat down beside me cuddling next to me we started to kiss.

I moved my hand over her breast to discover that the bra was her sexy one that was light and sheer. I asked what she had in mine for Bob. Laughing she asked what does it mater he wont see it and she dismissed the remark that I was about to make. There was a knock on the front door not wanting to wake the kids up she got up

It was around 10 p.m. when Bob arrived, my wife went to the door and invited him in and he was shocked to see me at home. He said that he would leave if I felt uncomfortable with this idea of my wife getting stoned for the first time. Bob was about my height and built 6′ 190 pounds. (I was brought up that drugs were wrong and all the good morels pumped into me during my days growing up.) I told him it would be all right to go ahead but if anything goes wrong at least am here to help. Well she fired up her first joint. Both my wife and I aren’t smokers, her mother had lung cancer and it was a good deterrent not too. As my wife smoked it down Bob and I looked on laughed at her coughing trying to hold it in. Next he suggested that she chased the pot with a mixed drink, bear or wine.

All we had at the time was wine so I went to get it and open the bottle and proceeded to hand it too my wife. She took her next drag and chases it down with some wine. This went on for about ten minutes or so and Bob was rolling another one for her. After about half a bottle of wine gone she excused her self to go pee. While she was gone Bob explained how this idea came about. That Pam had mention to his wife how she never tried pot and that I was dead against it. I heard her coming back into the living room. My wife was starting to feel pretty good by this time; she started complaining of being hot and asked if I would mind if she unbuttons her top a little. I looked over at Bob who was all smiles, I said sure and she started to undo the top three buttons of her top. Boy your wife had a fantastic body to be a mother of 2 children Bob said. I was then wondering how far this might go tonight. Then I started up the conversation with Bob about this porn movie that I have were this girl is taken by these two guys while she was sunbathing. I got up and popped it into the VCR; I skipped past the beginning of previews to find the part I was telling him about.

As we watched the girl lay there oiling her body up, she undid her bra and began to oil her now nude breast. I mention to Bob how come the women in these movies can’t be natural. I then notice he wasn’t looking at the TV anymore but at Pam. I happen to look over toward my wife who by now was feeling the drink and the pot. Somewhere during us watching the movie her top became unbutton all the way. She sat there with it pulled back with her breast in her shear bra showing for Bob’s enjoyment. With the way the light was shining on her Bob had know problem getting an eye view of my wife’s breast. The bra was made of some light material low cut. Her nipples were showing through the thin material and you could very easily see her brown circles. By now these two studs were fucking the girl in the movie. Pam made a comment about how nice that must feel being fucked that way. My jaw must been hanging open on that remark. For she leaned over and French kissed me. I wonted to see just how far gone my wife was so I reached over and cupped her left breast and fondled it in front of Bob. At first my wife just moaned and closed her eyes. Then she leaned forward and pulled the rest of her top off. Little droplets of sweat were on her chest. I bent over and licks were they were forming. My dick was now growing with excitement as I was showing my wife off to her brother in-law. Bob got up to get a closer look at her now half covered breast. I slid the straps off her shoulder so the bra would hang lose. I then took the next step and undid the clasp in front of her bra letting it hang there open for a few minutes. Pam’s breasts were a nice size a natural, not huge around a 34C. I was testing the waters so to speak. Bob motion to me to try a little more. I noticed he too had a hard on, as did I.

I began to kiss my wife very passionately and rubbed her breast gently slowly removing the last covering off over her breast. Her nipples rose to the touch the bra slid down her arms. Her breasts were now fully exposed for him to see. I moved my hand down toward her elastic waistband on her shorts. Reaching in I felt her pubic hairline when! She broke away from our kissing and said it’s been nice but that’s as far as she would like to take it. Bob look at her a complemented my wife on her breast and sorry that it had to end, but not wanting to push things further were she would get mad. I looked over at Bob and said well it’s late, I guess its time to go, with confusion showing on his face. As he got up off his knees my wife noticed his bulge and said she was sorry, she then stood up bear chested thanked him for coming over. She gave him a peck on the check and squeezed his bulge in his pants, I guess that was the pot and wine acting on her.

I walked him to the door, start you car like you’re leaving; drive it down the street and park it and walk back I whispered to him. I will leave the door open and come back in quietly. He grinned and left. I then returned to the living room were my wife was laying on the floor spread eagle with her shorts off rubbing her pussy. She took the last drag on the joint and holding it in for some time released it with a gasp. I got down and began to kiss her slowly from here ankles toward her moist pussy. She asked if Bob had left and I replied with a yes and proceeded to kiss my way up her leg. My kissing moved up towards her inner thigh. As I got to her wet panties I started to put my mouth over them sucking in her moisture? I asked how she was feeling and what she thought about Bob seeing her breast. I didn’t get a response to the first question but the second one she went into how her pussy tingled and had this butterfly feeling like she did the first time when I played with her breast when we were dating. By now her panties were drenched from me eating her to her pussy juices flowing.

