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I gawked like a harebrained schoolboy when my stepbrother Paul walked through my front door with his beautiful wife Holly clinging to his arm. Paul’s eyes roamed up and down my wife Laura’s beautiful body while I sized up his wife’s curves. The flirtatious glances we exchanged laid the groundwork for one of the most exciting sexual experiences of my life.

Paul was the son of my mother’s second husband. He and I were the same age and had many mutual interests. Not surprisingly, we became the best of friends. We went to different colleges after high school and hadn’t seen each other since then. We had both married, but had not met each other’s wives. Paul boasted that he had wed a beauty queen, and sent photos to prove it. Even though the pictures were impressive, they hadn’t fully prepared me for reality, and I was taken aback by Holly’s beauty.

Holly was a raven-haired minx with curves in all of the right places. Her smallish tits were just the right size for her diminutive frame. Below a tiny waist, a perfect bubble-butt drew my eyes like iron filings to a magnet. Paul’s eyes were locked on my wife’s ample cleavage like a missile radar locked onto an airplane. I snapped my fingers in front of his face. “Put those eyes back in their sockets, buddy,” I joked.

Over an excellent dinner prepared by Laura, Paul and I got reacquainted while our wives got to know each other. I was very pleased at how well they were getting along. Sometimes sparks fly when you put two beautiful women together, but they were soon as close as sisters.

We partied a little too hard that night. Even though there was a lot of not-so-subtle flirtation, nothing of a sexual nature happened that first evening. We turned in late and slept late the next day. I lay in bed and masturbated as I thought about Holly. She and Paul planned on spending their entire two-week vacation with us, so I would have many more opportunities to ogle her angelic body. The first order of business was a trip to the beach so I could see her in a swim suit. Thinking about her clad in a skimpy bikini sent me over the edge, and I shot a messy load all over myself.

Nothing beyond flirtation happened the first four days. I’m afraid I wasn’t much of a host. I had planned on taking time off from work while Paul and Holly were visiting us, but important business prevented me from doing so. I managed to leave work a little early one day, and went home to make a shocking discovery.

I had a nice collection of porno videos that I kept in a locked cabinet beneath the TV set. Among the tapes were some amateur tapes that Laura and I had made with other swinging couples. I had carelessly left the cabinet unlocked. I walked into the livingroom to find Paul sitting on the couch masturbating as he watched one of our very personal tapes. Although I caught him by surprise, his only reaction was an almost imperceptible start and a faint blush. He didn’t even stop tugging on his cock!

“I think you and your playmates invented some new positions,” he said with a nod toward the screen. “Holly and I have thought about trying swinging. How long have you been doing it?” I think I was more shocked than he was, and it took me a few minutes to recover enough to think of something to say. “Where are the girls?” I asked. “They’re spending our money at the mall,” he answered.

I retrieved a couple of beers from the kitchen, and when I returned Paul had put his cock back in his pants. I sat down and watched the tape with him. On the big screen, Laura had the other husband’s cock in her pussy, mine in her ass, and her tongue in the other wife’s pussy. “I bet that felt good,” Paul said. I was trying to get up the nerve to suggest that he and I swap wives, but I had to move cautiously. I didn’t want to do anything that would destroy our friendship. I finally took the plunge. “You could find out how good it feels,” I said. “You could find out tonight.”

We continued watching the tape and, before long, we both had our cocks out and were masturbating. When I heard Laura’s car pull into the driveway, we quickly put the tape and our cocks away and pretended to be watching the news. We were all quieter than usual over dinner that evening. I didn’t know at the time that Laura and Holly had discussed swapping mates while they were shopping, and had agreed to try it.

I made us a round of stiff drinks in the livingroom and, as I sipped mine, I tried to come up with some way to get things headed in the right direction. I decided that the best way was simply to slip one of our amateur porno tapes in the VCR and ask Holly what she thought of it. After all, that had worked with her husband. But before I had a chance, Holly took matters into her own hands. She took Laura by the hand, led her to the center of the room, and planted a wet kiss on her red lips. The two women exchanged a long, passionate lesbian embrace. The sight of them grinding together gave me an immediate hard-on.