I then asked if things went a little further how she would have handled it. She replied back with the same question to me! Now that was one for the recorded books that told me my wife was thinking out one of her fantasies. Not to long after her and I were married I found a book she kept hidden about women’s fantasies. In the book it had a question air to fill out about your fantasies, she had checked about having multiple partners, having sex were you might get caught in public taking it up her ass etc. It was your basic no harm fantasies. So I answered her question that I would have to be in control and that if I didn’t like what was happening things would come to a stop. I was down at her panties pulling them off past her feet and tossed them over my shoulder. I sat up and glazed down at her beautiful body, she trimmed her cunt hair were the lips were bare. I loved the way her lips stayed together and not let the insides hang out like I’ve seen in movies and photos. I proceeded to undress letting my straining cock to free its confines. I gave her a kiss and hugged her in my arms and whispered in her ear how much I love her. She then rolled over and got up on her knees and started to suck me off, as I laid there thinking about this night when I happened to look up and there was Bob standing in the room. I don’t know how long he was there or even when he came in. My wife was bent over sucking me and giving him a good view of her ass and bare shaven pussy. I grinned and motion for him to be quiet and asked my wife to finger herself while she sucked on my member. I knew this would allow Bob to see more of her bare lips and pussy. She did this with out missing a beat. She started to moan I knew she was about to come and so was I. Then I mention how much fun we might have if Bob was still here and she could live out her fantasy. Pam then sat up on her knees still rubbing her clit. She began to tell me how her sister and her shared their sex talk about each of their husbands. She went on to say that Bob would fuck her sister for hours on end it seamed like before he came and how sore she was afterwards. I then replied is that what she would like is to be taken like this? She nodded as she continued to masturbate now lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Bob had moved around the corner in the room so he wouldn’t be seen. I then asked her to continue seeing this was exciting her and not to mention me. As she continued to tell me about Bob, she mentions that he wasn’t circumcised. Having not seen an uncut dick this had her curiosity going. Her fingers were now moving in a faster pace over here swollen clit. As Pam began to probe her vaginal opening with two of her fingers my wife went on to explain how Bob studied Tantra. That’s how he was able to last with out cumming.

Her sister was trying to study it so they both could extend there love making for longer time Pam looked at my hard on. She asked me too finish her off with my dick. I new if this happen I would be spent for awhile and didn’t wont that to happen. I was enjoying this too much. I saw Bob grinning from around the corner of the room while Pam was continuing to masturbate. I then asked her how long has Bob been able too hold off cumming during her sisters fucking. My wife replied, as her two fingers moved in and out of her vagina, he’s been able to hold off for about 2 hrs to 3hrs at time. Know fucking way I said your sister is blowing smoke up your ass.

Then I popped the big question to her just as she was coming! What if I could get hold of Bob and tell him to come back over would you like that? Would you like that big uncut dick pounding you for hours filling your pussy with cum and being taken form behind by me at the same time? She was at her peak of climax when she muttered YES I would like that! As she came her body shuttered and legs tighten up, her orgasm

traveled throughout her body. I said then by waiving my hands in the air as if to induce a magical spell may Bob appear and fuck my wife.

She looked up at me with dreamy eyes, sure right he’s going to appear and fuck me. I replied back that you never now wishes do come true. I told her to close her eyes and her wish might come true. But before you shut her eyes I would like you to get into the doggy position spread your legs the best you can like you were trying to show off your pussy. Laughing, she got up and positions herself like I commanded, boy your kinky she said. I got up to check to see if the position was right for Bob to come in to start licking her pussy. I got down on my knees and begun to lick he wet lip’s and probe her insides with my tongue. I told her how good she tasted, to now close your eyes and the magic will happen. I felt a tap on my back and Bob had crept in on his knees toward my wife’s bare body. He had a hard on that would break a board. I then backed away for Bob to take my place. My wife then felt his tongue touch her moist lips. She turned around with the most surprised look on her face that was indescribable.

At first she was shocked but then grinned muttered a few words toward me. She leaned back on her arms with her legs closed. Bob and stood up staring down at her. I told her why close your legs Bob seen you for sometime now. O really she said spreading her legs back open is a teasing way. She was beautiful lying there so picturesque. Our dicks were standing to attention as if they were soldiers waiting to be inspected by the general. I said madam your wish is granted how would you like to proceed! Hmm she muttered getting up to her knees reached out and grabbed both of our dicks and pulled on them a couple of times in a milking fashion. Precum came from the heads; she then tasted Bob’s first then mine. Bob started fondling her breast she looked up at me and said are you sure about this? I said yes bent down kissed her deeply and told her that I love her and to enjoy her fantasy. With out any further coaxing from me she had begun pulling the foreskin back on Bob’s prick. I say he was about 8″ overall a little thicker then I.