Laura and Holly stripped each other and pressed their naked bodies together. Paul and I whipped our cocks out and showed our approval by masturbating. I had seen Laura with other women on a number of occasions, but I don’t think I had ever enjoyed it more. Holly was certainly her most beautiful lesbian partner. Laura dropped to her knees and licked Holly’s neatly-trimmed pussy. Holly held my wife’s pretty head and humped her mouth. My excitement intensified when she whispered, “I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“We might as well get naked,” I said to Paul. While we were stripping, the girls disappeared into the bedroom. When Paul and I got there, they were already locked together in a passionate sixty-nine. Holly was getting her first taste of pussy, and, judging by the look of lust on her beautiful face, she was enjoying it very much.

Paul and I pulled up chairs on opposite sides of the bed and continued masturbating as we watched the lesbian show. Laura suddenly dismounted and headed for Paul. “Go ahead and fuck her now, honey,” she said to me. “I made her red hot for you.”

As I lowered myself onto Holly’s petite body, I prayed that I wouldn’t cum too quickly. It was very important to me that I satisfy my stepbrother’s adorable wife. I sank my shaft into her tight, hot, slick cunt. Laura had done an excellent job, and no more than a dozen thrusts were required to make the little beauty cum. She locked her legs tightly around mine, shrieked in my ear, and raked her fingernails across my ass. I decided that she deserved seconds, and concentrated on giving her the best screw of her life. I probed for the most sensitive spots inside her pussy, and, when I found one, I teased it without mercy.

Next to the bed, Laura was giving my stepbrother a blowjob as he watched the world premier of his wife getting fucked by another man. If he felt any jealousy at all, it certainly didn’t show. Laura’s head blocked my view and when I asked them to change their position so I could watch, they didn’t hesitate. I love to see my wife down on her knees giving head to another man. She looked like the biggest slut in town as she bobbed and twisted her head. Paul was certainly getting the best knobber of his life.

I felt like a king when Holly came a second time, and then a third. I couldn’t take credit for the first orgasm – that was Laura’s – but the second two were notches on my gun. Finally, it all became too much for me – the tightness of Holly’s pussy; the enthusiasm she put into the fuck; the look of ecstasy on my stepbrother’s face as my wife sucked him off; the sight of Laura deep-throating his cock. I pulled my tool out of Holly and unloaded all over her. My cum shot all over her perky tits and quivering belly. My balls had produced every drop of that precious fluid in her honor.

I had released two or three squirts when Paul shot his load down Laura’s throat. She told me later that she got as much cum out of him as she usually gets out of me. With my cock still spurting, I sawed the underside against Holly’s clit and gave her a bonus orgasm. Laura was the only one who didn’t cum. As soon as I rolled free, she came forward to lick every drop of my essence from Holly’s body, and in the process, made her cum yet again.

I refreshed our drinks and we lay side-by-side on the bed sipping and quietly talking. When we recovered our strength, it was my turn to watch my wife being fucked by another man. Paul spent five minutes or so between Laura’s thighs licking her pussy. As his cock slid into her wet pussy, his wife’s pretty lips encircled my cock. It was obvious that Paul didn’t have as much experience at fucking as I had, but his wife was every bit as good at sucking cock as Laura was, and she soon had it as hard as a pipe.

Thanks to the pre-fuck blow job my wife had given him, my stepbrother lasted a long time and treated my wife to as many orgasms as I had given to his wife. As I watched his cum spray all over Laura’s belly, I shot my load down his wife’s throat.

For the next ten days, we fucked every day. Paul and Holly were quite adventurous and wanted to try everything. Laura and I had a ball teaching them some new tricks. Among other things, Holly had her first double-penetration fuck, and while Paul and I were giving it to her, she practiced eating pussy. After the first day, we did not do any one-on-ones, only two or three on one.

I was actually somewhat relieved when we loaded their luggage into the trunk of their car and exchanged heartfelt good-byes. Holly had used me up. I just wanted to rest. An unprecedented two weeks passed before Laura and I had sex.

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