She examines his pecker like it was some alien being never seen before. She closed her eyes and sucked his and then mine. My wife explains she was tasting the difference between cocks since all she ever new was mine. As she was spending more time on Bob’s knob I decided to speed things up.

I got behind my wife and started to kiss the nap of her neck to her shoulders. She was like a child with a new toy. While she was sucking Bob I got down between her thighs. I opened her lips and started to lick the juices from her cunt. Her cunt was very touchy and she turned and twisted making it difficult to lick her. I looked up to a view of my wife’s head going back and forth on his dick. My tongue was dancing across her clit; she pulled away from Bob and said she needed fucking NOW!

She got up repositioned her self on all fours Asked Bob to slide under her and so she could take his large dick up in her. Bob looked at me and assured him it was ok. Pam lowered herself on to his hard shaft. Slowly working it in and grasping his arms as it entered her body. After a pause her body started to rise, as she moved up and down on his shaft. I watched with amazement as Pam took it in and moved up its length. Bob placed his hands on her ass to aid in her motion. I glanced at the clock on the wall and it was 3 am. Thinking an if it was to time how long he would take before he filled her full of his cum. I told her to bend over a little so I can enter her rear. Bob pulled Pam’s ass checks apart allowing me to enter her ass. I got some lotion poured it into her hole and stopped as I saw his dick appearing and disappearing into Pam’s cunt. Was this a dream or real did I agree to this, Pam’s moans brought me back. I oil my dick up and proceeded to enter her anus. As the head slipped into her I could feel Bob’s prick in her. That was a strange feeling another man inside my wife. I proceeded to push forward till I was completely inside my wife. As the three of us started to move in unison, the pressure was building I new I wouldn’t last long. The movement of Bob’s dick in her vagina and mine in her rectum was proving too much for me. Pam started to tighten up as she began another orgasm. As she came I too spent my load down her rectal cannel. Pulling out Bob then picked up the past.

My cum started to flow from her rectum down to her pussy, and onto Bob cock. I sat down to gain my breath and to watch the fucking of my wife. Pam was coming again her juice’s was mixing with my cum which was flowing down Bobs shaft unto his balls. Bob rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs high over his head. The slapping sounds of his balls on her ass, and the slurping sounds of her cunt as he withdrew on the up stroke were getting me hard again. Pam’s body was ringing wet with sweat as he pushed her to another orgasm. His body too was wet Pam cried out that she had enough and can’t take it much longer. I saw Bob’s ass checks tighten up as he began to come. Pam came again while he shot his load into her pussy. I got up and went to the other part of the house for some towels to help clean up my wife. When I got back she was lying with her legs apart up on her elbows looking down at the cum leaving her pussy. Bob looked over at me a smiled and isn’t this better then work. I grinned and looked at the clock again an notice it was 5:10am. She motion for both of us to come over so she could suck us off.

It was amazing how she was like the energizer rabbit to keep going and going. Pam tasted Bobs cum that was still dripping from the head of his dick. And turned to me and started to jack my cock with her hand.

After about a few minutes of this I pulled out turned her over and raised her buttocks in the air. I mounted her from behind and entered her soupy cunt. As my prick entered Bob’s cum oozed out around my shaft. I started pumping harder there was very little friction from her vaginal opening. With the large cock that filled her and the massive amount off cum still running from her it took me awhile to add to it. She tightens up as her orgasm started to peak. She tried to pull away from me but I grab her thighs and pulled back exploding into her already drenched cunt. I let go of my hold she flopped to the floor, gasping and panting.

Looking down at her still on my knees I said you have a few drops to lick off the head of my prick. Getting up and turning around she sucked and licked it clean. Bob sitting on the floor next to her reached over and kissed her gently saying thanks for the fuck. Your sister will never know, next time she leaves town to visit a friend well try this again?

I guess your sister is right about Bob how long he can go. She looked up and nodded as she toweled her body dry from swear. Bob got dressed and thanked us as he and I walked to the front door I told him this was the first and last time. He smiled back and said next you have to do my wife and maybe we can get the two sisters to put a show on for us. He mentions to me how he could teach the three of us this Tantra technique. I told him good night closed the door and went to the living room were Pam was sitting crossed legged looking at the cum dripping from her swollen lips. I said to her was that satisfying for you?

She told me how much she loved me and thanks for fore filling one of her fantasy. I helped her up, her body was weak and as she climbed into bed, she asked what Bob and I were talking about? Bob said next time; he would like us to help him on a fantasy of his own. My wife asked what fantasy? He wont’s to show the three of us the technique he used on you tonight. How to achieve the long duration and prolong lovemaking. Pam’s eyes open and looked into mine, and what was your reply? I kissed her good night and thought about how to get her and her sister to help with this fantasy.

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